Mars madness Essay

The water pipe bust intensely, whoosh and swoosh, letting water violently crash everywhere! As Muhammad bravely, but struggled when trying to push the bashing water pipe back in place to connect it to the opposite pipe, it suddenly pushed him back horrifically at a hard, gigantic rock, that’s where he was awfully knocked out. He woke up in sudden shock and with fear written on his paled face, and he quickly rushed to seal the flowing pipe. He luckily managed to do so, as the crashing and bashing water begun to just flow out slowly and calmly. He painfully walked inside limping all the way, with a huge, blue bruise on his head and gently turned on the tap to rinse of the sweat and tears from his face, when Muhammad immediately realised, sadly that the tap was just letting out an unusually little amount of water, and just a compact amount. He was showering when having horrible thoughts and images of all the terrible things that could occur due to the water problem that caused a lot of water to get wasted for god knows what, as he still had fifty nine long-lasting sols to go. Muhammad realised the shower water was also kind of little as he was showering, just like the tap, that was when it struck him, that he rather get a move on and start to solve this problem and fix it now than later, incase it’s too late and things start to not go well. The process began one afternoon when he was dreadfully looking into to the enormous, spectacular galaxy, when Muhammad heavenly remembered the one of many great things that his mom and dad always told me, which was no matter what happens, you keep going and never stop till you reach your goal, even if you don’t do it the first time or even the second time, just keep trying and pushing yourself. That was when he got some hope, that if he remembered that from ages ago back on Earth, he knew he could do it. He woke up blooming, ready with a positive attitude and to get going no matter what happens, as this was a life or death situation. His mind snapped and he completely remembered, that just outside there was a load of ice that contains water and salt, so he used the super drill that was given by NASA, to cut the ice into smaller blocks so that he could fit the ice block into the dome with no trouble. He also had a huge gas burner that was not being used, so he decided to use that to heat up the ice and as it could go up to really high temperatures. As the ice was being heated, a container that he found was used above the ice to trap the water vapour, while the salt remained. The water vapour was then cooled in some pipes that were linked up with the container that captured the rising vapour. Muhammad thought the distillation process was not so bad and helped to separate the water and salt from the block of ice. It was worked slowly but efficiently, and later began to work a lot better than what he was expecting. The process was on track and working, and when it was going at a rapid speed he just had to turn the burner off or either he lowered the temperature. All and all, the process worked great and was very user-friendly, also it had a lot of salt that was useful when eating as it put some flavour into the foods that I ate, and this just spiced things up a little.

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