Marrying you when i never wanted to by princess peach Essay

“ Thanks Mario, I guess. For fighting my “kidnappers” while sitting on the back of your dinosaur and travelling all the way to another world to save me.

You keep saying it was a lot of work, how you were 1 away from losing all of your lives and how I should be so thankful. But from what I could see from the tiny window in my corner of the palace it looked like I could have saved myself better.

But what do I know

I’m just a girl in a poofy dress stuck in a tree and wow isn't it such a luxury to get to stay in this itty-bitty place guarded by a sloth

As if I couldn't get past it myself and trust me I would but that's against the rules, because if I do, Mario won't get the glory I will

But just because I’d rather play Mario-cart than Fortnite doesn’t make me any weaker than you

Mario I'm waiting

however long it takes your slow self to get past the first level and obviously since you saved me instead of just thanking you what really is for you to kiss me without consent and we somehow get married, how’d you read my mind? ‘Til death do us part’

Note the sarcasm

Of course, I really wanted to marry you

you whose brother luigi tells me

If only I'd gotten to you first

Just because you saved me doesn’t mean now ill agree to everything you say

His princess is in her own castle

Paying her own bills, getting a job, painting her nails, going on adventures, dressing up for herself why? because she's a woman before she is a princess and she doesn’t need a prince charming

when I need my toilet unclogged I'll call you, but i dont need you to come to my rescue every single time

First try organizing your life

Because now I have to prepare to rule

an entire country that is breaking apart because you don't know how to

I get it, you thought princess was trapped by Bowser?

No princess and Bowser are friends because rejecting you at the door wasn’t an option.

What makes you think every time she doesn't answer the phone it means she needs your


can't a girl get some alone time around here to deal with her stuff

what stuff you ask

oh I don't know body image wage gap femalehood gender roles the fact that no one will let her wear anything but a poofy pink dress

you ride a dinosaur who

comes in more colours than I ever did

I never even get to ride a dinosaur and what if i want to be princess red

you fought off a 1 foot animal and

now you're entitled to marry peach

No princess peach is not just peachy with that

She tries to escape this video game but no matter where she goes it's the same

And believe me it's true because our reality can relate

Thousands of girls around the world get married without consent

And men like you mario treat women like trash when even you know their way better than that

You know its true so stop

And this is not to say

All men are this way

Some know the real meaning of a wife

But the ones that dont, hers a challenge for you

Lets see if you can beat it

Its level

Get a life

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