Marketing Tactic Of Hyatt Resort Sydney: Opera House Essay


Discuss about the Marketing Tactic of Hyatt Resort Sydney for Opera House.


Marketing Mix of Hyatt Resort

Product: The unique services provided by Hyatt Resort in Sydney in the arena of room service, spa, fitness centre, restaurant, pool, room and suites makes it popular among people ( 2018). One can get an exclusive view of the Sydney Opera House that attracts the visitors. One can also explore the Rocks village that has got laneways, caf?s and the museum.

Price: The strongly competitive market makes the consumers to be moved by the aspect of pricing. The rate of a suite is Australian $ 729 and the facilities offered by the hotel makes the pricing acceptable. The luxurious custom furnishing pertaining to the rooms with carpets and designer lighting make it popular among the consumers. It is the largest premium hotel in Sydney and the pricing of the guest rooms are in tandem with the pricing because of the unique experiences that are provided by it.

Place: The Sydney Harbour makes the setting of Hyatt Resort to be ideal and makes it unique among the resorts. The view of the Opera House helps in drawing a lot of customers. One can also explore the Rocks village that is beautiful owing to the cobbled laneways, art galleries and the cafes (Armstrong et al. 2015). Being located adjacent to the Darling Harbour within the Central Business District of Sydney it acts as a place of relaxation for both the business along with leisure traveller.

Promotion: The Hyatt Resort in Sydney is promoted with the help of advertising along with that of social media. The advertising is done with the help of television, magazines and hoardings on the pavements of Sydney. The television helps in attracting the attention of a large number of viewers who are enthralled by the beauty of the Hyatt Resort along with that of the exclusive setting. The advertisements reflect on the beauty of the dining room, spa, the culinary of park Hyatt chef that can draw many consumers. The magazines feature the beautiful setting of Hyatt Resort that makes it stand out from the rest of the resorts in Sydney and makes it a special treat for the people. The hoardings feature the amenities like that of restaurant-on-site, spa, concierge, fitness center, room service and the laundry and people passing by the road can know about the unique feature of Hyatt Resort in Sydney (Huang and Sarig?ll? 2014).

People: Having the right staff is imperative for a hotel. A hotel depends on its staff to a great extent and Hyatt Resort in Sydney has the right staff who can prove to be of great service for the hotel. The concierge of the hotel who interacts directly with the customers provide the guests with the kind of service that they need (Mix and Brand 2017). The customer service skills of the employees are of great standard.

Process: The rooms of Hyatt Resort in Sydney are shown by the shown by concierge. They also lead the guests towards the recreational facilities, wellness facilities, executive lounge and the parking facilities that makes the hotel visitors comfortable. There are other personnel like front office attendant, guest relations manager, hotel receptionist and the hotel clerk who assist the guests of the resort.

Physical Evidence: The visitors of the Hyatt Resort in Sydney are provided with a brochure and a DVD that showcases the exclusive facilities pertaining to the resort. The visitors are left behind with these physical evidences that keeps the memories of the visitors fresh in the mind of the people even after they see it after a long time.


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