Marketing Strategy And Plan For A Local Company Essay


Create a one year marketing plan for a local company.



The company selected in the assignment is Tall grass prairie, which is one of the most famous bakery businesses in Canada. The job will focus towards developing a proper marketing plan, which includes the following factor that are strategic planning, marketing product as well as marketing focus and developing marketing program strategies as well as tactics. In modern generations, one of the major breakthroughs is the application of the internet (Aaker, 2013). The assignment will focus towards the application of the digital marketing plan, which includes the notion of ecommerce (Cateora, Gilly, & Graham, 2013). The organization strongly believes in developing quality as well as fresh product in order to keep the customers satisfied.

Strategic planning

Strategies are developed in the business to make the business operations smooth and relevant. There are certain organizational goals as well as managerial activities. It is one of the most significant aspects of the firm to accomplish the overall managerial goals and objectives (Malhotra, 2013). With the application towards developing an appropriate strategic plan, the organization will accomplish different the standard corporate aim. It is always important to concentrate on the present market structure as well as what are the different kinds of strategies which other firms were operating their business in the same industry (Daniel, 2012). Different business irrespective of its size and nature uses different kind’s strategies to evaluate the functions of the organization. The company in the industry tries to accomplish the in the following areas of the business which includes the cost leadership, differentiation, cost focus and differentiated products (Gupta, Massisimo, & Koontz, 2013). These are the four specific areas, which the current group needs to focus towards the expansion process of a proper advertising plan and actions (Pride, 2012).

The notion of cost leadership management involves in order finding the lowest cost provider of the products. Resources, as well as funds, are the two important strategies, which need to be analyzed in the required manner, and the most important part is all the managers of different organizations tries to develop all the necessary strategies of the organization towards ensuring the optimum utilization of resources (Hood, 2013). It will automatically increase the productivity of the team by applying different kinds of policies out of that the most common approach is the application of divisions of labors. The notion of differentiation is a non-price strategy, which this current organization needs to focus. Some of the key parameters, which the team needs to focus, are towards increasing the quality of the product (Jobber, 2012). The third factor is the cost center, which is similar to cost leadership and will involve towards an emphasis on a narrow niche market (Kurtz & Boone, 2012). With a view of cost focus strategy, the company will be able to develop design towards making the organization cost competitive within the niche market. To develop a proper cake business, it is one of the most important points to focus on a particular market, which is mentioned in the cost focus strategy (Keegan & Green, 2013). The concept of differentiations contributes a significant aspect in the overall business operations.

Market Product and Service Focus

The current organization, in the study, develops all the strategies to enhance the business in the bakery industry. Products need to be prepared in the market by matching the requirements of both the organization as well as the market. However, it is equally important for the team to focus equally on the products as well as services (Kotler, 2012). Towards developing a proper marketing plan, the role of digital market policies needs to be investigated in an appropriate manner. Some of the essential services, which the organization needs to, are to develop appropriate E-commerce strategies, which include online services and home delivery services (Tanner & Raymond, 2012). It is one of the most significant aspects to set the goals and provide direction towards developing a future marketing plan (Kurtz & Boone, 2012). It requires towards establishing goals, which will be based realistic and measurable and on the other hand, which allows the organizations to meet the deadlines towards achieving the targets, which provides a budget for developing a proper budget for all the marketing activities (Kotler, 2012).

Marketing product and strategy and tactics

With a view of improving, a good advertising plan is a core of directing as well as coordinates all advertising efforts within a business (Thorson & Duffy, 2012). The use of good marketing plan operates mainly at the two levels, which includes the strategic level, as well as in tactical level, which will allow the organization to develop strategy in order to identify the overall marketing plan and different kinds of tactics in order to execute all the plans and policies in a defined manner. Based on the overall strategies of the business a proper marketing plan does not need to be longer or expensive to put the things together (Kurtz & Boone, 2012). If all the research work is executed in, an appropriate manner by maintaining all the factors of marketing in a proper manner will allow the firm to evaluate all the activities towards the achievement of the goals and objectives (Malhotra, 2013). Towards developing an appropriate marketing plan, the following areas needs to be developed which will guide the present organization to evaluate all the activities in the appropriate manner.


The final section of the study will review all the elements, which are required to organize a good marketing plan towards achieving the common organizational aims. The assignment is classified into several divisions, which includes several applications of different kinds of marketing tools. The organization in the study develops all the business operations based on the bakery industry, which includes the cakes, buns, and croissant. Strategic planning, market products, and marketing programs strategies, as well as tactics, are the principal components, which the organization needs to focus on the overall marketing plan. The team will be benefited in particular ways and will allow the company fulfills its overall objectives.

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