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Discuss about the Marketing Strategies Engaging Digital Generation.



This report demonstrates about the digital communications plan for Woolworths Limited. The digital communications plan is significant for the organization due to enhancing growth and market share in long-term. The digital communication plan is used to successfully implement the strategies, which makes by organization to accomplish the objectives and goal significantly. The main aim of digital communication plan is to aware a large number of customers regarding the goods and services of Woolworths Limited. At the same time, it can also be said that the digital communication plan is significant to directly communicate with customers and identify the actual needs or requirements of customers regarding the goods and services of company. It could be effective to easily enhance the market share and makes a strong relationship with consumers in long-run (Armstrong, et al., 2015).

WL (Woolworths Limited) is Australian organization, which is the biggest supermarket series. It has more than 996 stores across the Australia along with 116,000 employees in stores, and delivery centers. It also helps the administrative department to fulfill the needs and expectations of customers regarding the goods and services. It gets 96% of fruits from the Australian farmers and 100% of meat also collect from the local farmers and growers that can be supportive to provide the fresh fruit and meat to the Australian. In addition, it is also addressed that Woolworths is generally known for the fulfillment of the needs of consumers. Therefore, company gives the preference to the needs and requirements of the consumers. Furthermore, consumers mainly consider two things such as unique product and easy ways to the workshop. Therefore, company has provided the Woolworths Supermarket App to their customer, which is supportive to get all required things on the kitchen stall (Woolworths Group, 2017).

Digital Communication Platforms (DCP)

Woolworths has currently used some significant ways to digital communication for directly interact with potential customers. These are Blogs, online groups, twitter, Facebook, multimedia sharing, and social bookmarking. These are supportive to enhance the revenue of company because it creates a positive image in the customer’s mind. The following Platforms of Digital communication should use by Woolworths to interact with potential customers in less time:

Woolworths can use many digital communication platforms for interacting with customers and enhance the number of customers, which can directly affect the growth and profitability of company in long-term. The digital communication tools are social media, email marketing, video hosting, programmatic marketing, customer services, SEO (search engine optimization), and website analytics. These tools play a significant role to increase the growth of company in an efficient manner (Blakeman, 2014). These are discussed below:

Woolworths limited can use the social media which consider some significant types of apps to direct communicate with customers and identify their actual desires regarding the products and services of company. These are Facebook, LinkedIn Groups, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, Flicker, Blogs, and YouTube. At the same time, company can use such sources of social media and enhance awareness within the customers towards company product and services. Hence, company can collect perception, feedback, and views of customers regarding the substitute products. Additionally, company can also examine the experience and expectation of consumers towards the goods and services of company.

Email marketing is also a second best source to make a direct link with the customers. Additionally, an organization can use the email marketing to send commercial information or message to specified and potential customers of the company. At the same time, it is also found that each message, which is sent by email denoted as email marketing in the organization (Chaffey, et al., 2013).

Company can also use the Video hosting apps whereas it uploads video related to the product and services and attracts more customers in less time and cost. The company can also collect the feedback regarding the product and services to eliminate the quality issues of product in a significant manner. At the same time, it can also be said that through the video hosting company can also directly communicate with potential customers in less time and cost.

Programmatic marketing

The programmatic marketing becomes a significant way of a digital marketing tool for attracting more customers regarding the products and services of organization. An organization can use programmatic marketing because it is a process where the software automatically buys, place and optimize the media inventory through bid system. Therefore, it can be said that this process could be effective to get accurate outcome in specified time.

Customers are a move towards the application of online source because of getting the products and services in less time and manage their busy schedule. Hence, a customer has needed to manage their issues regarding the online sources so company has offered the customers services to their potential customers. In additionally, Woolworths can use Zendesk, vice call service, and live chat to eliminate the issues of consumers significantly (Grunig, 2013).

Search Engine Optimization is also a significant tool for organization it is because SEO is a best way to present the information regarding the product and services of company. Additionally, SEO includes some significant apps such as Moz, SEMRush, and Screaming Frog to present the Woolworths information on web page significantly. It supports to attract more customers in less time and minimum cost in an effective manner. Website analytics plays a vital role in an organization because this tool helps to successfully provide the information regarding the website, web visitor, and visitor’s expectation and behavior. It can be essential to improve the performance of website and rates of communication level in long-term. Therefore, it is addressed that this tool can be more affecting than other digital platforms (Holliman, and Rowley, 2014).

The main aim of digital communication platforms is to increase revenue and profit of organization. This aim can be achieved by using the following objectives:

  • To increase product and services awareness through digital communication platforms by 30%
  • To enhance the number of existing and potential customers by 45%
  • To decline the customer's issues regarding the product and services of company by 40%
  • To increase the response towards customer services by 35%

Target audience

The target audiences are people who have requisite of company product and services and the target place where company can present their information about the goods and services. At the same time, it can also be said that if company can only focus on twitter then they waste their time together with in case company can only focus on email marketing then they can also waste its time. But, when company can use the combined of different online sources and present their product information, then they could achieve more success in less time and cost. It could also be beneficial to make a strong relationship together with affecting the market share of company in long-term. An organization can target the audience of social media, email marketing, video hosting, blogs, and web content. It could offer favorable outcome to the company in long-run (J?rvinen, and Karjaluoto, 2015). Woolworths has used different approaches for increasing the demand of customers in long term. These approaches are making one team, decline cost refines procedure, and making an interconnected brand, refresh supplies, and update brand offering. The following approaches should use by Woolworths to enhance the number of customers in long term:

Woolworths can use some significant kinds of approaches to increase revenue and profit in long-term. These are using a time stamp, socially tag individual, secret promotion by Instagram, and make a team to respond people on Facebook. Others are a promotion by twitter, make a community on Pinterest, and address company social media. These tools are discussed below:

Live chat and hang out demonstrate the wonderful appeal and permit Woolworths to develop trust and make a positive relationship with potential or target customers in long-run. Woolworths can also use the time stamp to emphasize important secession.

If company wants to make a robust relationship with consumers then it has needed to present their activity on more than two social sites. Since, it will enhance the visibility by wonderful presence of product and service’s information on more than one social media sites. It could increase the awareness regarding the company product and services between the potential customers. Further, Woolworths can also address those sites where people are more active due to easily interacting with consumers and make a strong and long-term relationship significantly (Karjaluoto, et al., 2015)

Woolworths can use Instagram to contact with consumers and make a positive relationship. Additionally, company can use the option of direct messaging and send the secret message to their potential customers and makes long –term and trustworthy relationship (Keegan, et al., 2015).

Woolworths can make a group to respond their potential customers because it could be significant to attract more customers regarding the company products and services. At the same time, it can also be said that Woolworths limited react on each wall post of Facebook, and comments to develop a favorable relationship and gain company image in Australia together with across the nation.

Twitter is also a best way to attract more customers towards the company in less time and cost for the long run. Additionally, Twitter is more innovative tool to present the company information and interact with customers successfully. It provides three kinds of twitter advertising option such as tweets, endorsed styles, and endorsed accounts. The company has paid to twitter in case people react on promotional message. Hence, it can be found that Woolworths can enhance the customers in minimum investment (Killian, and McManus, 2015).

Makes group on Pinterest

Pinterest becomes second largest way regarding the traffic of a website. It is a best way to easily gain the fans or consumers in long-term. Further, it can be said that company can make a community on Pinterest and interact with group members to attract people for making a strong relationship with consumers.

There are many organizations who have not demonstrated the actual idea or information, which they want to present in front of potential and expected customers. Hence, it can create complexities to customers for getting actual information regarding product and services of the specified company. Additionally, Woolworths should always keep in the mind regarding such kind of mistake in order to make a favorable image in mind of consumers, which affects the market share and growth of company in long-term.

Woolworths can use “Fresh Food for Customers” as content. It demonstrates that an organization has offered the fresh food to their customers, which emotionally connect consumers to the company for a long period. At the same time, it can also be said that it also supports to make a positive relationship with potential buyers. Moreover, the content of company can also influence customers in first impression because it demonstrates the preference of company about consumers. Therefore, an organization should make an influencing content for attracting more customers in less time and cost (Parente, et al., 2014).

Timelines and Budget for project

The time and budget for this project is relied on specified objectives and investment cost. Additionally, the total estimated budget for this project is $ 300,000 to obtain estimated return on investment of $552,000 during 90 days.

The below table demonstrates budget and time to accomplish whole project together with considering each factor of digital marketing communication tools (Parente, et al., 2014).

Table 1: Timelines and Budget for digital communication project

Digital Communication Platforms

Estimated Time Period (in days)

Estimated Budget (in $)

Social Media Platforms




LinkedIn Groups





















Customer services




Voice call



Live Chat



Web Analytics






Programmatic Marketing



Video Hosting




As per the above conclusion, it can be concluded that the digital communication platforms are an effective tool for organization due to attract more customers in less time and cost. At the same time, digital communication tool is also supportive to makes a favorable relationship with potential consumers in long-term. It is also examined that there are some significant types of tools which are considered in the digital communication platforms such as social media, and programming marketing. Others are search engine optimization, video hosting, web analytics, email marketing, and customer services. Finally, it can be summarized that company content has also significant for making strong relationship with the customers in long-term. Additionally, it can also be said that company content can be supportive to make an emotional connection with the consumer for long-period, which could be essential for enhancing the market share of the company in a significant manner.


Woolworths should utilize some significant strategies to significantly improve the digital communication. These are specifying the targeted audience, build the unique brand image, and enhance marketing channels. Further, these factors are discussed below:

The company should identify or segment the audience to effective digital communication. Further, it can be said that an organization should classify their audience on behalf of a demographic factor because it could be essential for wonderful digital communication. Moreover, Age, Race, Sex, Traditional experience, Education, and Employment description are considered in the demographic factor.

The company can also improve the digital communication by building a unique brand image and trust among the consumers regarding company brand. At the same time, the company can develop trust in the marketplace by offering transparency regarding product and services (Chaffey, et al., 2013).

The company has needed to implement the multiple marketing strategy or channel to improve the digital communication in long-term. Additionally, application of email marketing and mobile is the cheapest and easiest sources to directly communicate with targeted customers. At the same time, it could also be supportive to improve the digital communication in a significant manner (Keegan, et al., 2015).


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