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Describe about the Marketing Service Organization for Largest Organisational Issues.



One of the most effective reasons of rendering organizational success is providing effective customer service along with maintaining a strong customer relation. Customer satisfaction is highly important for any business organization in order to maintain the image and reputation of the organization. The article “Internet not working? Try again tomorrow, Telstra tells customers” published by Hatch, (2016) in The Sydney Morning Herald of Business Day provides an in-depth overview about the disastrous consequence of Telstra due to the sudden network crisis.

Telstra is recognized as one of the largest telecommunication giants occupying a predominant place in Australia. The report shows that a large number of ADSL and NBN customers have showed their intense dissatisfaction due to this unexpected meltdown of the network. They wanted 24 hours from the customers for resolving the issue. A telecommunication industry without internet is meaningless. A large number of customers have been victimized for the lack of proper services. As a result, it ultimately hampers the entire process of business. Telstra has faced the same. Due to the massive disaster of network, thousands of customers have decided to leave the use of services.

Summery and highlights of the articles:

Due to the massive meltdown of the network, the customers had to suffer immense difficulties (Bayraktar et al., 2012). This particular article has provided an in-depth overview about the reasons of network failure in Telstra. The highlights of the article are as follows:

Customers have to wait for minimum 24 hours in order to get the service back again. The customers have showed their extreme disappointment due to the network failure of the service providers.

Thousands of customers have left using the service process of Telstra by showing a furious outrage at the time of massive crisis

Behind raising the sudden crisis, Telstra has provided a valid reason to the customers in general. They have announced that a major fault has occurred in the device that controls the interaction between the organization’s network and the various types of modems of the customers. This kind of failure is completely unexpected and unintentional.

This article has also highlighted some reactions on behalf of the customers after facing these kinds of crisis.

This particular crisis was initiated on Friday. The service providers assured to settle down the entire issue within Monday.

After that, they intended to withdraw their statement. They have stated that they would try their best to plug in within 6pm. If by any chance the webpage cannot be reached within 7 pm to 8 pm, the customers may have to wait for another 24 hours.

This particular statement has created an intense dissatisfaction on the mind of customers. As per their point of view, the organizational managers do not handle this massive outrage seriously. They should have taken more initiative regarding this particular matter.

Telstra spokesperson has apologized for this unexpected inconvenience in order to retail the attention of customers. As a whole, the article intends to highlight how a temporary crisis renders a disastrous consequence for an organization like Telstra (Hatch, 2016).

Using market penetration strategy:

In order to handle this kind of issue, Telstra can implement market penetration strategy at this particular time. Market penetration strategy is the forth-ongoing strategy of Ansoff Matrix that primarily concerns on selling the existing products or service into the existing market in order to re-gain the market share (Cina, 2013). Due to this massive network failure, Telstra had faced an intense negative feedback from large number of customers. Some of the regular customers have left using the service process of this telecommunication giant (Selnes, 2013). In this kind of situation, the existing customers of Telstra have become limited and restricted.

The service providers should thus focus on those limited customers at this specific time for gaining the market share again (Grissemann & Stokburger-Sauer, 2012). This particular marketing strategy is lowest amount of risk. At the very first stage, Telstra have to gain the trust of their existing target customers by providing an effective service process. Telstra would have to receive positive response from those customers for rendering their lost glory (K?rn?, 2014). If those customers were satisfied with the service process of Telstra, they would help to promote the service process again for enhancing the target customers. On the other hand, Telstra has faced a remarkable revenue loss while overcoming the sudden crisis. Therefore, selling products and services within the limited customers would help to reduce the risk factors as well (Ryu, Lee & Gon Kim, 2012).


A business organization can never run their flow of business without avoiding the risk factors and sudden crisis. Telstra is not exceptional to that. The crisis that Telstra had faced within their organization was unavoidable. Technological error cannot restricted or controlled with the hand of technicians (Zhao et al., 2012). Therefore, I believe that Telstra should not be accused due to this sudden crisis. At the same time, it is also undeniable that organizations while maintaining their business should know how to deal with the sudden crisis. Telstra is not exceptional to that. The organizational managers should have the capability to deal with the customers in such a way that customers can understand the importance of this situation. From the article, I have observed that customers are deprived of getting any assurance from the service providers. Telstra failed to assure people when they would be able to get rid of this crisis. As a result, Telstra has lost the glory that they have gained in the market.


The entire study has dealt with an article review on Telstra’s network crisis. This particular organization has rendered immense popularity in the realm of telecommunication industry of Australia. Suddenly a massive network crisis has brought a drastic change in the glory ad reputation of this organization. As a result, a large number of customers have provided an intense dissatisfaction by leaving to use the service process. With the help of this article review, detailed analysis has been conducted on how Telstra could have dealt with the customers for overcoming the sudden crisis.

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