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Discuss about the Marketing Segments of Boost Juice.


Specifications of marketing segments

The specific target market segments in order to capture the frequency of consumer Boost Juice should venture into further classification of their marketing outreach. In fact, since its inception in Australia, the number of population and consumer segregation has also increased over time. Therefore it naturally have extended its base consumer and have various opportunities for extensive allocation of marketing techniques and reach out to several customers and can eventually and resourcefully use their appeal as a fresh initiative of producing and inventing juice in an innovative and integrated way. There are a number of youngsters and adolescents who have been involved as the primary and the source of priority consumers as the benefit of healthy intake is definitely one of the central factors of the consumer proposition of the juice enterprise ( 2017).

Apart from the prevalent consumer group, two other significant target markets, which the organization can entail in their business plan, can be its wide expansion within the youngsters and college students. By the virtue of studying the behavior and nature of the consumer, Boost Juice can effectively be involved in formulating policies and strategies and policies that can be used for its market hold up and relevancy. The other segment can be ascribed to the appeal to the older population as this can enhance its marketing opportunities to reach within the household (Yee 2013). Apart from the product value, that it is fresh, healthy and there are no uses of any additives it can also be made into a mandatory practice for encouraging juice as a healthy breakfast habit. The purchasing intention of the two chosen market segments can be influenced through a linear approach that will feasible for interacting and increasing the number of the sales. The price and availability of the product are huge involvement in influencing and motivating the marketing factors of Boost Juice (Elepu, Nabisubi and Sserunkuuma 2016). The business environment in this criterion involves the decision like purchasing power of the student, the feasibility and portable power of the aged to visit the store or the percentage of the family to purchase huge stock Boost Juice so that it survives them the whole month. Therefore, the particular segments and its impact over the beverage industry in Australia can be remarkable in the equation to its customer groups and business patterns (Allis 2013).

Segmentation and how each segment are attracted through various plans and special provisions developed by Boost Juice

Primarily the analysis of the consumer approaches in a college campus is likely to limit on the tasty flavors rather than any product, which has high nutrient content. The consumer segments vary from the ones who mostly like their juice, which has dollops of unhealthy toppings to a very handful amount, which appeals to the simple juice. The demographic identities and classification of college and high school student are mostly products, which are more attractive rather than just bland juice (Kelley, Sheehan and Jugenheimer 2013).One more factor is the price, which should allow students belonging from different social strata should be able to consume and purchase their product. The various plans and provisions which can be implemented in regards to the geographic nature of the consumer which can be approached in a sound manner by employing special privileges and discounts to the consumers who lives in the city and can easily and efficiently avail the offer. In order to cater to the institutions and families based in the outskirts or suburbs of Australia , it is is necessary to implement new techniques like interesting campaigns and distribution of free sample and using integrated marketing approach to reach personally to all the consumers with the benefit and advantages of the product. On the other hand and estimating the behavior of the consumer in regards to the aspects of the new market segments that has been identified, can be measured through a thorough customer study and a feedback form. The online survey can be conducted by the organization and a relevant promotional program can be conducted which can be helpful in arriving to the effective measures for the specific set of consumers. The psychographics approach is variable one, which changes from season to taste and preference of the group of customers who can be studied and evaluated within the business framework of the beverage concern (Mail Online 2017). The strategies, which can be used by Boost Juice, can be executed through a diverse medium of the consumer attracting policies that should be central to the concepts of the marketing framework. This is probably one of the most valuable opportunities in order to cater to a large audience with some common range of products (Blanchard et al., 2014). The elderly and the aged has many restrictions and limitations and Boost Juice can easily take advantage of this phenomenon which can be used presented to a new customer group with huge diversity in its planning and operation. The involvement of digital and social media can be used extensively by Boost Juice and introduce coupons, promotional offers and also seasonal flavors at a reduced rates which can be effectively utilized as the strategies to boost their sales and equal outreach in all parts of Australia. The incorporation of the global appeal can be used as a strategy for attracting more customers, which must involve the best inventory tools taking into consideration of the safety of the production and its preservation techniques (Lopes 2014).

Positioning Map

The positioning map created in regards to the new propositions which are available for the consumer have been drawn with four variables which are both fruity and non-fruity in their approach. The general phenomenon which has been observed for the consequences of juice drinks in catering to the other beverage constituents which have been plotted against a graph that measures the intensity and correlations of the . Boost Juice has used the competitive strategy and the allocation of the market segmentation extensively. One of the unique associations and propositions will be useful for the organization is nature of the flexibility and ethical standards of the beverage company, which it can strategically use to enhance in developing and formulating new approaches for example establishing new products even in off-season like winter and autumn ( 2017).

Positioning Map of Boost Juice

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The two new market segments can be variedly used for its integrated promotion and association with brands, which have the similar approach and can be congruent in its business strategies and culture. The recommendation, which can be allotted to the new target segments, which are independent to the variables of price and quality, are the brand integration and collaboration with relative brands. The unique ideas which are observed and then presented to the audience should be feasible and viable enough therefore streamlining to the trends to the events which are involved in the current marketing capabilities and nature of Boost Juice. The recommended applications and operations of the juice brand in colleges and schools can be viewed with complementary benefits and sponsorships and associations during cultural events and fests which will improve the business and coordination of the marketing process and structures.


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