Marketing plan Essay


1. The solid associations with the Humane Society and neighborhood raisers.

2. Plentiful time to commit to the minding of the pets.

3. Perfect office.

4. Having high client dependability.

5. very much prepared and pet CPR qualified staff.

6. Two very much kept up temperature controlled creature lodging unit for in entryway play and boarding.

7. Fenced division of open air property permits space for various creature type and increment pay


8. Adaptable pet childcare and pet boarding administrations accessible.

9. Representatives can convey pet to work with them protected and fortified.


1.Lack of perceivability in the network to see the significance of the undertaking.

2.A restricted promoting spending plan.

3.A restricted ability to suit more pets.

4. Begins up expense.

5. Fixed expense for structure upkeep.

6. Cost of contracting , preparing and holding staff.

7. New to the market.

8. high introductory advancement expenses to raise brand mindfulness.


1.Growing business sector with huge level of the market still not mindful that Cuddles Are Us exists.

2.The fixed costs that are decreased when spread over various creatures.

3.The capacity to profit and not need to fundamentally change their way of life to enoughaddress the canine's needs.

4. Occupied way of life and optional pay of pet proprietors.

5. Pet proprietors that the esteem physical movement and pet mingling.

6. Pet proprietor who view and love their pets as kids and would prefer not to disregard them home.


1. A droop in the economy that will diminish individuals' optional salary, along these lines decreasing their chance to travel.

2. New contenders understanding the genuine market potential.

3. Various contenders with set up faithful customer base addition new customers through verbal exchange and referrals.

4. A financial decrease would lessen the measure of cash individuals spend on their pets.


1. Developing pattern of double salary family and experts not having any desire to disregard their pets at home.

2. Developing pattern of family units who have pets.

3. There is a reasonable inclination that the pet get individual consideration from the cultivate home pioneer and their family.

Industry examination

The pet business is a huge developing business sector. Purchaser are spending more cash on their pet each year. The normal measure of pets per family unit is developing to coordinate the expanded offers of administrations and item. Numerous individuals are working longer hours, going for business and taking longer get-away, the need to discover appropriate consideration for their pets while they are away is developing.

The American pet items association(APPA), yearly complete give an account of pet spending in the US report that general spending in the pet business for 2017 was $66.75 billion. The class that saw one of the most noteworthy development rates was different administrations, which incorporates pet administrations outside of social insurance, for example, preparing, boarding , strolling , preparing, pet sitting, yard administrations and the sky is the limit from there. Coming in at $6.16 billion of every 2017-up 6.9 percent from 2016-spending on pet administrations keeps on being an energizing and promising fragment of the industry(APPA 2018). The unmatched development of the pet-administrations fragment in the APPA's yearly spending report is empowering news for the expert pet sitting industry.

Buyer Analysis

As indicated by the human creature bond inquire about activity foundation(HABRI). " individuals are more joyful and more beneficial within the sight of creature. Through the outcome are starter, a HABRI ponder has shown a potential $11.7 billion sparing to the US human services framework that can be attached to pet ownership(HABRI 2019).

Current us statistic pattern additionally support proceeded with industry quality children of post war America representing 45 % of the U.S pet spending. Be that as it may, they are beginning to resign and salary will fall. Age X has the second biggest offer of pet spending at 26.7%. they are simply drawing nearer the "prime" pet spending age (55>64). Their pet spending ought to consistently increment for in any event the following 15 years. Millennial are reasonable getting a ton of consideration since they are the eventual fate of the buyer showcase. Conjecture directly on their requirements and needs and your future achievement is secure. Their spending on the administrations fragment is underneath normal yet is on the rise(Gibbons 2015). They are finding their freedom and are purchasing pets and ruining them. Incredible for the business as this statistic will be faithful clients for a considerable length of time.

Competitive analysis

In CRU’s geographic location there are 25 competitors offering a form of pet boarding/sitting . competition primarily takes the form of a kennel services. The set up for a kennel is an interior space for dog to sleep and small outdoor area for dogs to walk around, most kennels keep all pets separated at all times.

While the dogs are safe at trustworthy kennels, a kennels is less than ideal. Many pets are unhappy about being away from home; this is a very stressful situation for them, especially if it is the first time . having no one to interact with and many other pets around, this causes added stress to pets(Outstanding Pet Care Learning Center 2017)

Opportunity analysis

With the training and grooming services, we have an opportunity to attract a broader range of consumers, not just those seeking boarding. Our dedicated trained staff, offer quality services and extensive customers, not just those seeking boarding. Our dedicated trained staff, offer quality services and extensive customer interaction, putting us ahead of the competition. Our states-of- the-art facilities offer the opportunity for pets to be social and have room to room safely. The animals can interact or to their own area if they feel overwhelmed.

Additionally, we do have a licensed veterinary care on call for any concern that arise. We are the only pet care services in the area that offers so many opportunities and at a low cost comparable to the kennel.

Potential analysis

CRU is to be seen by potential clients as a “total solution” for pet owners, and pets. In comparison to competition, our pets sitting services not only offers day time sitting, but overnight boarding and the ultimate pet experience.

CRU has indoor and outdoor space available to keep pets entertained safe, and occupied, CRU is positioned to be superior in quality to any alternative, like kennel. Many owners recognize that the kennel experience, for the most part, is an unhappy one for pets, and should be avoided if possible. We have a competitive advantage due to ability to have a free roam facility with a caregiver around at all times.

Target customers

Our main target will be on Gen X and millennial, these two demographic have the greatest potential for revenue consistency. Generation X has the second largest share of pets spending at 26.7 %. Their pet spending ng should steadily increase for at least the next 15 years. Millennials are justifiable getting a lot of attention because they are the future of the consumer market. Their spending on the service segments is below average but is the rise(Gibbons 2015). Both of these demographic will awarded CRU with loyal customers for many years.

Product and services

Boarding services- for Dogs, Cats, small exotics- day and overnight available

Grooming Services- Bathing, blow dry, nail trimming, and ear cleaning.

Dog- training programs- puppy, intermediate and advanced available

Organic food choices- lamb, salmon and beef in stock- custom order available.

Veterinary care options- Emergency services only, with fuller’s veterinary clinic.


Aside from being a total solution for pet daycare, CRU is different from the completion because we offer a comprehensive pet care plan that is developed with the owner to meet all of their pet’s needs. Offering options for owners to remain connected with daily photos, will attract apprehensive customers.


a)Pricing strategy:

Pricing for cuddles are Us will be slightly above cost of pet sitting services in Vancouver. The quality of services provided and the extra amenities allows us to set a pricing structure that will achieve return on initial investment. The potential for on seasons for the boarding revenue is a threat to CRU’s total estimated revenue. CRU additional services such as training, grooming and organic food sales will offset the fluctuations in boarding revenue.

b)How it compare to the competition:

After researching several pet sitting , grooming and training businesses in Vancouver area, CRU is offering a fair price for what we believe is a premium services. We have looked into the facilities and we are at par or slightly higher than our competition. On average, we are roughly 5% higher on certain services but offer better bonding option for our customers which our competitions does not.

c)Suggested selling price:

Boarding service- Half day boarding(under 5 hours) $30

Full day boarding $40

Overnight $45

Discount offering (stay over 2 nights) $5 off cost per night.

We offer customized package option that work for each pet owner, as we understand every animal has different needs.

Pick or drop off services- we offer an drop off and pick up for pets at an additional cost to the owner, based on location. If the pet owner is within a 7 km in radius, the pick-up and drop off is free and farther than 7 km plus an additional $0.50/km.

Grooming service- pricing for grooming is $20 for animal weighing 0 to 30 lbs. and $ 40 for animal weighing 30+ lbs.

Dog training program- puppy class (5 session) $60

Adult classes (5 session) $80

Advanced classes are offered for agility training and aggression. The session prices are established after an assessment of each dog is completed.

d)the price quality relationship:

We are confident that once our customers see and experience our services, the small difference in pricing will be well worth it for their peace of mind . having licensed growing staff, veterinary care available is an offering above our competitors and sets a quality standard that customers will pay for.


Personal selling- CRU does not employ a “face to face” sale strategy, we do however, rely heavily on our staff as our frontline sales term. CRU is a small business and when it comes to small business advertising. “34% spend 3% or less of their revenue on marketing. One in 10 spend nothing(Sutter 2017).

Advertising- our primary will be over social media. This keeps our overhead at the lowest point possible during the start up period while a revenue stream is established. Buy two get one free promotion for boarding facility and a buy five get two free grooming promotion plan for the first three months paid upfront. This strategy is primarily to bring in additional startup revenue. This strategy promotion will be internet based and will aid in collecting user information, as well as set the standard for a personalized relationship with our customers. We will offer an annual services up to three weeks services for customers that required help in an emergency situation.

Sales promotion- we will be offering promotions such as social media “like and share” contests for free services. CRU will offer a loyalty card for grooming services, such as a free groom after the 10th purchase. Additionally, CRU will offer discount on boarding over 3 days. We will have give a ways with premium grooming and kenneling packages such as treats, food, and apparel.

Public relations- by writing a weekly or even monthly column pet training to pet health, happiness, and safety we will not only promote our business in a positive lights we will be offering a helpful services as well. We will also dedicate time to answer customers questions and address concerns over our social media network. All of our staff will be trained in our customer first attitude and well versed in the fact that they are a direct extension of our brand.

Website & social media: social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, will be able to offer loyalty promotions and will promote connectivity with our customers. A comprehensive website will offer, not only the general information for our business, but can also be used as a tool for our customers for everything pet related they may be searching for.

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