Marketing Plan Development Presentation Essay


Identify the three products and their marketplace?


The research paper evaluates the marketing plan for three selected smart phones as Samsung Galaxy S7, Apple I phone SE and HTC A9. The paper reveals the different quality of these three selected product and also put forward the desired comparison in order to enhance the satisfaction level of the concerned customers. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the considered to be the leading product among all the latest Smartphone throughout Australia. Apple iPhone SE is the topmost Smartphone throughout the world (Astarita et al., 2014). This mobile phone has unique features from the other Smartphone, including the software and the modular structure. The craze of new gadgets has been shown more in the youth of the country and therefore, it becomes vital to target the people of ages between 22 years to 35 years of old. , HTC A9 has increased 15% for the previous six months throughout Australia and the other developed countries and the Company has different business strategies in order to capture the entire market segments. the comparison in the SWOT analysis of these three products have effectively been shown in the research paper as to bring out the desired suitable platform to increase the selling of the products throughout the targeted audience (Chen & Ann, 2016). The objectives of the marketing plan have been highlighted throughout the paper which clearly identifies the increase in the selling of these smart phones. The primary aim is to increase the profits by 5% and to increase the customer’s base by 33% as to become t6he leader in the field of mobile and telecommunication sector. The budget of the marketing and advisements reveals the marketing strategy (Chen et al., 2016). The primary strategy is to promote the products effectively with the help of the different online platforms as well as throughout the social media. Survey needs to be conducted on the selected target market in order to measure the results (MacIntosh, 2015). Identification of gap is vital as Gap within the market represents the opportunities of the organization to increase their customer number.


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