Marketing Opportunities Essay


Identify and Evaluate Marketing Opportunities.



Jollibee is the fast food center. This center founded by Tony Tan and his family stop starting as an ice cream parlor after that it later grows into an outgoing global band. This food corporation locks in the operation, franchising, growth of Quick Service Restaurant (QSR).Jollibee restaurant has a successful story of the business. At first, they started two-franchise cream parlor in 1975, and another is sandwiched, and it becomes incorporative in 1978. The company is expanded and also aggressive international expansion plan in the USA, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, etc. One accustomed extravagance to a Filipino in Hong Kong. This out late is tranquil of two levels, one is ground floor, and another is the basement. Filipino cafes in Central District. The general troposphere is truly Filipino; the food designed is every much the same as how we discrimination chicken joy truly makes Jollibee Hong Kong a dependable Jollibee rather than just a food channel. In Hong Kong, there is presently one branch placed in central which was modernized. Jollibee is undone its first store in the United Arab Emirates in April 1995.When every solid food center is renovated then observed that any industry is located in there. The company has an American stylishness fast food chain with Filipino unfinished dishes specializing in chicken, burgers, spaghetti and some Filipino dishes. Jollibee was successful in verbalizing it's into products to suit the certain taste of the Filipino consumer.

Identify market opportunities

Business planning plays a key role in forming a proper business strategy. The business planning process is defined as observing and analyzing the predetermined business past to regulate and forecast the strategy and plans.

After predicting the business trends and needs, it is required to estimate market opportunities. Each and every market is not equal. Some are small investor whereas others are large investors. The market chose over here is Hong Kong, USA, Saudia Arab. The there main strategy is to analyze the market condition and apply the modern techniques.

Research of potential new MARKETS AND its influence over the same


In the USA people prefer fast-casual restaurants and catering trucks. Fast food has mainly been Americans diets. Men are more can be likely to be attracted to fast food than women.

The share of per capita income spent on food purchased at the restaurant and fast food places has been increased from 3.4 to 4.1 percentage.

Individual are considered as literate if they can read and write. Many languages are being spoken in the USA. The most common language spoken in the USA is known as AMERICAN ENGLISH. .One of the current political disputes is a violent terrorist attack here


Hong Kong is termed as the food capital of the world. Hong Kong's McDonalds served as the food center (Mcdonalds, 2011). Business persons have their luncheon appointments. Changes have taken place in society which results in more meals taken. The global literacy rate for every people who aged 15 and above is 86.3 percent. GDP is increased by 2 percent at the same time as the unemployment level decreased. According to the recent report, both Chinese and English are the official languages in Hong Kong.

Saudia Arabs

Fast food is expected to remain the most interesting channels within food server in Saudi Arabs through the forecast time. Arabic is being spoken officially here. Riyadh remains the center of it. The dispute here arises destruction by the terror. Exports rise at the rate of 10 percent. The sales have been more increasing at an increasing rate from 2004 to 2008.

Potential business application and develop into potential marketing opportunities:

Jollibee group is an engaging investment. Through the year, the company is advance into a company with the image of prizes clients (Chandrasekaran, 2010). Due to this fact always up to date with contemporary consumer movements, care a dark eye to what our customs are beholding for. We have in the drop with our customs through verity type of programs and upgrade and developing marketplace operations that touch our customs sentiments. To have from top to bottom quality products the Jollibee has their commissary system, confirming the manufacture and distribution of safe and high eminence food in the most cost effectiveness custom. The company can afford their goods for their entire procedures partaking the three big commissaries.

Investigate marketing opportunities- Identify and analyses opportunities regarding their likely fit with organizational goals and capabilities

Jollibee is a good and very widest fast food center which becomes better very fatly. The fast food chain can become largest fast food manacle in the Philippines. Jollibee becomes grower their business on nationwide. It grows their business network of over 750 stores in the Philippines. Now the company wants to expand their business in three different markets or region. The three markets are USA, Hong Kong, and Saudi Arabia. So there must have different marketing opportunities according to their market location.

Identify and Analyze opportunities in USA, Hong Kong, and Saudi Arabia - To extend business in that location, they must have to complete a franchise application form. Also, there must have a better community standing, an adamant leadership, and good people handling skill. Also, they have to devote time for managing the branch and also complete the required training program.

Investigate marketing opportunities - Evaluate each opportunity to determine its impact on current business and customer base

At first, the company has to fill their franchisee application form. They have to keep their very reliable community standing to maintain a better customer relationship. To maintain the opportunity they need strong leadership, by whom they can control the total business strategy (Grundy, 2003). After that, the company also needs some stakeholders who have a real people handling skill. The most important thing is that they have to manage some time to manage the branch and employees training program. So based on the above opportunities the company can take a good start to becoming better their current business and expand their customer base.

Investigate marketing opportunities - Use an assessment of external factors as well as costs also benefits. They also investigate the risks, and opportunities to know the financial viability of each marketing opportunity

External factors- It contains Political factors, Economic factors, Social factors, Technological factors, Legal factors, and an Environmental factor of USA, Hong Kong, and Saudi Arabia. Economic factors contain all determinants in the economy as well as its condition (Societal and economic factors, 2008). In social factors, every country has its unique situations. Technology mainly influences the company to become better. The legal factor can change on time for a country and lastly the environmental factor can differ according to the country climate.

Cost and Risks- Cost is a critical part of a company. It denotes what the company invests for their products (Sullivan and Thomas, 2010). After customer satisfaction, they can calculate the profit margin on the cost. It can differ according to the marketing region. To maintain their profits, there have some risks according to maintain the profits and the customer base.

Investigate marketing opportunities - Determine probable return on investment and potential competitors

The analysis of competitors in the marketing as well as the strategic management is an evaluation of the present and prospective competitors. The offensive as well as defensive strategic, the identity of context and also threats provided by this analysis.

Briefly, describe and rank marketing opportunities on their viability, and likely contribution to the business

To maintain the business, the company has to rank their opportunities. For the priority of ranking, firstly the company need to fill the franchisee application form, after that they need a perfect leadership to control the whole procedure (Giuliani and Kurson, 2002). After that, the company needs better-trained employees who care about the customer and have some good communicating skill. Lastly, it's the time to look the cost and profit margin.

Evaluate required changes to current operations- Identify and document changes needed to current operations to take advantage of viable marketing opportunities

To maintain the business development, the company needs to maintain their business opportunities according to the current business operation. The company mainly concern about their business goal to become better their business and customer relationship (Fjermestad and Romano, 2006). That needs to be changed on their current operations like leadership, food products and customer handling procedures.

Evaluate required changes to current operations Ensure organizational changes on the service with an increased or different customer base and also including provision for the continued quality of service to existing customers

It is important for a company to concern about their existing customers. Existing customers can lead a very grateful role on a company. The company mainly needs to maintain their food quality. The quality must be differing according to customers demand. A successful business can depend on the new sales. New customers can lead a major role for a company. It is very complicated to each business for correctly manages customer form the real spine of business success (Kilcast and Angus, 2011).

Estimate resource requirements for changed operations and Determine and communicate viability of making changes to current operations to key stakeholders

Every company needs to manage their customer requirements and estimating the resources that are needed to become better their business (Schofer, 2003). To beat their competitors the company needs to detect their faults on their food products. Also, the customer handling department of the company needs to know the customer demands. According to the analysis, they need to change their products as soon as possible and concern about their operational type of requirements. So, for this reason, the company needs to keep more concern about their stakeholders and their needs. The shareholders are the core of a company. They can make changes according to the customers demand on behalf of a company.

Document the newly identified marketing opportunities and take required changes

This unit of the company can maintain the individuals are working for the enterprise with a marketing team. The team identifies, investigate and as well as evaluate the marketing opportunities to reach the organizational and marketing objectives. On the base of the analysis, the current business operation needs to be changed.


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