Marketing Mix Strategy For Pizza Hut Essay


Discuss about the marketing mix startegy for the Pizza hut.



The primary motive of this paper is to measure the marketing mix for the Pizza hut. Pizza hut is an American restaurant chain that provides various food and beverage product including pizza, dishes, and deserts (Pizza hut, 2018). It is one of the biggest and leading restaurant companies in the world. Along with this, it also explains the key success factors that are related to the online customer experince.

Marketing mix variables

The marketing mix plays a significant role in attaining competitive advantages in the global market. The marketing mix for Pizza hut has been discussed below.

Product: Pizza hut is one of the biggest and growing pizza chain brands in the world. It is famous to carry out experiments and build new products in the global market. The company introduced stuffed crust pizza in 1995 that was one of the popular pizzas. The products in the marketing mix of pizza hut cover pizza, pasta, Italian American and buffalo wings. The natural pizza is sold by the company in the United States, and Dallas. It has been found that pizza hut developed Tandoori panner pizza, exotica, paneer vegorama as their signature dishes. The other dishes that made by the pizza hut include breadsticks, cheese sticks, wings, deserts and pasta. Besides this, it is also serving pepsi, diet pepsi, mist twist and mountain dew (Freeman et al, 2014).

Price: The competitive pricing strategy is used by the company for maintaining the quality of the products in the global market. The company differentiates its pricing from the competitors to gain competitive advantages in the marketplace. Along with this, premium pricing strategy is also initiated by the firm to depict high quality in its products. It has been found that pricing strategy is dependent on the size of the pizza offered such as crust, small and medium chosen.

Place: Pizza hut is expanding and exploring its business activities and operations globally. Pizza can be ordered online from its various from its websites and other online channels. The company also provides home delivery services to the customers across the world. It provides home delivery options for the customers ordering online with a time gap of 30 minutes for delivery or scheduled delivery. By providing online delivery services, the company has been able to provide satisfaction the customers in the global market (He, Zha and Li, 2013).

Promotion: Pizza hut is well known for its advertisement and promotional strategies. Along with this, various marketing campaigns and survey are done by the company to analyze and evaluate the needs, desires and wants of the customers in the international market. Besides this, various digital channels are used by the organization to promote and enhance its products and services. It has been identified that promotional events are carried out by the company to increase and enhance the sale of the company in the international market (Cheema et al, 2015).

People: The Company is a people centric service brand who focuses on the employees and customers. Effective leadership styles are used by the managers at Pizza hut to motivate the workers for performing roles and responsibilities.

Physical evidence: It has been found that pizza hut maintains a hygiene and clear environment in the all the stores globally. Along with this, quality control standards are also adopted by the firm in the global market.

Process: It has been noted that pizza hut uses state of art machinery for the production of baked pizzas and other items. Pizza is made based on the order received either from telephonic call, online ordering or given by the customers in the restaurant. Effective and unique process is used by the company to produce the products (Alden, Steenkamp and Batra, 2018).

Key success factors in relation to online customer experience

It has been found that Pizza hut is a popular restaurant chain in Hong Kong. To better engage its customers, it built and developed a mobile app and adopted Azure as its infrastructure platform. It is noted that the Pizza hut iphone app appeared as the featured icon in the itunes app store lifestyle category that is ranked in the top 15 apps in this category. The mobile apps are used by the company is to increase mobile sales by 20% in next 6 months (Cochrane, 2014). By using digital channels in the marketplace, the firms has been able to maximize the sales and revenue in the global market. Online payment system is one of the significant and effective success factors of the company that helps in make easy the payment system. The online shoppers are well known for low tolerance for system feedback. The trustworthy website design and online payment system save the customer time and additional efforts. Another success factor is technology that helps the company to reduce the cost of the firm effectively. The advanced and innovative technology can enable service providers to enhance and improve the quality of online customer experience and communicate value with customers. With the help of effective online channels, the company is able to provide 24*7 services to the customers across the world. It will also help in attracting number of customers around the world. Product delivery can be done at any time with the help of online apps and channels. Information can be received in customer’s emails with the help of online channels. Apart from this, the company can receive feedback and reviews related to the quality and features of the products (Doorley and Garcia, 2015).

It has been found that application is effective because it takes less time in ordering the products. It also brings consistency and along with this, it is easier to compare applicants impartially. In addition, each employer can customize the form to their specific criteria and exclude the information and facts they do not require. In this way, application is very effective and unique (Morgan-Thomas and Veloutsou, 2013).

It has been recommended that Pizza hut should focus on the online channels, apps and customer relationship management to improve and enhance the products and services in the international market. Along with this, Pizza hut must focus on the growth strategies to generate more revenue and outcomes globally. The company should consider utilizing their intelligent advertising techniques and tools to focus on all the competitors in the market. It has been found that the firm should improve their innovative strategies that they used their selling and online marketing. All these recommendations help the organization to make bright future.


It has been analyzed from the above mentioned analysis that Pizza hut uses unique and effective marketing mix strategy to beat the competitors in the market. Furthermore, online channels also provide competitive benefits to the customers in large extent. At the end, some recommendations have been given to increase profitability in near future.


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