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Discuss about the Marketing Management for Strategic Advertising Management.



Googles core value relate to the unification, robustness as well as transparency. Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick (2012 mentioned that the company services are offered throughout the global market and shall have an influence on the business sustainability of the entity. The company has proven itself over the years and has developed as a successful brand name in the global market. Kotler et al. (2015) mentioned that the company’s core brand values shall have served the organization over a period of time and developed brand reputations and brand identity over a period of time. The Google is a fast track search engine and covers every political, legal as well as social events. ("Google", 2016). The brand operates in a number of countries and considers the local culture as well as traditions in the local market. The brand’s core values have assisted the business entity in developing the marketing and the operational policies of the business entity. The company’s core value shall relate to the development and the marketing strategies of the business entity. Google has developed its business policies as per the local cultures and the traditions of the business entity. Thus, this has been a major factor in developing a distinct brand reputation in the international market. Google has been an effective brand name in the international market and shall assist the business entity in the development of the market . Armstrong et al. (2012) mentioned that the brand has been operating in an intensively competitive market where newer developments has been executed on a daily basis. Thus, this has assisted the business entity in developing a sustainable business model in the international market. It has used the four 4ps marketing like product, promotion, price and place to effectively monitors its business operations over a period of time .

Google is on the verge of expansion and has developed a wide range of products and services for the buyers in the global market. The brand has widened its portfolio in order to capture a larger market share. Thus, this has assisted the business entity in developing a positive perception on the buyers. Shani & Chalasan (2013) mentioned that to explore newer market segments, the company has the ability has to develop competitive business strategies. In this regard, it can be said that the brand is right in taking on Microsoft and that shall assist the customers in attracting potential customers towards the brand. Armstrong et al. (2012) stated that Google has been taking legal aid against the measures taken by the Chinese government regarding censorship search. As such, this has enabled the business entity to develop effective measures for the growth and the development of the business entity. Google has been emphasizing in overcoming its threats in the international market. As such, this has assisted the business entity in identifying its discrepancies and taking rectification measures for organization growth. As rightly stated by De Mooij (2013), this leads to every aspect of the promotional and the distribution process in the business entity . In this regard , this has assisted the business enterprise to reduce the production and the distribution expenses in the organization . The brand also taken aggressive advertising and promotional policies for the organizational growth. As such, this has assisted the organization to counter the external marketing factors in the organization. If Google’s efforts leads to success this shall enable the business entity in developing newer markets for the business enterprise.

Case study on Microsoft

Evaluation of the Microsoft’s strategy in both good and poor times

Microsoft is regarded as the best programming organization in the world that has the objective of serving PC to each and every office area as well as in every household with the Microsoft program running in the computers (Microsoft – Official Home Page., 2016). The strategy of the management of the Microsoft during the good economic situation was to be become a product manufacturer and employ it s own operating system that can be accessed by different PC makers for the purpose of utilization in diverse Personal computers devices. During the year 1980s, the Microsoft launched the operating system DOS for the IBM personal computer (Microsoft – Official Home Page., 2016). The management of the company Microsoft made use of the inertial accomplishments along with the company IBM in order to provide programming services to other manufacturers that quickly made Microsoft a giant player in this particular industry. This can be considered to be one of the advancements for the company Microsoft and helped the company to become faster with the inertial publicizing efforts that is focussed on conveying the company a series of different items that range from DOS to the launch of Excel as well as Windows. Again, with the dispatch of internet, the Windows launched one of the best programmes in the world and later on in 1986 opened the Windows operating system along with the Microsoft Office (Microsoft – Official Home Page., 2016). Again, the system again dispatched the applications that can be considered to be a point of reference for Microsoft in order to increase the future profit level (Hutt & Speh, 2014). Later on, the management of Microsoft also discovered another moment of accomplishment when the company dispatched the window 3.0 that is provided with a windows symbol along with applications such as the file manager and at the same time program manager. Again, the strategy of different IT firms during the poor economic times can be characterized by the low cost solution.The management of the Microsoft also adopted the strategy of adopting different high value solutions at a very low cost to assist different business enterprises in enhancing the productivity, accelerating the agility and the reducing the costs.

Discussion of the pros and cons of Microsoft’s “I am a PC’’ campaign

The company Microsoft launched the Vista and attempted to replicate the Apple’s (Macs) navigation (Microsoft – Official Home Page., 2016). The company launched the first campaign for the purpose of accomplishing the desire of the company to become trendier and follow the Macs. The advertisement used to display both the Personal Computers and the Macs together that often felt perplexed the target consumers. However, the recent campaigns of the company illustrate the intention and the target audience of the company better. The campaign elucidates the Microsoft’s loyalists in need of a fancier computer. The consumer is then brought inside a room that is full of innovative items dispatched by Microsoft and the specific consumer becomes relieved to acquire an updated and advanced computer that the particular customer knows the handle. On the whole, it can be said that the focus of the campaign is not on the advanced portable technology. The stress on the advanced mobile technology could have fetched better results for the company (Percy & Elliott, 2012).

Case study on IDEO

IDEO is one of the largest designing consultancy firms in the United States (IDEO | A Design and Innovation Consulting Firm. 2016). This particular company creates some icons of technology age involving first laptop computer and digital video recorder.

“Why has IDEO been so successful? What is the most difficult challenge it faces in conducting its research and designing its products?”

IDEO has been so successful mainly due to development of most efficient plan. It aims at gathering the much-needed information at the time of conducting market research. The “design thinking” approach undertakes IDEO employing its primarily based on customers as well as actively participation at the same time (Kotler et al., 2015). The main reason behind success of IDEO is having some cultural values for making team in an effective way. IDEO is an award-winning global design firm that mainly takes human-centered as well as design-based research in helping organization in public and private sectors. This particular company strives best in designing products that consumers needs and offers superior experience as well as solving problems. With the help of observational research, IDEO insights mainly into consumer behavior approach for future analysis purpose (Kotler, 2012). It uses behavioral mapping for assessing as well as learning consumer attitudes in certain areas for direct interaction within customers leading to success in the near future.

IDEA faces biggest challenge in conducting its research as well as designing of products with potential customers. Success mainly depends upon customers as well as interaction and this proves to be the major problem with IDEO (Best, 2012). In most of the cases, they had to “dig deep: for creating consumer friendly solutions as well as preferences at the same time. IDEO faces challenges in every step but builds fantastic research process in order to process better results.

“In the end, IDEO creates great solutions for companies that then receive all the credit. Should IDEO try to create more brand awareness for itself? Why or why not?”

IDEO is one of the consulting firms whose main business is to analyze research as well as draw conclusions to its potential client base. IDEO does not have to create any extra brand awareness for itself in any form. IDEO has built its reputation for solving usability problems for the clients leading to countless success stories as well as awards for the consulting firm. IDEO mainly aims at creating marketing research approach for receiving all the credit (Homburg et al., 2013). They have essential brand awareness in and within the business community. This involves clients like P&G, Ford Motor Company, bank of America as well as Nike and Prada.

Case study on JIM Thompson Thai Silk Company

“How did JTTS extend its product line? Do you think JTTS has extended too much?”

JIM Thompson Thai Silk Company extended its product line by using differentiation options for future analysis purpose (JIM THOMPSON - The Thai Silk Company | Fabrics, Restaurants and Bars, Shop Online, Publications, Farm. 2016). JIM Thompson Thai Silk Company entered into weaving for ensuring product differentiation in relation with product features. Home furnishing market at Bangkok requires main wall covering as well as upholstery fabric. It asks for replacement fabric in precise matches the color of original fabric. Most of the contract weavers cannot meet the actual requirement leading to great challenge by JIM Thompson Thai Silk Company. Therefore, JIM Thompson Thai Silk Company develops own weaving capacity in serving differentiating its products from competitors. JIM Thompson Thai Silk Company develops silk fabric products like neckties, printed silk as well as printed cushion covers for transforming delicate filament as produced by silkworm. It requires in following spinning, weaving as well as sewing steps and printing at the same time (Hollensen, 2015).

“Do you think JTTS is differentiated sufficiently from other lifestyle brands?”

JIM Thompson Thai Silk Company differentiates its products for entering into latest lifestyle era of globalization. JIM Thompson Thai Silk Company requires options for further improvement for attainment of future goals as well as objectives at the same time. JIM Thompson Thai Silk Company should attempt in producing sustainable competitive advantage in the silk industry. JIM Thompson Thai Silk Company powers in establishing communication among the coordinates in the most appropriate way. JIM Thompson Thai Silk Company should make strategies in opening retail stores in major foreign cities for improving the sales as far as possible (Foxall, 2014). JIM Thompson Thai Silk Company renders top priority in capturing the home furnishings market at first place. The next priority is to build retail shops especially at puket as well as samui sea beaches.

Case study on Fulla Dolls

The Fulla Dolls has been able to suit its marketing strategy as per the requirement s of the target market segment. As such, this shall have an influence on the assessment procedures of the business entity. However, there are certain cons that can pose a threat to the sustainability of the business entity in the long run . De Mooij (2013) mentioned that the Fulla dolls development of the selective market strategies have narrowed its target segment of consumes in the domesti and the global market. The selective target marketing shall assist the business entity in developing the goals and the objectives of the business entity. As such, the selective target marketing strategy has assisted the business enterprise in reducing the production expenses of the business organization.

The Fulla dolls shall increase its sales by using the online web portals to develop informal relationships with the users. Thus, this has assisted the business to develop greater awareness levels among the consumes. In addition, this shall assist the business enterprise in executing online orders. According to Sheth & Sisodia (2015), the selective marketing strategy shall help Fullar Dolls in identifying the target s segment of consumers for the buyers. However, the pricing policies of the organizations have to be developed to aid the development of the business sustainability of the business entity.

The segmentation strategy cannot be called too selective. Czinkota and Ronkainen (2013) mentioned that the brand focuses on children of various segments. In this regard, it can be said that the business entity has been delivering consistent business performances over a period in the domestic and the international market (Kotler, 2012). As such, this has enabled the business entity to facilitate business growth and expansion in the global market. Boone and Kurtz (2013) mentioned that the segmentations business strategy has been one of the pillars in the marketing strategy of the business entity. It has enabled the business entity to reduce the expenses and acquiring a newer portfolio of customers.


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