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Discuss about the Marketing Management for Food Industry Packaging.



Packaging and labeling of products has become one of the most important aspects of an organization. In food industry packaging plays key role for the business and its consumers as it saves the products from microbiological elements, chemical element and physical invasion. Appropriate packaging helps in the promotion and advertisement of products through attractive messages and information displays on the package. It also helps the customers to take decisions and it influences the perception of the customers[1]. Therefore, it also helps to understand the information and ingredients that is important for the customers as they are very much conscious about their health. But nowadays, complicated labeling makes confusion and frustration as they include different labels about which consumers are not aware of. Food labeling is deemed as the most vital source of sharing ingredients as well as information of goods and products being offered in the market.

Main context

Packaging and labeling considered as most important tool to attract more customers as well as influencing the purchasing decisions of the customers. Nowadays, consumers are very much concern about labeling and packaging that helps them to explore more information and purchasing decision. Large or small scale companies depend on different marketing strategies to promote their products[2]. Every single country is coming up with important rules and regulations and is trying to design laws related packaging and labeling in order to maintain environmental aspects. Consumers are demanding more convenient, environmental friendly, easy to open and low cost packaging for the goods in order to maintain the cost of the product. Marketing, conservation, production along with distribution of products and goods highly depend on right packaging of the products[3]. The Australian along with Sydney Morning Herald has released few cases that have induced the food regulatory boards as well as government to take actions against the companies’ for misguiding the consumers by their false packaging and labeling, in order to help the consumers by making them aware about the details of the products. Serious cases have the consumers to realize the importance of packaging and labeling.. The contamination of the food determines how the life gets affected with making fake products and thereby the harming of the people takes place around the globe. It also determines the copying of the foods of the Australian brands with the Chinese companies and thereby the consideration of the foods is made[4]. The creation of the mixture of the Chinese companies helps in the creation of the goods that determines the fake products. It also henceforth helps in the determination of the diagrammatical representation of the important concerns that also links the health problems in Australia. Since obesity is the important health factor, thereby the refreshment and the modification of the strict laws that helps in the creation of the unethical works that focuses on the health concerns. Henceforth the creation of the strict laws is seemed to be requisite for the creation of the safety environment with the provision of quality food and thereby the health concerning issues must be focused in order to mitigate them. The issues regarding the food and mitigated with the help of the modification of the foods and thereby the Food chain describes the issues regarding the health concerns are mitigated[5].

The incidents released in media shows the wrong food chain and how they avoids the food ethics and thereby the ethical issues are raised regarding the food labels, packaging, incomplete information and the trust. The provision of this issues clearly indicates the enhancement of the unethical issues and the customers are also focused which helps in identifying the issues regarding the conduct of the unethical issues. It clearly manifests the Australian manifest and the production of the wrong materials also helps in the creation of the strict and the wrong deeds also helps in the creation of the wrong food labeling and thereby the production methods are seemed to be changed with the creation of the purchases system[6]. The production of the fresh food and the creation of the purchase help in the decrement of the issues regarding the food and the safety which thereby also helps in the creation of the food course with the seasonal maintenance. Packaging with the provision of the appropriate website also helps in providing the correct information to the customers with the consideration of the guidelines for the customers. Appropriate certification also helps in leading the way of fake handling and mitigating the issues are very much appreciable by the public with the enhancement of the growth of the food industry. In this way the ethical labeling of the food seemed to be forming an important factor for the enhancement of the food factories enabling the ethical labeling of the food[7]. Therefore these ethical issues can be mitigated by the transforming factors and also it helps in the formation of the various personal and the health concern factors and also helps in indicating the values of the food labeling and ethical labeling.

In today’s business context, Leveling and packing is most important factors and playing vital role in the business growth and development of the company as it plays vital role in attracting the customers towards the products. Good packing and leveling attracts the customers so that they encourage buying the products, which improve the sales figure of the company. Labeling and packaging is considered to be one of the major role players as it help to throw light on the company ability to pursue or invade consumer buying ability[8]. Labeling and packaging is considered to be one of the vital roles in determining the overall growth of the company as it is very much considered to be a part of marketing for the company. The product packaging and labeling cost is considered to be vital as the overall cost of the product also get influenced by the amount of the cost included or levied on the company packaging cost. The packaging cost of the company and labeling cost of the company depend on the amount of concentration and time an organization gives to the team of marketing. With the advent of globalization the consumer become more cautious and focused while buying a product. The company packaging and labeling should include certain key features which includes the overall key information which are required by the company falls under the guideline and code of conduct[9].

Globalization bring a enormous change in the buying aspect, as it drives the focus of the marketing team of the organization to a self service aspect which force the consumer to look for the most best suited product with key specific feature with additional other feature which forces them to go for the product. Labeling and packaging is used for physical protection where the product or the objects is covered or enclosed in the package which is required or needed the protection from the key mechanical shock, vibration or other keys aspect such as temperature or compression. Information transmission also considered to be of the most common uses which are included in the packaging[10]. Marketing is also considered to be one of the significant phenomena where the labeling and packaging plays a vital role which is used by the marketer to enhance and encourage the potential buyer to buy the product. Product graphics and physical appearance of the product plays a significant role in determine or providing developing area in the recent times. Convenience is one of the important uses of packaging and labeling as it helps to add the important feature which helps in the key distribution, sales, opening and overall ease of the disposal.


Barrier protection is considered to be one of the major roles in determine the overall wellness of the product. Security is one of the major reasons for the good packaging and labeling as it create a sense of awareness regarding the product and avoid the mis representation of the product which misleads the consumer regarding the product[11]. Piracy also stopped due to the packaging and labeling as it is now essential to provide a trademark of the company which will help to create a authenticity of the product in long run. Labeling, on the other hand helps to provide a carrier of key information about the product and their related service which is attached with the product label. Thus helps to provide the customer with key information to aid their purchase decision and also helps to improve the overall experience of utilizing the manufactured product. The key information that label consists of the arte the care and use of the production with key suggestion. The nutritional information along with product guarantees is also mentioned in the labeling of the product.


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