Marketing Management: Business Returns And Investment Essay


Describe about the Marketing Management for Business Returns and Investment.



The Victoria University MBA Degree is aimed to target the niche market of the candidates in the Melbourne Central Business District (CBD) who have bachelor’s degree and minimum 5 years of management experience. The primary objective of this program is to encourage working professional to gain expert skills and knowledge which would help them to prepare for higher managing positions in various fields.


Unique Selling Proposition:

The MBA course offered by Victoria University at present ranks among the top ten globally and among top three in Australia by CEO Magazine for its international study options, returns on investment, student diversity, exceptional professors, and small batch sizes.

Past graduates have gone on to work with multi-government bodies like United Nations.

International collaboration with France’s Neoma Business School for students exchange programs to provide learning opportunities and valuable networking.

The academicians are adjudged five star for their academic skills by Good Universities Guide.

SWOT Analysis


- Consistent ranking among the best universities in Australia as well as globally

- World class infrastructure and faculty.

- Student diversity.

- Environmental sustainability with respect to education and research.

- Location Advantage.


- Negative impact of recent report by Crime Statistics, Victoria relate to in-campus violence and sexual harassments.

- Various controversies occurred in the recent times due to their system error.

- Higher course fees.


- The university has the opportunity to grab the top spot among the Australian Universities

- Partner with more world class universities to enhance its students exchange programs.

- Opportunity to become leader integrated learning.


- Growing competition from local universities located in Melbourne.

- The rise of Chinese universities to global ranking poses a serious threat to the university.

- Threats from foreign universities aspiring to open their campuses in Australia, specifically Melbourne.

Figure: SWOT Analysis

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Vision, Mission and Strategy

Vision Statement: Consistently moving towards providing best quality in education and research through state of the art technology and faculty.

Mission Statement: To achieve number one position among the Australian universities by providing world-class infrastructure to meet the current and the future requirements in the academic curriculum.


- Employing and retaining the best faculty available in the respective fields.

- Offering best in-class infrastructure and education for local and international students.


The immigration laws need to be met before offering a student with a student visa. Australia maintains a high reputation of being stringent while issuing visas to students. Student’s thorough background study is done before processing the application and approving it. The cost for the course is kept at a competitive margin so that the university can compete with its rivals and at the same time offer international and local students with a reasonable fee structure. The basic necessary services like accommodation and food, library, transportation, safety and security, sports and fitness are well taken care of.


- Corporate Social Responsibility: Victoria University has partnered with Western Health to encourage combined endeavor in health and welfare of the people of Melbourne. It has also collaborated with City West Water to support research alliance in the field of water and sustainability.

- Sports: Victoria University has partnered with Western Bulldogs to promote sports and recreation, financial and social welfare of the community of Melbourne. It is in strategic partnership with Australian Sports Commission to promote sports in Australia.

- Research and Education: The university has many strategic alliance with various renowned universities for research and development, namely Hanoi University (Vietnam), Lithan Hall Academy (Singapore), Sunway College (Malaysia).


The two major competitors of Victoria University for MBA in Melbourne City Business Districts are Melbourne School of Business and La Trobe University. Melbourne School of Business offers MBA degree program for duration of 1 year with a tuition fees of $85,700 for both local and international students ( 2016). La Trobe University offers MBA degree for duration of 1.5 years for full time and 4 years for part time with tuition fee of $53,250 ( 2016).Victoria University offers the MBA degree for the duration of 1.5 years for the course fee of $56,400. The Melbourne School of Business gives a tough competition to Victoria University on the basis of its consistent track record of being the number one status by employers in Asia Pacific region ( 2016).

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