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Guests at the restaurant must always be treated properly. There are many places where the same etiquettes are not followed properly. The hospitality should be to such an extent that the guest feels like at home. It is needed to be done so that the person comes back to the same hotel. There are many intricacies and functional liabilities to access this problem and thus there is a need of effective planning and management.

What is a good job?

Good job is essential for all. In a hotel, good job shall refer to the rightful helping and the warmth conferred to the guest. The guest is the most welcomed person in the hotel. He or she is the one who shall bring in the revenue for the hotel. Thus it must be seen that the customer is completely pleased so this must be done as soon as possible.

How long this must take?

As soon as the person enters the hotel all the staffs must ensure that the customers receive proper services. Actually as per the management standards the services must start before the person is in the folds of the host.

There must be no mistake in the hospitality. The hospitality and the welcome department must be warm and prompt. Often it is seen that while serving the guest the people linger and waste time. Yet the truth is that prompt service is always encouraged. Say for example as soon as the person comes in, there must be a person to be predisposed for him or her. He or she must not find the place boring or less interesting. The total atmosphere and the surroundings must be made interesting for the guest of the hotel. Another fact of the system is that the atmosphere of the place is created not only by the lights and aroma but also by the people. The people of the restaurant must be trained enough to handle people effectively. The main problems that happen with most of the restaurants are that the people there are not trained with the tenets of management of people in the place. They treat them either harshly or they are too timid to interact. Both the concerns are not good for a company to shine out. The requirement is of a good and amicable person at the table. The service must not be just a service but must be the place to comeback every time.

Role of a leader in the sector

We have a notion that when in politics there is a need of a leader and the rest are all the same. Yet the truth is that there is a requirement of a leader in every sector of life. The leader shall make sure that hospitality is served in a proper way (Hall, 1962). A good leader is the one who can control others to his fold and can also enjoy the trust and sympathy of the guests. The leader is that person who shall guide the followers through thick and thin and thus create a universal path. The leader’s role thus is immense and important in this field as well!


It is important to determine the sustainability of the process. If the process is good but not seen properly then it is deemed to be non-sustained and rejected. Thus the process of management must be straight forward.

“Depending on the above factors the following organizational management plan is to be enumerated”.


This is a great constraint. If the procedure is incorrect then all the things done are amiss. Thus the procedure is dividing and thwarted. This creates a gap between the two reasons.

The procedure states that:

Root Organizational Unit

1. Staff Assignment

2. Creating Jobs

3. Creating Positions

4. Assigning Jobs to Positions

5. Assigning Users to positions

6. Assigning Task

If this is maintained then the country shall get a edge. The procedure must be done with ease.

Goal and objectives

The goal of this service is to increase the rush in the hotel and at the same time please them at the highest level. The hotel can only be a branded if the workers in here are honest and collaborative. The main goal of this research is to figure out how to manage the hospitality and establish a quick and good workflow in the office alias (Leading the team organization: How to create an enduring competitive advantage, 1993). If the above concept is ensured then the hotel shall gain a lot and if the hotel remains like stated then there shall be chance of extra money through increment on profits. At the same time this shall provide employment as well.

Procedure distribution

The moment the organization gets a root organization chart, the tasks for the same are assigned and the organizational work is triggered. One must be sure of the successes of the full course. As soon as the motive is taken up the company it assigns the job to the individuals. The individuals must be brought from a selected sector of the society through several interviews and on the speck of experiences. After the recruitment of the people in the service sector all the other jobs are created. Say for example if an institution has more than one job to be done, then the task must be divided. Thus there is a scope to create the new openings and the new people can flock into the same. After the main work of creating the jobs and creation of the other positions are done the assignments of the same are to be offered and the full thing is to be submitted as well. This is very important as the assignment must be allocated to the prefect man as the others might spoil the broth.

This shall increment the condition of the HR in this place. Organizational planning and staffing helps to produce the fundamental framework required for a modern managerial plan. It also helps to imitate the arrangement and HR milieu of enterprise.

In order to provide excellent services the following tasks must be done. Thus it is now clear that the management of the system can be dependent on others’.

Management of the present task: the sequential order

In light of the aforesaid processes these tasks must be done.

1. As the guest enters the restaurant there must be people at his service. He or she must be tended with care and the seat must be conferred. The person must be ably and amply greeted.

2. Then the services must be divided among people in the hotel. There are a lots of services like being at the table waiting for the man, taking the order, preparing the right quality foods, serving the dishes, taking the dish away. There are many more in between. Thus the tasks must be divided and distributed among the others for better service.

3. It must be seen by the leader that the task is accomplished properly. As the customer enters the hotel he must be given a seat in the hotel. A glass of water must be offered. The order of the person is to be taken with diligence and utmost support must be provided. The details regarding the food products and the making of the same must be disclosed properly and in details. It must be made sure that the customer does not feel no eeriness and isolation in the hotel.

4. After the order is taken, the rest of the officials must be attended by an “at waiting” service. There must be a person at the table of the guest so that he feels he is not neglected. The behavior and the benevolence of the waiter must be trained and polished. The quality of the restaurant shall be evident from the people who are the face of the hotel make sure that the customers in the hotel are happy.

5. The next thing that follows is the quality of the food. If the hospitality and the quality of the food are good then the customer shall flock in the hotel again and again. Thus the hospitality must be given a special care. The food must be hygienically prepared and the taste must be good. Special aroma shall increase the appeal. There can be some special dishes that are special for this restaurant and are not found anywhere in the city.

6. The end product of this process is that when the person leaves, he or she must leave with a good impression in his or her mind (Tanji, 2014). If the mind is disrupted then the person shall never come back. Thus the waiter and the client must be both aware of each other and there is a chance of his return again.

7. There must be a detailed contact with the customers. This can be accomplished through sending occasional offer services and SMS alert to the contact numbers. This shall symbolize that there is a constant contact between the two poles and this can make the customer much more attracted to the hotel.

Pros and cons of the ideas

The main pros of the hospitality management are that the people make a relationship with the restaurant. The taste and the aroma of the hotel must tickle the incoming people and this shall increase their appetite. The presence of well behaved and good mannered people shall increase the appeal of the hotel to a great extent. This might also be lucrative in the long run.

The cons can be enumerated by the availability of good customer service. If the person at the hotel gets a bad treatment then the total thing shall be in dismal array. The customer who is distraught shall not promote the service but demote the same and that shall be absolutely bad for the hotel. Thus as a person can be the face of the hotel, the same can be the destructor of the fame as well. Thus there is too much dependence on individuals which can be harmful as well.

SOP: Standard operating procedure

Processes: The hospitality of the guests is the main concern. It is said repeatedly in the prior paragraphs that the services must start at the time when the customer enters the hotel and shall continue even after he leaves. The goal is to make sure that the customer definitely returns. There must be a great relationship between the customer and the waiter.

The requirement of the physical resources: The man power is requisite along with a great hotel. There must be a proper establishment where people shall come in to eat a brisk thing. There must be a place where the people can sit and talk.

Human resources: The entire management of a hotel is dependent on its human resource which must be good. The people who are coming to visit the hotel must be reliable and they must be sure to work hard. They must be waiting at the table with decency.

Performance standard: The first condition is that the staffs must greet the customers and then there must be a strong relation between the waiter and the customer. The food must be best and the restaurant must be well decorated.

The above research was presented to the ABC group of hotels and associates, one of the leading chain restaurant holders in the city and abroad. They wanted expansion yet they were finding no way out. There were no stones unturned and all the re requisite measures are required.

The ABC group took the details of the planning and accordingly implemented the same. The results were really startling. There are so many new customers revisiting with the suggestion that the waiters must be benevolent and amicable. They must be felt like home (Tanji, 2014).

The processes helped the company to gain a lot of customers. The incoming customers have increased a lot. There are many people today who are coming in the restaurant bewildered by the behavior and aromatic air in the hotel. Hence the business of the company has increased.

The new procedure of workplace management is to understand and register the new customers. The regular conversation with the customers via messages has provided a lot of revisited customers. Thus the new procedure was helpful to a great extent it has also helped the company to gain a lot of new customers.

SOP service

The standard operating procedure is through the right SOP service. The SOP provides the detailed requirements and the detailed analysis of the customers. It also analyzes the waiter and helps them to act as per the analysis. The SOP services help in incrementing the total income to a huge extent.

SOP is based on three kinds of information structures. These three are characteristics and key figures with the time base.

How shall SOP characters effect the quality assurance

This is the most vital question as the quality assurance must be provided to the people. If the SOP is done on the basis of the characteristics, then it is easier to handle. The dishes must be clean and so must be the food. The SOP shall help in creating a long term relationship with the customers that will indirectly benefit the company.


Today there are many hotels that provide great services to their customers. The distribution of space is most important and so is the behavior. Managing the patterns shall be very lucrative. The modern hotel world is planning for every aspect of their hotel. The customer base must also be planned for the betterment of the hotel. Thus the outcome shall be effective in all aspects. The SOP service also manages the investment of the hotel. This might help the hotel to gain a lot for future development. The staffs and the managers of the hotel also must make sure that they provide customer service and at the same time provide high quality food so that all the customers leave happily and at the same time they feel like coming back again and again. This will ultimately increase the profit and the overall reputation of the company.

There are many problems that might arise from the mentioned situations. Here the possibilities of the problem are analyzed.

Documentation: it was seen that the things were disorganized and highly incomplete. This is a serious problem for any institution. In the modern marketing standards everything must be documented. If there is no record then the past incidents cannot be traced and the company shall be in total disarray when there is a requirement of the past track record of the hotel. Less or no documentation also imply that there can be the cases of corruption within the hotel. There can be cheating and all other kinds of mishaps that aim at the loss of the hotel all together. Documentation is an essential part of the total process of planning. There can be many more issues relating to this fault.

Lack of RSA signage: this means that there are no records regarding the visit and exit of the employees. This is an absolute obnoxious and unforgiving thing. One cannot afford to be so irresponsible. If there are no records again there can be no trace of any past mishap or mislead. There are no records as to when the people have come to work and when did they go off. The programs for the staffs were nonexistent that means the hotel was running bereft of proper planning. Thus it did not advance in terms of services and profit.

Cashier balances not in balance: if the scales of the cashier are not in balance then one can sure of the fact there were fishy things in the whole matter. The cash scales are the centre of the profit for the hotel, issues with this place shall mean that everything was dismal in here.

The declining bar takings: this means that the customers were dislocating themselves from the bar. People were not coming to the hotel and that implies something serious. This needs a good solution in immediate terms.

High customer complaints: if the customers complain then they shall not come the second time and that shall mean the declining profit balance. If the customers have the grievances then they shall not recommend the place to others and that mean the publicity shall be harmed. Eventually the customer complaint shall finish up the total business.

Irregular staff: any process stands on two poles: the staff and the customer. If both of the same are not in their position then what is the need of that institution to stay on? The basic condition of the hotel was likewise. No one liked the place and the employees were very disconcerted about the development of the position. Thus they neglected their task which meant this condition.

There are many problems and Harry has pointed them all. The first issue that he shall try to solve is the customer grievance issue.

He shall first try to make the condition of the bar much better than what it has been. He shall ensure that the people who come in the bar feel at home. The comfort must be doubled and the work force must be agile and happy. They must have the happiness to work and serve so that they confer the same to the customers. Thus harry shall first have a good group who shall listen to his orders and shall be happy go like and helpful. Then he would try to increment the condition of the food and beverages found in here. The basic things must be resolved before the call for the customers increase. Then he should give some advertisements of the new opening and there must be some initial discounts to attract a flow of people. As the people comes in Harry shall personally tend everyone and try to give an ear to all. He shall try to take the suggestions and bring about the changes. He shall keep in a constant contact with the people who come in to eat and pass their time. He shall not allow stone unturned. He shall go to all extents to solve the issues regarding the customer problem and shall make the place a hub in a few months.

As per the opinion of the modern management gurus Harry must take the opinion of others. He should consult the people who have silvered their hairs in this line as regards the ways to come out of the grotesque problems. He must resort to the experiences of the people he thinks to be demanding of the honor. Yet this must be till the suggestion level. He must not take them to the controlling board. There only harry must be the sole decider. Yet in the initial stages he must take the helps of the erudite people for further knowledge and better enlightenment. Harry must also take the suggestions from some prime customers that he knows personally. In any case these must be still the suggestion level;. Harry must decide on himself what the best is.

Yes Harry must make a total planning document. Every planning has two parts, namely the implementation and the planning part. The first must have theoretical endeavor. This means that every bit of the things done and though after must be documented. The failure and the lack of the documentation is an important part of the whole work. Thus in this case everything must be in record.

The workplace records shall be in two parts. One shall be the thought and the other the stats. Harry must first notify what he is thinking the best and how is he aiming at achieving the same. He must make a complete homework of the strategies and that must be penned in the detail. Nothing must be done on spontaneity. After the quoting is done and the documentation is done too, there are the chances of the further increments. The documents shall be the best guide. Besides it shall also show the future generation how the former ones solved their problems. Harry must not neglect writing and concocting down every bit of the teaching he offers.


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