Marketing Concept Enhance And CSR Essay


Discuss about the Marketing Concept Enhance and CSR.



Red Cross is an Australia based Ngo who has taken up marketing as their tool to raise money for their social work. Their devoted themselves in working for the most vulnerable people and the communities around Australia and in an international level. The firm follows marketing concept that enhance the CSR. There shop is divided broadly into a two categories which are online shops and Red Cross. Only some handpicked products are made available in the Online Shop that IS fitted in every occasion. Whenever someone purchases any product from the Red Cross, the profit goes to the fund that is utilized in ensuring comfort for the needy ( 2017).

On the other hand, the volunteers in the Red Cross Shops sell the donated cloths, home wears, accessories. The money made out of it goes to the Red Cross fund for humanitarian activities. This fund is channelized properly and helps the team to provide emergency services during disaster, conduct supporting program for the aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities, Clean water for communities throughout Australia, provide healthy breakfast to more than thousands of homeless Australian kids every day, keep regular check on the elder persons’ health condition and regulate campaign both with and outside the boundaries of Australia ( 2017).

Relationship with customers by Billabong

Billabong is an e-commerce that specifically targets the youth of the society. The company sells garments for both men and women. The company Billabong promotes various information on different sports like, surfing skiing and skating. Their website is comprised of their products and these promotional videos of these sports and the models. Though the models wear the company cloths in the videos and this is also a way of promoting their products, they consistently fail in highlighting their products and often focus on the sports. However, there are little available on their products which restricts the company to build relationship with their customer. They utilize social networking to its maximum possibilities but the above mentioned areas that needs to be modified. For this, there is little information available of the products that are verified by the public. It makes the customers doubt the products and get a second thought before purchasing as they obviously cannot trust the quality of the products. The need to focus on using these networks on providing product details to their customers ( 2017). It should also be utilized in getting customer feedbacks about their products. The experience of the customers also needs promotion that will self promote the products of the company. They should make the sell attractive by rewarding the prime customer, giving discount, gift cards and other innovative ideas. On to it, they can also ask the customers using their products some photographs and broadcast the images on their website that can potentially increase the customers’ value. Moreover, the company should start a 24*7 customer support helpline to attain their customers.

Comparison of market segmentation: Woolworths, Aldi and Coles Supermarkets

The organizational marketing strategies largely depended on its marketing segmentation. The author has chosen Woolworths, Aldi and Coles Supermarkets in order to determine their comparative market segmentation.

This successful retailer company mainly focuses on the lower income groups from suburban or rural area. They also offer nature friendly low price products to its customers ( 2017). The company does not give much importance to brand awareness as they believe the customers prefer quality and cheaper price over brands. Such apps like offers simple product list for their customers. The company’s main vision is to provide the customer guaranteed low price and top quality products. They build close relationship withal the customer segments in order to identify their problems to apply best strategies. However the company does not invest much on its promotional activities and saves cost in marketing as well.

Woolworths is the most famous supermarket chain in Australia that aims every consumer groups by their diverse range of products in multiple geographical locations. The company is significant contributor the country’s economy by their huge revenue. The company gives equal importance to freshness as well as the quality of the products ( 2017). Their online app is quite popular as they invest huge money for promoting their brand and services. The customer satisfaction really high for th 2015)e company as it provides cost effective products with rewards or gifts. The company invests millions and hundreds number of new employees at regular intervals to ensure quality service and customer efficiency. The company is aware of the competitive presence of its competitors in the Australian market. They claim that their new value and pricing strategy will surpass the effect of Aldi and Coles’s impact on their sales ( the company also takes special care about their revenue as they will rebalance their expenditure between new stores and old store refurbishments.

Coles Supermarkets

Wesfarmers owned Retailer Company also aims all segments of customers. The company applies business strategies as acquisition of other brands that helps it to become more acceptable. They own mayer Stores, Fosseys, Katies, Grace Broters, K-mart and Target. Even if other fail to contribute significantly, company like Target or Kmart adds a sustainable profit in their business. The company also offers regular discounts on public holidays which help it to sustain a loyal customer base ( 2017). The company has been investing more on their promotional advertisements that shows their stress on effective marketing. Their ‘Down Down’ campaign was a huge success (Moran 2017). Their specially designed products for the cancer survivors are also significant for establishing their reputation in the market. However the company does not focus much on quality product or health benefits which causes a negative impact on their overall business. The company is also struggling with meeting their profit margin.

The assessment of their overall market segmentation, the following ranking can be considered:

Rank of the Organization

Name of the organization.




Coles Supermarkets



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