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As part of the annual fiesta organized by Beauty, this year the company plans to take its employees on an extravagant trip to the magical destination of Dubai. The seven days trip will commence from 20th November 2017 and end on 26th November 2017. We hope to offer a remarkable experience through this trip to all he employees. In keeping with the reputation of Dubai as the most preferred lifestyle destination in the world we presume that this trip will indeed be a treat to the eyes and something to watch out for and help to further strength the bonding and inter-personal relationship among the employees (Antony et al., 2015).

Dubai, being the hotspot of tourists with over 15 million footfalls to its captivating life and aura, Beauty has zeroed on this location for treating its employees with an opportunity of experiencing and indulging in the luxury and opulence of its grandeur. The trip will comprise of an exclusive opportunity to spend in quality time with your family thereby providing a sneak peek into the gorgeous and amazing life of Dubai. Employees who are interested to participate in this gala event are hereby requested by the company to register themselves for the trip within the stipulated time. Registration for this extravaganza will commence three months prior to the scheduled trip from 1st August 2017 and close until 8th August 2017. Forms will be circulated among the employees in the specified time and we are expecting overwhelming responses. Employees are also requested to state their eagerness as early as possible in order to avoid the last minute hurry. Any responses after the closure of registration deadline will not be accepted. We are aiming to address the rejuvenation of the mind and body of the employees through these visits alongside refreshments thereby allowing them to improve their work performance after returning from the trip. We firmly believe that a happy mind is the key to success in performance at workplace (Jones, 2014).

The company plan to invest a bulk time for the employees to indulge in shopping and entertainment. Another renowned and popular attraction of Dubai may be acknowledged to its shopping stores and lifestyle zones and we will create feasible opportunities for the employees at Beauty to engage in shopping spree and satisfy their requirements. Company will bear the cost of visits to these places inclusive of the entry fee, food and lodging at the hotels. However, the additional expense like that of shopping will be considered as personal expenditures and the employee will be liable for paying it. We heavily encourage our employees to take out their kids in this trip as we are holding exclusive offers and surprises especially for them that will be disclosed only at the venue (Morrison, 2013).

We are planning to call of the trip on a spiritual note, by arranging a visit to the Grand Mosque; that in itself is a spectacular architecture to witness. Hence, the employees will get a scope to sign off their trip on a happier and religious note with a blend of spirituality. Beauty aims to live up to the expectations of its employees by making arrangements for paying visit to these distinguished places of interest relevant to Dubai that will feed both the mind and soul of the employees and enable them to spend quality time with their family and colleagues in an unprecedented way. Seven days of pure merriment and relaxation is what we are intending to gift our precious employees. A weeklong bliss is ensured for those who are willing to grab this chance.

The plan of the trip as conceived by the company will be of the following nature. However, alterations in the plan might occur depending upon circumstances. On the very first day, we will take you to the world famous Jumeirah beach to experience the coastal life. We are reserving the second day for visit to the shopping malls and lifestyle zones in Dubai. The third and fourth day of the trip will comprise of visits to entertainment parks and amusement zones. On the fifth day we will be going to the Grand mosque to experience the spiritual side of Dubai. During the entire course of the trip, all lodging and accommodation will be done in a lavish and supremely rated hotel located in the heart of the city of Dubai and having all the luxuries and amenities that cater to the needs of the guests. We sincerely strive to make this experience immensely satisfying and something to cherish in the days to come for our dear employees and their families.

The event management team of Beauty is entrusted with the responsibility of conducting and making necessary plans and arrangements pertaining to this much awaited trip. Ting Siew Hui, the head of the event organizer will communicate with the employees from time to time regarding the latest updates and the detailed itinerary for the proposed trip. Therefore, the purpose of the highly anticipated Dubai trip will be to motivate the employees through plethora of opportunities presented to them in the form of fun, frolic and enjoyment by means of the week long fiesta. We sincerely hope that everyone associated with Beauty will benefit from this trip through rejuvenation of their spirits and utilization of optimum creative efforts that will culminate in increased productivity thereby paving the way for success and growth of the company. We all are looking forward to this trip and awaiting the responses of all ends concerned after the completion of the trip (Zohuri & Moghaddam, 2017).


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