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Discuss about the Marketing and Management for Promoting the Product.



This report has been developed on the concept of the marketing and management. In this context, this study has highlighted the promotional activity for the promotion of spring water in NSW and Victoria States. Tropical spring water is famous for supplying of bottle water to the residential market. In addition, this study is also helpful in the discussion of the several market legislations as well as the ethical principles in order to evaluate the activities for the promotional program. On the other hand, this report has been also aimed to the target group to promote the proposed activities. As a result, a relevant event has been planned for the promotion. Instead of this, this report is beneficial to understand the usefulness of advertisement. Moreover, in this study, the purpose of the promotion of new vacuum cleaner by Sydney appliances has been discussed.

Identification of the short term promotional activity to promote ‘Spring water’

As per the case study, it is known that spring water has lower investment in the business. Therefore, Adeyinka-Ojo, Khoo-Lattimore and Nair (2014) mentioned that this organisation could opt for personal selling for the short-term promotional activity.

Determination of the overall objectives for the promotional activity

In this sequence, it can be stated that the objectives of personal selling is to increase the total sales of their products. In this respect, the owners of this organisation can aim to the greater communication skill with the consumers.

List three individuals or groups to determine the overall promotional objectives

In order to determine the overall promotional objectives successfully, the managers aimed to supply their bottles of water initially to their relatives, friends that they can inform to the other about their service of the business. Next, for the advertisement, they can provide pamphlets to the crowded place that most of the people are able to know about this business.

Reasons to satisfy the selected the promotional methods to achieve the marketing requirements of the organisations

In this case study, personal selling has been selected as the promotional method, Grabara (2013) supported that this will be beneficial for the organisation as the managers can meet with the consumers physically and can state about the valuation of the product. They can also solve the queries of the consumers as per their requirements.

Identification of the resource requirements to identify the promotional activity and prepare a budget

As per the statement of Hall, Timothy and Duval (2012), the physical and financial resources are necessary for the promotional activity. The managers need to have reliable knowledge about the service of the product, which is assumed to be helpful for personal selling. On the other hand, financial resources are required for the advertisement and publicity. In this consequence, a budget has been prepared in the following:

List of the promotional activities

Monthly budget



Printing of pamphlets


Raw materials


Cost of delivery


Table 1: Relevant budget for manufacture

1.b.i. Brief explanation of the legislations

As per the privacy act, it can formulate the procedure of personal data, which can be regulated by the company. In the words of Hollensen (2015), privacy legislation in Victoria and NSW, has been included as the section of maintenance of information of the management practices.

Anti discrimination legislation implies the ethics on the consumer’s right, which are treated in an equivalent manner. On the other hand, codes of practice can acquire the level of health and the safety, which are necessary for the promotional activity. These legislations are required to the advertisers that they cannot discuss the ethical data of the individuals.

Discussion of the ethical principles

According to Hutt and Speh (2012), ethical principles are necessary to construct the consumer loyalty. Therefore, the company can maintain a long-term relationship with the consumers to make the business successful and can acquire a greater market share in the market place. In addition, the company needs to recruit most relevant and efficient personnel who are willing to work with the company. On the other hand, the workers also require to maintain the ethical responsibility in the work place. This will also prove their capacities and efficiencies. Nevertheless, the business needs to avoid the legal issues.

List of activities, which can accomplish the selected promotional activity

In case of personal selling promotional activities, the management of spring water needs to keep the objectives of their business in their mind. The manager can adopt specific selling technique, that they can convince to their consumers and the consumers are willing to take the service. After their consideration of taking of this service, the manager needs to arrange a review from the consumers and this will be beneficial to improve the promotional activities of this company in future.

Discussion regarding the allocated roles and responsibilities of the personnel

In the points of Kotler et al. (2015), in case of role performed by the workers, they need to aim to the selling plan. Based on this, they can construct an ideal goals and time schedule. In case of reluctant to take the service, the employees do not need to force the consumers and need to respect their decisions.

Identification of the target group for the promotional activity

As stated before, the target group for this promotional activity are identified as those consumers who are looking for this service. In addition, the company needs to target those households of NSW and Victoria, where the consumers can maintain a long-term relationship with this organisation.

Discussion about the importance of the development of the relationship with target group

In order to discuss the necessities of the relationship development with the target group, Laesser and Baritelli (2013) opined that the market needs to be highly attractive and the target market needs to be crowded that most of the consumers are able to know about the service. After that, this company choose these households as the target group, as the cost of deliveries will be lower.

Recommendation of a strategy to develop networking to promote the promotional event

In this section, it can be stated that development of the networking strategy can be constructed by taking of training from the mentors; this will improve the promotional event. After that, the organisation requires to recruit an accountant, who will be able to deal with the direct selling activities. Moreover, with the help of the networking activity, the requirements for the business can be estimated.

Discussion of the networking activity to help promote the product

In this discussion, Morgan (2012) mentioned that networking activity is helpful to print the pamphlets, posters in order to promote a product. In addition, this will also reflect to advertise in the local newspapers. Magazines have the benefit to target the definite consumers who are seeking to take this service. Moreover, the company can take the help of social networking sites for promoting the product.

Preparation of an report

As per the case study, it has been known that due to the breaking of plumbing and the power outage, the authority of the venue cancels the bookings for the chosen dates. As a result, the marketing coordinator sent an apologise mail to the venue authority. The marketing coordinator said that he was sorry for the incident and assures that these unfavourable situations would not be occurred in the future. Therefore, the coordinator pleaded to the venue authority to relocate the place on the same place and same date.

Background of the advertisement

The advertisement was telecasted in order to promote the service of women’s beauty product. The advertisement was showed in the renowned Australian news channel, namely ABC (Morrison 2013). As it is a popular news channel, most of the residents watch this channel. Therefore, the beauty product manufacturing company has targeted to telecast their advertisement in this channel in order to get a huge response.

Identification of the strength and weakness of the advertisement


  • Promotion of new product in the Australian market
  • Expand the demand in the market
  • Increase the overall sales volume
  • Higher employment opportunity


  • Increase of the company’s cost structure
  • Avoidance of the social valuation
  • Puzzle to the buyers

Effectiveness of the advertisement

Based on the analysis, it can be stated that advertisement is the activity, which can make an attention to the public. It provides the consumers the necessary information about the products and the consumers can identify whether the product is suitable for them or not. Moreover, the response from the consumers can increase the overall business sales of the product. Therefore, the company can earn higher profitability (Wilson and Gilligan 2012).

Constructive feedback for future direction

Feedback is an important factor for an organisation’s workforce. Constructive feedback is useful to the manager to identify the activity of the organisation. It is a necessary factor, which can determine the performance of the business.

Designing the presentation on the new vacuum cleaner

Being the marketing manager of Sydney appliances, he provides the necessary information regarding the promotion of this new product. In this segmentation, the marketing manager stated that this newly launched vacuum cleaner is able to turn off its roller of the brush. Therefore, the utilisation level of this specific type will be increased. In addition, it has retractable cord, which helps the customers to retract automatically. Moreover, the height of the vacuum cleaner is adjustable. This is beneficial for the users as it allows the customers to raise for the higher carpets automatically and vice versa. As a result, the company has decided the cost of this specific model is $4500.

b. Deliver of the presentation to the target audience for new product

The company has identified the consumers who are looking for cleanliness in their households, as the target audience. Moreover, who are not satisfied with the service of the previous vacuum cleaner company, they will be the target consumers.

c. Discuss the evaluation procedure to observe the effect of promotional activity

In order to evaluate the effect of the promotional activity, Morgan (2012) mentioned that the sales of the vacuum cleaner is quite impressive. This will earn the higher return from the business. This proves that the consumers are satisfied with the service of this particular vacuum cleaner manufacturing company. After the survey and after receiving the responses from the consumers, it can be observed that consumers are highly looking for the products.


This report is helpful to estimate the promotion activity of a newly opened small business. In this context, this study has discussed the justification of choosing of the particular promotion strategy. In addition, this study is also helpful to estimate the strength and weakness of advertisement for a particular product. In this respect, some important questionnaires have been discussed. On the other hand, this study has focused to the market strategy of a newly manufactured vacuum cleaner in the market.


In order to promote a new product, the advertisement has played an important role. In case of opening up of new business such as spring water, they need to promote their products through advertisement to get more successful outcome. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner manufacturing company can also aim to the price of the product that all of the consumers are able to purchase the product.


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