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The organization has efficiency implemented the marketing concepts in its operations. It is one of the biggest charity clothing recyclers in Australia with more than 20 retail stores and several clothing bins. The Smith family had helped Australians with food and clothing facilities during the depression in 1920 and 1930. It runs a “learning for life program” through which it helps the disadvantaged children of Australia by providing them financial support for their education ("Australian Children's Charity | The Smith Family", 2017).

The Smith Family Recycle Operation is a part of Smith family non- profit organization that involves the recycling division. As the association keeps on delivering reused and new garments, footwear and adornments, the association uses great marketing and advertising system that guarantees that these items are moving as they are being created. The profit they seek is the amount received from the sales of its recycled products. This recycling activity was begun with the point of making some income stream for social work. A decent marketing arrangement utilized by the organization guarantees that the association gets a decent measure of the income, which is utilized that helps the organization in keeping the operational costs relatively lower. Through marketing system, the group has popularized the association's products that has brought about huge sales and a high income for the association that are visible in their financial statements ("Australian Children's Charity | The Smith Family", 2017).

The website of Billabong offers detailed information regarding the surfing, skating and skiing industries however, it provides very less information related to its products. Yes, this helps Billabong to establish good relationships with its target customers because it provides one stop solution to the customers who are interested in surfing, skating and skiing. The customers who are interested in these sports activities can visit the Billabong website in order to plan the activities and purchase the perfect attire for the event ("Choose Your Experience | Billabong", 2017).

Nestle announced the launch of “Nescafe Gold Organic” in Australia on May 17, 2017. The coffee was introduced for the Australians who love organic coffee. The Nescafe Gold Organic is rich in aroma and has an extra ordinary smooth taste. The coffee is made up of Arabica coffee beans that have been grown and harvested by certified farmers in the region of Peru. The coffee beans are grounded and roasted in order to obtain a soluble coffee that has extraordinary taste and richness. The company has emphasized upon the sourcing of coffee beans in a sustainable manner and without causing any harm to the environment ("Australia wakes up to NESCAF? Gold Organic coffee", 2017).

The product targets the Australian youth who are health conscious and are aware about the chemical processes that the conventional coffee passes through. Since, the price of organic coffee is higher than that of the conventional coffee, the company shall target the people with higher income. The company mainly targets the coffee lovers and the individuals who love visiting coffee shops in search of healthy and tasty coffee (Jaffee, 2016).

Yes, I think they will be successful because organic coffee has several health benefits attached to it. Organic coffee helps in reducing the risks of chronic diseases and helps in in extending one’s life span. Additionally, organic coffee helps in improving the environment as they are grown sustainably. Organic coffee is grown by certified farmers and it is free from chemical contamination. Another major reason behind the success of Nescafe Gold Organic shall be the favorable changes in the tastes and preferences of the Australians (Ibanez & Blackman, 2016). The Australians have become more health conscious and aware about the chemical contaminations in the conventional coffee that shall help the shift of customers from conventional coffee to organic coffee.

If a company is interested in estimating the distribution of income in Northern Territory or New Zealand’s North island, it can use either parametric estimation or non- parametric estimation. The estimation involves identifying the income inequalities and poverty and comparing between the inequality and poverty in the different areas (Byrne, 2016). Parametric estimation shall be appropriate as it shall facilitate subsequent inferences regarding the inequality and poverty measures by combining regional as well as national distribution.

Unilever has efficiently utilized segmented marketing approach in order to marketize their products. Unilever has divided its products into several categories such as food products, home and personal care products, soaps and detergents, beverages and ice cream. The company as efficiently utilized demographic variables such as income, age and gender in order to marketize its products. The company has analyzed and studied the lifestyle of the customers in order to satisfy the needs and requirements of the customers. It has divided the market into break segment, impulse segment and take home segment. The break statement includes products that act as a snacks during the breaks. The impulse segment includes the products that are purchased out of impulse. The take home segment comprises of the essential items that are purchased by a large number of customers from supermarkets and retail stores ("Unilever global company website | Unilever Global", 2017).

P&G has designed its marketing strategies according to the product segments. P&G has 5 segments in which it operates. The segments involve home care, baby and family care, beauty and feminine care, grooming and healthcare. The company targets its customers by using segment marketing after understanding the needs and preferences of the segmented markets. The basic effective factor for this organization is that it did the remarkable market division. Market segmentation a popular promoting procedure that incorporates dividing the clients, who have the same kind of needs and requirements. At that point, the organization accords these comparable needs and wants in order to plan the reasonable manufactures for them. The organization not only gives the diverse products class, but also presents distinctive brands in a similar product classification ("Home", 2017). For instance, the organization has the home care, baby and family care, beauty and feminine care, grooming and healthcare section. These portions give the distinctive capacity to their buyers to fulfill their want. Moreover, the P&G organization did the separated showcasing in some particular fields. For instance, the P&G organization not just deals with a few brands in the powder field (Bold, Dash, Tide, etc), yet in addition gives these powders distinction capacities. A large number of clients purchase the washing powder for cleaning their garments. Nonetheless, the clients likewise trust that the powders have some particular capacities. For example, a few clients may buy the powders relying upon their cheap value, another clients may concentrate on the detergent, cleansing agent or freshness on garments.

PepsiCo utilizes positioning strategies and market segmentation strategies appropriately. It targets more than one client section in the meantime with various items or administration bundles. For instance, Pepsi-Cola has positioned itself as soft drink that tastes great and has an enjoyably reviving effect. In any case, Pepsi-Cola contains a high measure of sugar and it is not suitable for clients that are worried about wellbeing ramifications of consuming carbonated soda drinks. For this particular client section, PepsiCo offers Diet Pepsi that has been positioned as a soft carbonated drink. Diet Pepsi contains very less amount of sugar contrasted with Pepsi-Cola and other sodas. It is essential to determine that PepsiCo portfolio contains 22 brands including Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Lay's, Tropicana and others. There are a few contrasts among brands inside PepsiCo portfolio as far as their dietary esteem, valuing, packaging and so forth and these distinctions affect the position of the brands of PepsiCo ("PepsiCo's Global Websites", 2017).

According to the market segmentation of the above three companies, Unilever shall hold the first position, P&G with second rank and PepsiCo with third rank. The companies can further segment its market based upon the past sales in a particular region so that they can focus upon a particular product on a particular region and increase their sales. The companies can further study the needs and preferences of the customers by conducting several surveys and can segment the market accordingly.

The worldwide demographic trends have largely affected the opportunities for international marketing. A portion of the demographic trends on the planet today incorporate the demand patterns, supply patterns, and external variables. These patterns, in one way other influence the execution of international marketing (Armstrong et al., 2015). In the demand patterns, there are billions of new buyers surging up each year on the planet, therefore the requirement for worldwide products or administrations will emerge. Likewise, there are moving socioeconomics on the planet, individuals barely remain at a specific area; there is additionally ascend in digital customers where the world has become global through innovations in technologies. The modernization and center of trade are extending at a higher speed, and there is an ascent of the section of significant worth. In the supply pattern, there are more unpredictable input expenses that are necessary to be considered, and even the shortage of workers in the developing markets should likewise be considered. At long last, the external variables incorporate the adjustment in tax administrations and expanding trade protectionism. Demographic patterns and its powers militate against their support in worldwide business. In addition, achieving the global world requires solid promoting techniques and some of different patterns incorporate the snappy improvement of local exchange. The industries that have been benefitted from the baby boomers include the automobile companies such as Toyota, the food companies such as Nestle and the communication and technology companies such as Apple.


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