Manufacturer Model PC Project Essay


Describe about the Manufacturer Model PC Project?


First Part





Total Cost

Hard Disc


CORSAIR Vengeance 4GB DDR3 SODIMM 1600





Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 RAM




CD Rom

12cm is the disc size playing time 80 minutes, and audio is 2,352 bytes/ block, CD – ROM mode 2 is 840,960,000 bytes.





Intel core i3-4170T




Printer and scanner

Cannon Pixma Ink Efficient




Optical Mouse

Rapoo optical mouse




SD card

32 GB sand disc SD card for the computer




Mother Board

Intel G41 combo motherboard with the DDR3 RAM





Genius key board





LG 23 inch monitor




DVD drive

Sony SATA DVD drive




Graphics Card

4 GB graphics card of NVIDIA




Operating system

Windows 8.1 Version





Quick heal Total security antivirus





Router of D-link wireless N150 model




Internet connection

Broad band connection





Sony speaker




External Hard disc

Seagate external hard disc of 1 TB




Head phone

Frontech head phone




Total Price


Justification Part

In this justification part this is clearly seen that the price is much less, with in this price maximum of requirement are almost fulfill. So this is the big advantage of it. In this part I include the 4GB CORSAIR Vengeance DDR3 SODIMM of 1600 the quantity of this particular memory is three and as well as each of the cost are $ 48.99 so, the total cost is going to be $146.97. Then as per the requirement of high speed four eight GB DDR3 RAM is required. That’s why I purchased Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 RAM that is within the price also it can easily complete the desired goal. As per the customer requirement he also want to watch the recorded as well as live program so the desktop screen need to be slightly bigger than a general monitor size. That’s why I purchased LG 23inch monitor at the rate of 70 dollar each, and then also must to have the SD card, so I purchased a SD card of Sand disc of 32 GB for the computer only at the cost of 5 dollar each, and also must to have the high speed processor that’s why I chose the new model of the Intel I-core 3 model number of 4170T total three contain is needed and each of them are costing at the rate of 35 dollar. So this is the minimum number of requirement to watch a online movie or to watch the LIVE movie. Another important thing is the Client want to Upload, scan, edit and print the Photograph. So in this context this is clearly seen that the basic need for this context is the scanner and printer combined. So, I chose cannon Pixma Ink efficient, total requirement of this type of printer and scanner is three, and each of the printer and scanner is cost only twenty four dollar. This is the very low price. The most important thing is the internet, this is the key thing, and without internet nothing can happen so, in this internet connection have to be very well and always running manner, that’s why I have to most concentrate about this thing. In this internet connection context I have spend most of the money. I have spent five hundred dollar, for the customer satisfaction. Because of the requirement of the customer is highly depending upon the internet connection. And also I have spent 19.99 dollar for the router. The router which I chose is the D link router of the N150 wireless model. In the context of listening the high quality speaker is needed that’s why I chose for the Sony speaker each of the sonny speaker cost 20 dollar. For the recording purpose I chose a one TB external hard disc, each of the one TB hard disc cost is approx of ninth six dollar. And in general context, I chose to purchase an optical mouse the cost of this optical mouse is five dollar each, and key board of Genius Company, each of the keyboard cost is only eight dollar. The mother board which I chose for this purpose is the INTEL mother board, the model number of this kinds of mother board is INTEL G41 combo mother board with provision for the RAM of DDR3. DVD drive which I chose is the SATA DVD drive of the SONY Company. The CD Rom which I used for this computer is the disc size of 12 cm, and the time for playing is 80 minutes with addition of audio is 2,352 bytes/ block, the mode of CD- Rom 2 is 840, 960, 000 bytes. The speaker which I include to this context is Sony speaker, each of the cost of 20 dollar each. Then the inclusion of Frontech head phone, each cost is 5.99 dollar. Then came to the most important thing that is the operating system of the computer, windows 8.1 is the most secure operating system in this context of scenario, windows 8.1 is also very easy to handle. It has several features that can help the users that is why I chose windows 8.1. So in the above section this is clearly seen that the all the features that I include is mandatory to use for the achieving the ultimate goal. And also the most important thing is that customer has a peace of his mind that to not have the worry about the Virus, or spyware or malware getting into his computer.

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