"Mandarins" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Several years ago, I first looked Estonian-Georgian feature film «Mandarin» ( 'Mandariinid') director Zaza Urushadze . My first impression after seeing resulted in a great silence. Not because these half hours were spent in vain, and in the silence I pondered why I did it, and so on. The right to a place, there was silence from the effects of the serious and deep emotions. Not so long ago, reviewing "Tangerines" for the second time, I wanted to write a review on it.
Premiere took place in 2013, on the Warsaw Film Festival, where it won the award for Best Director, as well as the prize People's Choice Award. After the nominations and wins at various European and American festivals, culminating in its path were nominated for «Oscar» and «Golden Globe» in the category «Best Foreign Language film » , (in the year" Mandarins "stood on a par with « Ida » Pawlikowski and < i> «Leviathan» Zvyagintsev ). It is surprising that the film was not nominated for the musical component in any festival. But already the main theme written by Niaz Diasamidze, for me - one of the strongest in world cinema
«Tangerines" turn to the subject of the Georgian-Abkhazian war of 1992-1993.. . Though the film and talk about the events of 20 years ago, its relevance is not lost until now
In ancient Estonian village remained only 3 inhabitant - Carpenter Ivo (Lembit Ulfsak) < / i>, its neighbor Margus (Elmo Nyuganen), owner of tangerine plantations, and the doctor, Juhan (Raivo Trass), I am preparing to leave. Before they reach the small settlement of war - literally outside the windows of their homes is a clash between Georgians and Abkhazians. After the fight, survive one fighter from each side: Chechen Ahmet (fighting for Abkhazians) (George Nakashidze) and Georgians Nike (Mikhail Meskhi) . Both injured Ivo places in his house. Thus, under one roof, there were two opposing sides ...
Despite the fact that the "Mandarin" action takes place in an atmosphere of war, on the screen there is a bit of shootings and bombings. All offset by psychological stress. This strain is circulating in people with different points of view on what is happening and struggled restrained so as not to explode.
The film's director, Zaza Urushadze, did not conceive his work as a political manifesto calling desperately to stick to one or the other side of the conflict. For him (and fortunately for the viewer too) "Tangerine." - above all, a story about people, and about what happens to their humanity in situations that far exceeds their ability
In the film, the lion's share of attention to the very concept of man at war - soldiers, civilians. Fairly broad concept, I do not deny: in one work of art to reveal it completely impossible. But imagine a few looks at him succeed.
For example, the characters "Mandarin" We show that in such stressful conditions each person has their own values, something expensive, for what you can to make sacrifices.
For example, Marius still lives in the village because of its large plantations of tangerine. It's hard to leave the result of his many years of effort. And Nike has a cassette with the Georgian song «Me gadmovtsurav zgvas» Irakli Charkviani, a film which he rewinds hard throughout the film. For him it is - the memory of their mother, about the time before the war, when he was not a soldier, and actor
These important details say a lot about their humanity, more than one would say they
«Tangerines" also.. how humanity of one affects the other. So, sitting "in Estonian chair, which stands in the Estonian House" Ivo, Ahmed and Nick are difficult moral path. In the beginning, they saw each other bastards who came to their land. But then feud gradually replaced by irony, and finding a common language, which comes to the understanding that they - the people who defend what they hold dear. So be entered each. These «children's death» (as he called them, Marius) have come to a common denominator. From it they have not given up until the very end.
final episode, the main nerve that embodied Ivo tells us wisdom. Wisdom, tempered heavy events and less complex solutions. His stamina and fortitude cause undisputed respect. But to acquire these qualities in such circumstances would not wish anyone ...
«Tangerine» - an occasion once again to reflect on the urgent and painful terms, without which there is no war
9 of 10
. I recommend to view!

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