"Mandarins" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

About the film 'Tangerines' once was pleased to learn, as rarely seen a movie with the post-Soviet land, which is able to fight for the top award. And it pleased the ratings, and evaluation of the critics did not seem disappointing. Getting into the top five films, applicants for 'Oscar' - a feat that can be proud of the Estonian-Georgian cinema for sure. In general, more than anything it was not possible to know at a glance, as well. After all the impressions of the movie come to view it as an appetite during a meal
The film is based on the historical ground: Abkhazia, 1992. Year, when there was a war between Georgia and Abkhazia because of the simple and banal purpose - land.. Here live the Estonians, who moved here a long time ago, but the conflict has forced almost all to return to their historical homeland. There are only three, one of which also will soon leave their homes. Soon, an endangered farm comes war. In the house of a carpenter named Ivo are two wounded - a Chechen mercenary Nick Ahmed and Georgians - people with two fronts, the enemies of status. What to expect from this neighborhood?
conflict between two people born literally at daggers drawn. One wants to kill another immediately rushes threats left and right. And the other does not resist, do not attempt to retreat before an imminent massacre. Only old Ivo stop the slaughter in his house, forcing Chechen fulfill a vow not to kill Georgians in his house.
But over time, we understand that before us is not easy to become mortal enemies soldiers. Slowly begins disclosure of their moral and spiritual character; they are deeply religious, with their values, ideals, they have a life apart from the war. During the film they both talk about their fates, why go to war. Stories are different, but one thing unites them - the money. Chechen went for the family, and Georgians at least so corny eat. And it sounds very ugly: broken up, and the poor of the USSR made the two fraternal peoples enemies ... for the money. And whether they are worth? Are the lives of dead friends money each of the characters, because it is after an episode of a shooting at the beginning of this local conflict has matured? No, not worth it. Alludes to this at least one episode where Ahmed shares his earnings with the unfortunate planter Margus, but that they will still not take because of their bloodshed.
and ethnic issue worth considering is already extensive. In the film, there are not only these two. Will and Abkhazians, Georgians pouring mud, and Russian, did not recognize his face. But do not forget that the conflict untied in the village of Estonians. These few remaining civilians have become the epicenter of the fire accident, they were in no way involved in the war. In good, and would not get involved, but life is made. We show Ivo and Margus as a highly moral and pure people who see no reason to fight and do not understand why the fight. Old carpenter here is more moral. He, in addition to supporting the balance between the two wounded soldiers, and to leave something it does not want from a great love for the land of the Abkhaz. It was he who remains the only romantics who is worthy to hold the village. After all, being an older, graying and seemingly sullen, he does not lose faith in humanity. He also has become the main virtue of this parable. The war did not destroy, but do not disappear anywhere ... It will, take away the people, and with them their worlds; always leave deep wounds on the victims families. The war and leave the history drama. What for? It would be better if Nick was an actor in his theater, and Ahmed noble work in Chechnya, but Iwo with Margus as before to grow tangerines. Each of them, at least at times seemed too moral - it is an original, unique character, which in the Bible is not ashamed to write. So why do people like to intervene in the war, in addition making enemies?
much better to be brothers, to live in peace. And the denouement of the film - proof. The 'Mandarin' is people are more opened than any black history. People hurl created this unnecessary bloody war without winners. They destroyed the peaceful life in the village is dying out, destroyed the main symbol of good - tangerines ...
Strong enough film managed to take Zaza Urushadze, in less than half an hour to show the senselessness and cruelty of war, without using Hollywood special effects and a huge waste. Particularly pleased that the film is based countries, especially not to shine on the world kinoarene. And this movie was a good debut for such light began. I am sure that is not the Oscar was the target of the authors 'Mandarins', and report to the people that have to live in prosperity and peace, but why not wish for these states to develop in this direction in the future. Especially when they really deserve such wishes.
9,5 out of 10.

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