"Mandarins" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Sometimes it is sad realization that the film is being promoted to the Oscar in the category 'Best Foreign Language Film', fully deserving this statuette, promoting critical thinking, especially in the political situation of the day, does not receive the proper reward ...
Therefore, I sincerely want to believe that this movie still will receive his popularity among the people familiar with the internet and not just because he deserves it. And if we take into account that for the time being 'Tangerines' have quite a high score as kinopoisk and on IMDb, then my faith only grows stronger.
But let me, I will tell my personal opinion about this beautiful creation director Zaza Urushadze. To the eyes of our
presented a picture that displays the time period of the late twentieth century. To be more precise: 1992. Location of action - almost completely abandoned because of the Georgian-Abkhaz war village to which slowly but inexorably chosen notorious, terrible war. The main character - Ivo guarding the village. Once at the house of his friend Margus - plantation owner mandarins, which he ardently wants to sell, in order not to 'get lost' the crop, and then, like most of the village, go to Estonia - there is small compared to the overall picture of the battle conflict, but tragic brawl warring sides, being the next alarm bell creeping disaster. In this DEBATE both sides, only two of the five surviving members. One - Chechen, the other - the Georgians. Ivo, subservient to the voice of reason but of conscience, without losing humanity carries with Margus these two men to his home in order to go out there and put on his feet. Thus, the two temperamental enemy literally are at the same dinner table.
And in this context, with a not very large number of characters, appears us a picture showing the horror, pain and gall war. No, we have not shown pools of blood or lumps raspolosovat bodies. It shows us something worse: we see how capable iznischat soul under the power gain is able to become poor conscience "fever" and the stench of battle of the conflict, as the baser human desires can become when you feel the blood of another person. This movie clothe a painful snake today as "forgetfulness of the fact that we all - people".
film raises important issues and makes us think of them. To reflect on the theme of how religious differences, political strife, economic, territorial and other squabbles able to change people who ozverev literally ready to tear to shreds imposed their opponent, moreover, without a second thought in mind that, in fact, he - this one same Ya he exists, he also dreams, and neither he nor I, have no right to decide the fate of others ... it
- purely anti-war film. It is heavy, psychological, but to some extent peace and home. Armed conflict, in which everything happens, unfortunately, we were close. But sincerity is expressed not only in the rural environment or to slip from time to time, "warm" humor, but even the landscape veiled in mist the area's striking to behold its beauty: people like me, who are impressed by the autumn landscape, hidden weak breast suspension, like more than is necessary for soul.
But what about acting work. It's all too perfect. Nothing special here is not present, no tantrums are not shown - no. Here the characters are playing as it should within the script and situated situation: wary, as if all the time for something to cook. And so, again, I believe in everything that happens. Believe heroes who believe in them; I believe a year into the war - and therefore even more comfortable not
In general:. "Tangerine" - this is a great movie that definitely should see. I have it to some extent amazed at some touched, in some forced to reflect on the many, and in some "smiled". Overall: I have it played at all "strings" soul
It does not represent and does not expose anyone certain bad or evil.. It shows the very meaning of the war. Shouts that killing itself near - the worst that can happen only with the human race. It portrays the futility, blood and inhumanity of such a debate.
me this movie is sunk into the soul. It is beautiful, the music perfectly conveys the desired color, a galaxy of thoughts "exposed" for thought and worried and trust them for the characters. This is - a tragic story of a small movie, filled with so necessary, especially now, with thoughts. If you are at least roughly you realize what's going on in the world or how macabre picture of yourself is war, then watch this movie. At least I did not leave it indifferent. Well, if you speak simply does not like all these conflicting subjects, you still look. Firstly: the music, the scenery and the village when he was "illustrated" perfectly, so the atmosphere for longer worth it to see. And secondly: half an hour - not too long time in this age of "employed" people
P.S.. Cons as such detect failed ... probably just because did not want to. This film is very good, because, since expect any slack, once again advise him to look - is clearly something to add to my review from myself that you only plus and minus me. Anyway: Thank you for your attention.

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