"Mandarins" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Over the last week I managed to watch two movies on military themes. This - "Rage" and "Tangerine". Both have high ratings, its fans, but completely different approaches. Directors represent us two diametrically differing ways disclosure of this terrible phenomenon. And if the creators of "Fury" chose the most simple way - a terrible shock the visual side of the viewer what is happening, to show the maximum number of fighting throughout the timing, but forgot about how any sane plot and, entering into the taste, detached from reality. That's why I have given closer to the final is something more resembling a regular series of "Star Wars." That's Georgian director Zaza Urushadze has decided to show the inner horror of war. Without spending on special effects, without resorting to artificially inflate the budget, giving up the pursuit of awards in the best visual effects, he was just in the top ten, right in the heart of the viewer. After all, few people know what color and how many of the trunks emerge trossiruyuschie cartridges. However, each well is what humanity, justice, and genuine love for the people and the homeland. It is close to all. We were so simple and leisurely explain that to be a hero and a man - this is not to shoot hundreds of enemies. No. Be the hero - is to save, to reason and to remain themselves when around exploding shells. It simply means to be human. At a time when the "Rage" strained trying and wasting hundreds of rounds of ammunition, misses the point, "Mandarins" gets into it with the first shot. When the first is struggling to squeeze the emotion, the second does so with ease. And very naturally
's amazing -. A film from an unknown to me (I confess), the director, the timing less than one and a half hours, was a revelation and a new guest "Top" in my personal rating. Even the bones disassemble the picture does not want to - it was too monolithic and boxed thing it happened. There is a category of films that indicated not everyone understood the term "private cinema". I am not going to explain what it is, because I myself do not fully understand. This just feel the skin. As an example, after viewing the "Mandarins" realize - here it is, the most personal film. Cinema, which becomes warm at heart, a movie, after which you want to believe in people. This movie is not covered with masks, it breaks them and lays bare the true values. Values ​​that the world has forgotten. . The values ​​that are replaced by false slogans and pseudo-patriotism
Look around: the world seems to have gone mad. Politicians are confused in their intrigues and ready to accuse each other of anything, even the evidence is not necessary. Common first nations divided and ready to tear each other's throats. And all this against the backdrop of loud slogans in the name of great objectives. All hair's breadth as in the movie "Tangerines».
Apologies for the long intro and cut off from the film thinking, but it seems to me, if after viewing a picture in my head there are similar thoughts, the film managed to clear!
Actors do not play. They just live in front of the camera. Everything is so natural, not played enough and accurately! Surprisingly, because of them we do not see any how some well-known names.
war caught unawares characters in the movie. They have not yet learned to live a different life. They are ripe tangerines, and harvest, unfortunately, a great - do not leave the same. It is a pity. So they zhiut as they can, and they are used to. The action takes place against the background of a simple, but incredibly beautiful landscapes of the Caucasian village. Mountains, fog, pokoshennye sheds, dilapidated houses and austere simplicity of its interior decoration. Yes, that lived and still live in the boonies. Not only in Russia - anywhere in the world where civilization has not yet had time to put his hands. Therefore clear film should be for everyone. The scenery is more than convincing. Probably because they did not do. And because of this movie just won.
Dialogues, again, simple, but how deep! Phrases that cause heavy sigh and restrain a tear, humor, argument, reconciliation ... Yes, yes, dammit, I believe! Again surprised hats. How can what is happening on the screen is natural and understandable. Although there is nothing you have not chewed, such as, for example, like the Americans. Some things are not specifically negotiated, and the answers behind the scenes. There is something to think about, talk about anything after watching. A profanity does not spoil, but only enhances immersion in the atmosphere of the film. I love this movie.
The only negative thing I will note a scene from "evil Russian". Apparently, long teetering on the brink, the director could not resist the currently fashionable trend. Especially, the budget for the euro, and there we are now we can not honor. And neither Georgia nor Estonia today are not our political friends. Well, against the background of the positive aspects of the film can be forgiven for this small, though very insulting weakness.
Time to draw the line and reach a verdict. A verdict is simple, as the painting itself. See, think, empathize and savor after viewing required. And even if you do not love this beautiful and tasty fruit, this time you will surely be hard on the question: "How to" Mandarin "- dry answer" I do not like them to me. "

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