Managing The Security Of The Systems Essay


Discuss about the threats which could affect the systems and hinder the progress of any Organisation.



The report is developed in which profile o the threat will be created in a direction to avail the strategies which could help in mitigating the risk factors with the system. The aim of the report is to ensure that the data security could be managed and all set of vulnerabilities could be reduced. In this report, a trail will be made to cover all set of threats which could affect the systems and hinder the progress of any organisation

Profile Of Threat

Name of the Threat

SQL Injection- SQL Injection is a perpetrator typically inserts or injects are the unauthorized data base statements into the vulnerable SQL data channel. By using SQL injections attackers enters into the entire database and get access to the same (Mao, Cai, Towsley, Feng & Guan, 2017). These are developed by the hackers so as to enter into the database of the systems available in the corporate so as to gather the important data of the company. It is an unethical way with the effect of which database of the corporate is entered by the hackers so as to affect the strategies of the company or to gain other advantages.

Systems it Attacks- Systems which are attacked by this threat are the entire database of the corporation so as to get access to the confidential data of the company or to hinder in the work process. This affects the goodwill of the company and leads to breach the confidentiality (Cs?k, 2013).

How It Performs the Attack- For SQL Injection an attacker finds the input within the web application which is included inside in a SQL Query (Terrill & Cordesman, 2010). It helps the SQL to take place and lead to affect the website with the effect of which database is being entered by the hackers.

The server side Pseudo code used so as to authenticate users on the web application is:

(Mao, Cai, Towsley, Feng & Guan, 2017)

Mitigation Strategies- Using an appropriate set of the firewall is one of the ways which could be used to mitigate the risk of SQL Injection, it is necessary that all the updates and patches should be maintained, and avoiding dynamic SQL whenever possible will also help in mitigating the occurrence of SQL Injection.

These are some of the strategies which could be used to mitigate the occurrence of any risk factors on the database. These strategies will help in protecting the system and managing confidentiality of the date (Jaeger, 2008).


According to me, system security is one of the aspects which should be kept on the priority. Managing the security of the systems will help in keeping the systems secure from any virus of a hacking attack. It is important that appropriate firewalls should be used in the systems of the organisations also it is important that the systems of the corporation should remain up to date. Applying these aspects to the systems will help in maintaining the confidentiality of data and remaining secure from all the future vulnerabilities (Cs?k, 2013). I could make a suggestion that there are many of the hackers available who remain indulged in the unethical practices and it becomes a responsibility of the companies to ensure that their systems should remain secure and safe so that the decorum of the company could remain maintained


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