Managing The Politics Of Innovation And Sustainability Essay


Discuss about the Managing the Politics of Innovation and sustainability.


The interface has incorporated unique methods of innovations in the designing process to achieve goals and make closed loop products. The methods they use include biomimicry, life cycle assessment, and dematerialization. By employing such methods as the biomimicry a methods which have been utilized to come up with manageable solutions and the interface formerly had got two successful innovations. Life cycle assessment generally evaluates the impacts of a product and process of manufacture from a raw material, production, packaging, use and finally disposal. Each stage is monitored, and the results allow the Interface identify areas with most significant effects. The interface also uses the same material more efficiently to manufacture their products to reduce material and extraction costs (Schepers, 2014, pp. 91-100). These paper will look into details how to manage sustainability with the interfaces in the current ever changing world.

The interface has the interest of people at heart. It acknowledges and human rights and believes in human dignity and freedom. It also respects the laws put in place in regarding human rights in countries it operates. The interface also follows to the latter the labor standards that are put in place. It equally condemns child labor and in that matter does not employ children. Employees have freedom of association, and there is no discrimination. Interface subscribes to the sound ethical practices and business conducts set by the government. The culture of the company is defined by the employees galvanized by a shared vision of sustainability. A mission dubbed "Mission Zero" was initiated by employees, and they are working to change the business and the local community (Crane, & Matten, 2016).


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