Managing People In Organization Committee Essay


Discuss about the Managing People in Organization Committee.



Carol Roberts being in charge of the SpringFest of her college has the responsibility of making their committee members work efficiently. The four committee members that are present under Carol are not working as effectively as they should. In order to utilise their talents and execute a successful annual program, Carol must motivate the team members. She must acknowledge their talents, guide them and approach them differently.

There are four members present in the committee. All these members are from different backgrounds with different perspectives. Approaching all the four members together would lead to confusion and complications (Beaven 2015). It would be the case where some of the members would agree to the point being placed by Carol, whereas other would not. Hence, it is quite important for Carol to communicate with the members differently.

As stated by Armstrong and Taylor (2014), communicating with a smaller team uses less effort than that of a large team. It would be easier for Carol to approach small team members individually. She would be able to motivate and guide them more quickly and efficiently.

If I had been a member of the committee group for SpringFest, I would have preferred Carol to approach me with an individual interaction. It would be easier for both of us to communicate the issues that are prevailing in organising the fest. It would have been easier for Carol to motivate me by analysing my talents, strengths and weaknesses. Individual interaction would help me feel as an important contributor of this event to make it successful.


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