Managing People And Organization: Performance Assessment Essay


Discuss about the Managing People and Organization for Performance Assessment.


Selected Incident

I had just joined a new company as a sales representative. Unfortunately, I was chosen to lead a team of sales persons in the organization. This was quite challenging for me given the short notice to deliver reports on team progress. I gathered my staff together so as to decide on the goals that we would wish to achieve as a group. I had to install so much pressure on my group members so as to ensure that most of the team tasks are completed on time. Sadly, my team did not emerge as the best-performed team despite the great efforts, and we had invested towards goal implementations and team communication. I realized that other teams had succeeded because their leaders set strategic plans and linked team members objective and mission to that of the organization. The team members in other groups had clear concepts of what was expected of them, they, therefore, focused on setting clear performance objectives


As a leader, I lacked a clear development plan, I did not provide feedback for group discussions to the members, neither did I conduct a performance assessment to determine our performance progress, thus leading to poor performance. I had assumed that communicating with team members would enhance the better performance of the groups; I had ignored team performance management skills such as clear and effective goal setting (Gommez et al.,2014). Most of my team members had several expectations of me as a leader in guiding them towards achieving the organization mission and vision. My failure can be associated with lack of proper connections to the group members as I had put so much pressure on the members, thus ignoring the reactions of members towards achieving the team objectives. I, therefore, lacked directive on how to handle different situations within the group as the organization did not provide any guidance or coaching on how to manage the team I was leading.

Improvement Planning

I believe that the poor performance in my group was more linked to lack of proper support from my team and the organization administrative team. Being a new member in the company, I was assigned the responsibility to carry out but was not guided on how to perform it efficiently. This can be associated to lack of practical coaching skills from the administrative department.I also associate my failure to lack of support from colleagues as they lacked team work spirit; they over-relied on me to perform group tasks. As an individual, I lacked proper communication approach as I did not ask for help nor support from my directors nor my colleagues whenever I faced the challenges. I intend to improve my performance by developing proper communication skills, attending more pieces of training on performance and employee management and also by advocating for teamwork spirit among all staff working in my organization. I conquer that organizational success will only be achieved in three ways; effective communication, collaboration and through training and mentorship (Goetsch and Davis, 2014).

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