Managing Organization: Project Management Essay


which details how one of the Internal Process Management Competencies (planning and coordinating projects) has been ‘experienced’ in the workplace?



The strategic management which is based on the competencies of the internal process management is a way to promote high performance for considerable amount of time (Hill Jones and Schilling 2014). The management competencies also display the method used by the companies to gain competitive advantage. I knew that the modern workplace is a competitive area in which I need to do hard work as well as display specific management competency in order to excel in the workplace.

Plan and Coordinate Project Management

In the initial stages, I faced difficulties in planning as well as coordinating for the work related activities. However, with the passage of time, I was more confident regarding my job responsibilities. I have experienced one of the internal process management competencies during my professional tenure. I have seen that the “planning and coordinating” competency has been the primary skills used by the managers in their day to day life (Capece and Bazzica 2013). I was promoted to the position of project manager and I also used these competencies to deliver optimum outputs in the organization.

I have used the planning as well as coordinating function in the project management. I emphasized on planning the recruitment and selection function. I made detailed planning regarding the manpower requirements before commencing the recruitment and selection strategies. I analyzed that there is requirement in the manufacturing plant in three locations. I conveyed the manpower requirements to the human resource department so that they can schedule the interview process. I also planned the requirement regarding the raw materials and procured the items accordingly. I checked the key focus of the project. The project concentrated on the innovation aspects. Hence, I decided on the key requirements for this including key personnel and key decisions that need to be done. I also did planning of the project organization and prepared the integrated safety management plan. I also make it a point to coordinate with my team members. I frequently implemented employee engagement activities which aim to increase the motivation level of the employees. This is done by proper planning about the games, activities and the materials required. This is done by taking into account the viewpoints of all the stakeholders. I have also engaged in coordination with key members of the team so that they can contribute to the effectiveness of the organization.

I have developed the planning and coordination competency by constantly looking into the management style of the directors. I studied their leadership style closely and incorporated their planning tasks in my own managerial style. I found out that the senior leadership has displayed sufficient planning skills when dealing with new projects and the team members. I also learned from the online forums and different kinds of videos. I was engaged in face to face interview with key industry people who gave me in-depth idea regarding the planning and coordinating task.

I implemented the planning as well as coordination activities in my team. I implemented the learning in practice so that the organizational efficiency can be achieved. I engaged in detailed planning of the operational processes and planning regarding the human resources requirement. I learnt that I need to coordinate with the team so that my ideas are effectively communicated to others (Crawford and Lepine 2013). I engaged in clear communication with my team mates, which helped me to share ideas as well as inform about the status of the projects. I also implemented organizational polices which focus on coordinating with the team members so that the task is implemented in the best possible manner. The coordination should be done between the key stakeholders who would satisfy the organizational objectives (Crilly and Sloan 2013).

The outcome of the internal process management competency of planning and coordination has led to increased productivity in the organization. The increased planning and the coordination activities would lead to the improvement of the team bonding and the increased retention in the organization. This competency would also help the organization to fulfill the organizational goals. It would lead to greater communication among the team, reducing the number of conflicts, customer orientation and the leadership capabilities.


I have focused on improving the internal process management competencies. I have focused on displaying the planning as well as coordination activities in the organization. I have also found excellent results after I have implemented this competency in the organization. It can be concluded that it is important to identify, develop, implement and evaluate the management competencies needed in the internal process management.


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