Managing Consumer Market Essay


Discuss about the Managing Consumer Market.



The consumer market is influenced by the service products and market features. Maintaining of the tangible and intangible attributes is necessary to make the consumers interested towards the offered products or services. Judgment of the intangible attributes is necessary before consuming any service product. Vege Rama Shop is a renowned restaurant located in Brisbane Australia. The customers who often visit the restaurant prefer the food quality and ambience. However, in order to analyse the intangible factors of service products, I visited the restaurant as a mystery shopper. The experience with the customers, foods, ambience, and hospitality services will be associated further:

The major motto of visiting the shop is to identify the behaviour of the staffs, ambience, and the quality parameter of other hospitality services. These attributes are usually intangible, which are not visible before the consumptions of the service product. This vegetarian shop offers the perfect ambience for the spending the quality time while having food. The quality of the vegetarian food is commendable.

However, during the visit to the restaurant, I came across one critical event. Even though the hospitality management of the restaurant is remarkable, some of the waitresses were not so much attentive towards the customer needs. They are mainly involved with their personal chats with other fellow workers. One thing I noticed that, the waitress involved during the shift timing of 11.30pm onwards, do not pay attention towards the customers’ orders consciously. I saw that few customers faced the problem on the same day. They ordered for a food, but the waitress provided the different dishes. The incident happened due to the lack of concentration.

The posted reviews from the consumers were quite impressive. The food quality was equally commendable. However, in spite of the better food quality and effective ambience, I found that the hospitality was not up to the mark. The waitresses were needed to be more attentive towards the customers’ orders. During the morning time, the numbers of visited customers are less. Hence, the waitresses get enough time to sit back and relax. However, during such time, they are needed to be much attentive towards the customers’ demands. In considering the remarkable review of the ambience and the food quality, I can state the fact that the rating of customer satisfaction is higher. On the contrary, it can also be interpreted that maintaining of the good hospitality is also necessary while customers are visiting the restaurant.

In reviewing my personal experience, I found that food quality and ambience were impressive enough for the customers. However, during the morning, the hospitality was not so much commendable. The customers usually face trouble due to the poor hospitality services. The waitresses usually misinterpret their orders and bring the different dishes. In paying attention to such issues, the waitresses are needed to be trained enough in dealing with the customers. However, the other intangible factors were quiet impressive and therefore, the experience was neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. The restaurant can be rated 3 out of 6.

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