Managing Change And Innovation Essay


Discuss about the Managing Change and Innovation.


Key Selection Criteria

Supports Strategic Direction- Always followed the direction in which the company aims to work. In case of the 1st Company BT Financial Group the best level of support was provided as required by the banks at the earliest. In case of the next company the hardware and software issues were diagnosed and resolved via phone or email. In the third company 1st and 2nd level of support was provided for all incidents and problems related to IT. In fourth company, 1st and 2nd level of support was provided to the doctors and nurses as when required.

Achieves results- In all the four companies results were achieved at the earliest and best possible solutions were provided to the problems raised by the concerned people.

Supports Productive working relationships – Relationships with the other employees and the concerned vendors of the company were maintained so that the problems can be solved easily and in less time.

Displays personal drive and integrity – Always completed every task with personal efforts. Tried to comply with the different customer requirements.

Communicates with influence – In all the four companies communication skills have been used effectively to train new staff members and giving them orientation about the company by sharing knowledge.

From the above stated responses it can be said that all the key selection criteria are addressed and hence, the job is appropriate.

Experience related to STAR Model

Extensive training given to 1st level employees in BT Financial Group/ Westpac (, 2017) :

Implemented a training program for the 1st level employees of the Financial Institution so that the support to the banks can be provided in the 1st level itself.

  • A training program was organized for the employees of level 1. The reason being that the problems can be solved in the 1st level itself.
  • With the help of this training program, the employees can be trained in such a way that the problems related to the banks can be solved securely in the 1st level, without escalating the problems in the next levels. In this case, the time consumed to solve the problems is saved (Brown and Osborne, 2012).
  • Security systems related to the solving of the problems which includes password resets or account unlocks for the banks was improved.
  • The 1st level employees were trained regarding the new security systems. The employees were also trained in such a way that the quality of their work can also be improved (Stone, 2013).

This training program resulted in the increase in the number of problem solving and support system for the banks also strengthened. The improvement of the security systems resulted in the increase of trust of the banks and as a result of which the amount of work also increased (O'Meara and Petzall, 2013).


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