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HRM functions: HRM functions help an organization manage its employees. It provides an organization a structure and help in satisfying the needs of the organization with the help of employees. Efficiency and management of workforce can be done with the help of HR department. Also, HR department deals with the recruitment, employee safety, employee relationships, compensation and benefits, and training and development of the employees. An efficient HRM manages the workforce so that the employee can contribute efficiently and effectively towards the organization.

Qatar Airways: Qatar Airways are one of the youngest airlines. It was founded in 1993 and was re-launched in 1994 under the instructions of the Emir, his highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani. It is partially owned by the government. It has around 39,000 employees and consists of 300 fleets. The organization is headquartered in Doha, Qatar. It flies to more than 150 destinations. The airline is growing every year and increasing its market share (Qatar Airways, 2016).

Mission statement

A mission statements gives the aim of the organization and communicates the organization’s reason for its being. It also aims to serve its stakeholders. The benefit from the organization can be taken by customers, employees, investors and stakeholders. A mission statement in an organization includes the values that it gives to its customers. Also, it includes the future aspects of an organization and steps that are being taken for the improvement of the organization. It represents the improvement in the organization and also include the aim what it want to be in the future. Qatar Airways is been a well flourished airline and is making progress every year by increasing its profits. Due to its innovation in service providing and quality of services there is no declination in its sustainability (Kemp, 2012). The airways delivers an elite service to its audiences and meets up to their expectations. The customers get more that their expectations when they are served by the airlines. The competitors of the airlines are also providing the similar services therefore to gain an advantage over them the Qatar airways have improved its services so that it can attract its target customers. Therefore Qatar airways is always trying to flourish in the future by applying innovation through their focused strategies.

The five mission statements of the organization are as follows:

  1. Dedicate ourselves to provide safe services to the customers through our activities.
  2. Respect the culture and customs of every nation and contribute to economic and social development through corporate activities in the communities.
  3. Incorporating advanced technologies and innovation so as to provide elite services to the customers.
  4. Providing cleanliness, hygiene and comfort during the flight to all its customers.
  5. Contribute positively to our communities and our environment.

These statements are future oriented as providing safer services to the customers is the main priority of the airline due to recent hijacks and crash reports. The organization should ensure that safety of the customers is very important for the organization. This mission statement is very useful in ensuring the customers regarding the safety issues. Sometimes the problem of culture and customs are there in the flights. As the flight travels in different nation so it must ensure that each culture should be respected and the organization will provide services accordingly to the customers during the flight. In future to become successful the organization should remain updated by improving its technologies in the fleets. By providing innovative services to the customers help the organization to attract customers towards the brand. Innovation in services is related to the entertainment during the flights. Providing the flights with satellite phones, internet services during the flight and screens showing some entertainment stuff during the flight are related to innovative technology. Comfort in the flights is very important. Customers who are travelling long distance needs a comfortable journey. Providing them with comfortable seats and services with hygiene should be the main issue of the airlines. The flights should be environment friendly and does not harm the environment. The HRM department should ensure the recruitment of the staff that will ensure that these missions should be accomplished by the organization (Sengupta & Sengupta, 2014).

Role of HRM department

Recruitment: The mission statements of the company can be accomplished with the help of Human resource. Also an effective performance of an organization can be achieved by the help of human resource. As, HR department helps in attracting the diverse and competent applicant and utilizing their techniques in the work. The recruitment process in Qatar Airways is highly demanding. To maintain a cheerful and friendly environment in the Qatar airways, the applicants of each department have to meet a criteria related to the age, qualification and physical attributes. Group interviews and after that in depth interviews are conducted to evaluate the competencies of the applicant and whether he or she is suitable for the job (Mayhew, 2017).

Reward, welfare and benefits: After the recruitment process it is the duty of the HR department to retain the talent in the organization. The rewards and other benefits like growth in professional front, appraisals, pay hike must be given to the employees so that the employee does not leave the company. The talent management should be done by the organization so that good employee does not leave the company as they are the real assets of the company. The employee helps in the achievement of the goals that are processed by the organization. Therefore, awards and benefits play an important role in the organization.

Learning and Development: Learning and development is a key component for the success of the service firms. To meet the customers’ expectation and provide excellent services learning and development of the employee is necessary. Also, it helps in the growth of the organization as trained employees will provide better services to the customers and the organization will achieve customer satisfaction. The training is provided to the employees who provide services and also to the executive staff. These trainings help in learning and development of the employees.

Training and development as a requirement for small business

A small organization which is not having dedicated HR function department. For updating the knowledge and skills of the employees the training of the employees is necessary. It will help in polishing the skills of the employees and make the employee to compete in the corporate world. Also, from an employee point of view, training sessions are important for the growth of an individual. With the help of training sessions an employee sees its growth professionally, which helps in increasing the professional skills of the employees. The organization also provides training sessions so that talent in the organization can be retained. If the employee will not see ant growth in the organization, he or she will leave the job. So, training and development sessions are necessary for the growth of the organization as well as for the employee.

Also, appraisals are important for the employees’ growth as it is a part of motivation to the employee. If an employee sees the financial growth in the company the work of the employee becomes effective and efficient. Efficient working of the employee helps the company to grow very fast (Scott, 2017).

Due to the small organization having only 75 employees and no HR department it is difficult to provide training to each and every employee due to the lack of funds. But, the company manages to provide the training and development session to each employee every year. Also, it gives appraisals to the employees. Managers of the company are interested in improving the effectiveness of the company. HR department can help in increasing the effectiveness of the company. The main functions of HR departments are recruitment, training and development, employees’ safety, talent management and compensation and benefits. The recruitment diverse and competent employee help in the company to do effective work. The appropriate employee for the specific work helps in doing the work effectively and it will help in the growth of the company. Also, by providing training and learning sessions to the employees help in increasing the skills of the employee. With this the employees can work efficiently and will help the company to do innovative and effective work. Giving appraisals and pay hikes to the employees contribute in job satisfaction. An employee having job satisfaction can work efficiently. A dissatisfied employee cannot work efficiently and will leave the job. Therefore, to retain talent in the organization job satisfaction of the employee is necessary which can done by providing the employee with professional and financial growth. Therefore, by incorporating HR department, the work effectiveness of the employees can be enhanced. Incorporating HR department in the organization is a costly affair which is not possible for the company. Therefore, “By outsourcing the work of HR department the effectiveness can be brought into the company”.

Outsourcing HR department

Outsourcing of HR department in a business allows an organization to bring effectiveness in the work. The HR department in an organization sees the employees recruitment, training and development, payroll, maintain files and records. By outsourcing the HR department in the company can gain advantages in many aspects. It will help in cost saving, increasing efficiency and will help in employee development.

Cost Saving

A fully functional human resource department requires an experienced staff and space for the operation and which cannot be afforded by the organization. Therefore, outsourcing may help the business in the way having the HR department without creating the space for it. Also, the cost of other elements in the business can be reduced. As the company provides the training to the staff by using its funds. These funds can be utilized somewhere else by incorporating the HR department with the help of outsourcing. Also, cost of outsourcing are variable and can be reduced. By outsourcing the HR department the services will become cost effective (Business & Legal Resources, 2017).

Increase in Efficiency

To maintain a productive and efficient workplace is difficult without the help of HR department. Outsourcing will help in creating effectiveness and efficiency with human resource systems. It will use an advanced technology to improve the HR work and provide the employees with best learning. Also, the main HR functions can be streamlined with the help of outsourcing. Payrolls and appraisals can be maintained with the help of the advanced technology. The managers in the company can focus on their own work rather than the HR work. Managers will get innovative methods and less time is required for doing the work as earlier by doing paper work. This will increase the efficiency of the work. More time will be given to the improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness (Gray, 2013).

Employee Development

With the help of outsourcing the employee performance and development can be managed. Incorporating performance management plans can help in improving the job performance. These plans help in employees complying with the company policies and help them in meeting the company’s business objectives. Also, these performance plans help the employee to get the real status of the objectives of the company (Skolnick, 2016). This helps the employees to work in that particular direction to do the work efficiently. Also, the outsourcing firms monitors the employees’ performance time to time. It will help the organization to know regarding the shortcomings of the employees. Therefore, training and learning sessions can be provided according to the employees’ performance. This helps in reducing the workload from the managers and help them focus towards their work. Training and development sessions also help in the development of the employees. The employees work efficiency can be increased by providing the training sessions. As the HR department analyses the performance of each employee, it can help in providing the training in particular aspect where the employee lacks efficiency. This will make an employee effective and also help the organization to grow (Herner, 2011).

Determination of Pay scales of the employees

For attracting a talented and qualified staff in an organization employees’ payment must be decided appropriately as it affects the talent recruitment. Determining the proper pay scale affects the efficiency and productivity of an organization. Setting the pay scale appropriately with the scale not too much or not too low help in recruiting the appropriate candidate for the job. The pay scale of the employees can be determined on the following factors.

Comparison of job descriptions with other job posting: By comparing similar positions with other job postings will help in ensuring the salary levels. The duties, skills and qualifications should be compared to determine the salary for the job (Silva, 2014).

By assessing the scale from other companies: By the assessment the organization can realize that position require the this much amount of pay scale. Employers survey will help in getting the scale for the particular job position and for the particular qualification. These research groups help in determining the wages and information regarding the salary of the particular position.

Assessment through Employers survey: This survey will help in analyzing the scale for the particular position in the organization. The survey will help the organization to analyze according to the level of the company. As, MNC’s salary for a particular position is more than as compared to the local industry.

Information from Public sector job databases: These databases will also help in analyzing the salary for the particular position. As the pay structure of public sectors are the competitive with the private sectors. This will help in determining the salary levels (PWC, 2016).

Tracking the earlier wages, experience and credentials of the employees: By getting the earlier information regarding the term served by the employee in earlier company, and the salary taken by the employee can also help in determining the salary. Employees training and development opportunities can become a deciding factor for receiving of higher compensation. The experience also matters in the case of determining the salary of an employee. For example a manager with some experience and a manager with more experience should be given different salaries. Therefore, salaries are allotted to each individual based on the career track of the employee.

Present Pay scale setting Scenario of the organization

Presently the organization is using an informal approach for setting the scale of the employee. The negotiation of the salary is done when the candidate is offered the job. The managers decide the hike in the salary according to his or her way. This approach of setting the salary of an individual is not recommended for any organization. This type of negotiation can lead to the bad reputation of the organization and can pin point towards the ethical standards which are followed by the organization. Also, pay hikes done only by the managers, according to his views are not the ethical way of giving the hikes to the employees (Heskett, 2007).

Appraisal and pay hike system in organization

The pay hike system used by the organization is not ethically a right way to give benefits to the organization. The system is controlled by a manager only whose opinion is taken for the pay hikes. This system of hike can be biased. Therefore, by adopting this system, the employees cannot feel satisfied and talented employees will not choose the organization. The performance measurement of an employees can be done on taking into account various aspects. Also, various aspects can be analyzed taking into account the views of many person and feedback taken from the employees also. The KPI system can be used for the analysis of pay hikes in the company.

Key Performance Indicator system

Key performance indicator helps in regular checking of the employees performance. It helps in determining the field in which the employee is giving its maximum output. KPI in the system first analyses the goals and objectives of the company and then tune with the core practices linked to the business. After the analysis, it looks into the working of the employees. Also, it checks the dealing of employees with the clients. The employees are checked according to the work assigned to them. Each department can track its own KPI and it will help other departments also. By tracking and measuring each individual performance for a particular target, the comparison can be made (Mayhew, 2017). Therefore, comparisons will help in analyzing the real performer of the task. The organization can work on this system for giving pay hikes and appraisals to the employees. This system will let the examination of each employee and then the pay hikes can be given to the employee according to their performance score. This performance based system is not biased and is ethically correct. It will also bring in the satisfaction of the employee and can show out the scope of improvement in the employee. Therefore, for exact examination of the employee performance key performance indicators should be incorporated and older system of performance measurement should not be used.


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