Managerial Leadership Essay


Discuss two key leadership theories /Models from the past 50 years and how each has contributed to our understanding of Managerial Leadership in Contemporary Organizations.


This article explores the impact of person-centered leadership on the members of the team of the organization. It helps in determining the effect on job satisfaction, learning and knowledge during completion of projects. The findings of the article suggest that creation of an effective working environment is created by using Adair’s three-circle model that influences individual knowledge and learning. This eventually ensures the success of the project. According to the model, based on the given task, team is formed and the individuals help each other in completion of the task by developing their potential.

This article considers in critically reviewing Adair’s three-centered model in determining educational leadership. Apart from business organization, this model is also effective for educational systems as this fulfils the purpose of both engagement and attainment. The capability of continuous learning is significant in order to increase knowledge creativity and imagination.

According to this study, leadership is considered as the capability of individuals to provide guidance and inspiration to others in order to accomplish success at work. The leaders of an organization need to be influential in order to achieve the ultimate goal. Therefore, leaders need to have suitable skills and keep on developing them for effective work. The managers need to reach the top score according to the questionnaire of the model to achieve success.

This article highlights the influence of Blake and Mouton’s transactional leadership grid and analyzing the different features of organizational outcomes. This provides an opportunity for the managers to analyze their own leadership skills by grid training. In terms of the questionnaire, the managers rate themselves thereby, aiming to reach the ideal score. However, one of limitation of the theory is that it restricts the leaders to consider the external and internal limits as well as the matter and the scenario.

The managers of an organization need to be influential in order to inspire the team members to create an effective working environment and achieve the objective of the organization. Therefore, it is significant to understand the significance of the leadership qualities to identify and resolve the issues. In order to identify the issues in business organizations Adair’s three circle model and Blake and Mouton’s transactional leadership grid are studied. Adair’s three-circle model emphasizes on building a team based on the given task. Therefore, each team members use their strengths and potential in order to complete the task. In order to achieve this, the managers act as guidance for the team members for the success of the work. Similarly, Blake and Mouton’s transactional leadership grid is a set of questionnaire that is used by the managers to evaluate their own skills and aim towards achieving the top score of the grid. The managers for developing their skills continously can use leadership grid.


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