Management Theory And Perspective: Theory And Application Essay


Discuss about the Management Theory and Perspective for Theory and Application.


Mary Bernier has focused on the corporate culture and to make RDA successful, she stated that the management must bring improvements in the work culture. The culture of the environments needs to be changed in order to accommodate to become the successful business organization.

Mary Berner has come with certain leading ideas such as increasing the rate of turnovers in order to recruit new people so that they can come up with new ideas. Accordingly, the company can update themselves with the influx of new notions and this would further help the company to generate a better result gradually (Schunk, Meece and Pintrich 2012). By going against the theory of motivation and gaining the logic of her perception, it can be stated that she is a realist woman. She believes that RDA can perform well if the employees would try to align themselves with the goals and objectives of the company, they would be paid for their performance not for they are trying. According to her ideology or perceptions, culture comes first and then it is followed by cost and growth, as Bernier stated, “ I think if you do a lot of things that people who work for you should be doing, then you do not use the benefit of the title or the level”. In terms of growth, it is important to look at the way the market growth is happening if the magazines would fulfill the interest of the readers. First, the Berner perceived the notion of the company then set out the result of her perception (Eliot et al 2017).


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