Management Systems On Pproductivity And Quality Essay


Discuss about the Management Systems on Pproductivity and Quality.



After I passed my graduation, I was very eager to join an office or work somewhere as a trainee in order to understand the Management Competencies required or essential in an organization. The skill of managing the workforce or the human resource, which is a part of the rational goal model for any organization, is the management competency that I have experienced during my period of employment with the organization. In the initial stage, it was a bit difficult for me to understand the workforce management competency but with time, I learnt it and gained a lot of experience and knowledge.

During the time of my employment, I learnt various types of management competencies that are very essential for the growth and success of an organization. Among all the competencies, workforce management plays an important role and it is eventually leads to good production level and ushers in good earnings for the organization. Workforce management is all about motivating the workers or the employees and is also about looking after the needs and requirements of the employees (Calabrese et al. 2014). There several good reward and recognition programs in the organization. The rewards recognized the contribution and hard work of the employees. A rational goal model is a systematic and a planned model that aims towards the proper mobilization of the human resource since the success of an organization on the human resource or the employees of an organization. Motivation of the employees results in high performance of the employees and is an essential part of the rational goal model. Goal model is all about achieving maximum revenue or profit and is also about establishing the brand value of an organization (Sencer and Ozel 2013).

In the organization, I worked under my supervisor or boss and her approach of work was very systematic that reflected her good managerial skill. I worked under her supervision and understood the importance of skillfully handling the entire workforce for the systematic progress of the organization. For example, my boss always used to update ourselves about the requests and demands of the customers so that we can deliver our services or products as per the requirement of the customers. Our boss also provided us with the revenue or the profit structure of the organization to motivate ourselves for working more. Workforce management competency is one of the most important aspects of the rational goal model and it associated with giving clear instructions to the employees and taking proper decisions (Marin 2014). Clarity of instructions ushers in clear and transparent communication, which is very important for the proper functioning of an organization. My boss also planned several trainings for the employees to make them aware about the expected or the standard code of conduct and decorum that the employees are expected to abide by. My boss also aimed towards enhancing the personal skills and capabilities of the employees.

During my tenure of employment, I learnt the importance of management competency and among all the competencies, my experience of the workforce management and the swift mobilization the workforce is the most important.


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