Management Strategies Of Intrepid Travel Essay


Discuss about the Management strategies Of Intrepid Travel Company.


Analysis of Management strategies

Planning and strategy

Intrepid Travel Company offers many benefits to its employees so that the operations of the company can be smoothly conducted. The emphasis is to provide good services to the customers so that satisfaction level of the customers can be increased. The values of the company are taken into consideration at the time of conducting the activities of the organization. The values of the company are innovation, leadership, and teamwork. Strategic goals of the company are revised for setting benchmarks which need to be attained from the execution of the operations. Innovation is used as a strategy for enhancing the quality of the services offered (Intrepid Travel, 2018).

Goals and planning strategy

The Company analyzes the market condition so that the activities can be conducted accordingly. The main motive of the company is to provide quality services to the customers for satisfying their needs. Intrepid Travel Company is operating as a not-for-profit organization with a motive to satisfy the customers (Intrepid Travel, 2018).

Approaches to planning and sustainability

To operate the activities of the company in a proper manner it is essential to consider proper planning so that goals can be accomplished effectively. Sustainability also has an essential role in Intrepid Travel Company. Focus of Intrepid Travel Company is on modern and innovative approach. Intrepid Travel Company is focusing on using innovative services so as to enhance the satisfaction level of the customers. Sustainable designs are being integrated in the products or services offered by Intrepid Travel Company. Different factors have been taken into consideration for incorporating sustainability in the business practices. These factors include leadership, governance, communication and training, reporting, pressure from stakeholders and commitment from top level and lower level (Caliyurt and Yuksel, 2017).

Human resource management

The Company recruits those candidates who have proper idea of the working pattern of the company. The emphasis of the company is to maintain proper human resource in the organization so that the satisfaction level of the customers can be enhanced. It is also essential to retain employees so that the activities can be conducted smoothly. Professors of the company offer cross culture training and development so that candidates can easily evaluate the working pattern of the employees (Sparrow, et. al., 2016).

Competitive strategies

Intrepid Travel Company considers porter generic strategies so that the overall objectives of the company can be achieved. Intrepid Travel Company is focusing on Human resource for gaining competitive advantage over the others in the market. Focus of Intrepid Travel Company is on employment security, incentive pay, employee ownership, symbolic egalitarianism, participation and empowerment, incentive pay, long-term perspective and selectivity in recruiting. Another approach adopted by Intrepid Travel Company through which it has gained competitive advantage is job analysis, job description and job evaluation (Savitz, 2013).

To find right candidates and proper employees

Intrepid Travel Company has adopted effective strategies for the purpose of selection of the right candidates for performing the operations of the organization. Digital media has been selected for reaching the candidates and attracting them towards the organization. Another strategy adopted by Intrepid Travel Company include different steps. First step is to analyze the culture of the company so as to identify the requirement of the individuals for performing a particular job. Detailed job descriptions are developed in the second step of the strategy. Well-structured interviews are prepared by Intrepid in the third step. Tests are conducted in the next step for the analysis of the skills and knowledge of the candidates. Personal interviews are conducted in the next step and selection is made on the basis of the qualifications of the candidate (Schuckert, et. al., 2015).

Strategies adopted by Intrepid Travel Company for developing and maintaining effective workforce

An effective strategy has been formulated on the basis of which employees are hired in Intrepid Travel Company. Company has adopted an effective recruitment strategy for hiring the capable and skilled candidates which suits to the requirement of the company. Effective communication channel is developed by the top level management for ensuring the flow of information among the employees. Incentives are being offered by the company to the employees so as to maintain an effective workforce. Performance of the employees is measured and incentives are offered to the workforce. Motivational approaches are being used for enhancing the satisfaction level of the employees and resolving the issues faced by them. Focus of Intrepid Travel Company is on identifying the issues faced by the workforce and solving these issues (Ehnert, et. al., 2014).

Sustainable practices in Intrepid Travel Company

Sustainability is concerned to create a proper ecological balance of the environment. It has played an important role in Intrepid Travel Company. Intrepid has adopted a sustainable practice in which focus is on reproducing the capabilities of the workforce which helps the employees to secure the jobs and also enhances the satisfaction level. The organization is able to survive for the long term if there is proper management of human resources in the organization. This practice has helped in enhancing the productivity of the employees which contributed towards the vision of Intrepid. The activities can be conducted smoothly by having proper focus and good communication system with the employees (Ehnert, et. al., 2014).


Leadership in the organization helps the employees to give direction in a correct manner. If proper leadership is there in the organization than proper direction is given to the employees. Positive results can also be achieved if there are proper leadership styles considered by the company (Stead & Stead, 2013).

Styles of leadership

There are many styles of leadership that is evaluated by Intrepid Travel Company so that the travelers feel happy and satisfied with the services offered to them. The company uses original leadership styles so that the employees can conduct the activities with efficiency and dedication. To achieve competitive environment it is seen that cross-cultural leadership also helps the company to evaluate the activities in an effective manner. The Company helps to motivate the workers so that the activities can be conducted according to the rules of the company (Mittal, 2015).

Features of leadership

Leadership has helped Intrepid Travel Company in increasing the factor of motivation and helps to achieve positive results. The leader of the company also tries to maintain a good relationship between the employees of the organization so that the work can be conducted smoothly. Qualities of leaders are the dedication and good attitude that help to solve every problem of the company. Focus of Intrepid Travel Company is on developing an effective communication channel for handling the issues faced by the employees in a better way (Porter and Kramer, 2011).

Role of Leadership in inspiring and motivating employees

Transformational leadership has been adopted by Intrepid Travel Company which has helped in identification of the changes required, developing a vision for guiding the efforts and execution of the change. Leaders of Intrepid are working with the subordinates for motivating and inspiring others in the organization. Four elements of Transformational leadership have been considered by Intrepid Travel Company. These elements are idealized influence, intellectual stimulation, individualized consideration and inspirational motivation (Schuckert, et. al., 2015).

Sustainability in leadership

Sustainability is an important part of leadership as it assists the company to compete in the competitive environment. It also analyzes the wants and requirement of the employees. Leaders of the company should consider the practices of sustainability so that the proper leadership can be given to the employees. Sustainability in Leadership has helped in focusing on the enhancement of the employment process of Intrepid and retention of the employees (Porter and Kramer, 2011).

Controlling the value chain and technology

Intrepid Travel Company value chain is to give proper services to the customers. In the value chain, there are many innovative techniques that are considered by the company so that the negative impact can be reduced (Caliyurt and yuksel, 2017). The company also invests in various projects so that the carbon emission can be reduced. The Company is concerned with the proper travel process that helps the employees to enhance the supply chain of the company. For example: convenience is given to the customers so that demand can be enhanced. Sustainability also has the major part in the value chain and technology so that the resources can be managed in a proper manner (Stead & Stead, 2017).


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