Management Principles: Requirement And Communication Essay


Write about the Management Principles for Requirement and Communication.


This internship proved to be useful for me to develop hands on experience in the front desk staff in Island travel Inn. The accomplishments during this internship in the client administration have given me a practical experience at that time. Different skills regarding handling a client in the hotels and searching them for their exact requirement, communication with them, using different official function, while critically thinking about the problems were discussed in front of me which affected my thinking process as a whole. It also increased my capability for approaching any problem.

The new skills related to the tasks that have been assigned in the process of my internship were approaching different travellers and who were the customer of the hotel. They approached me and my team in the front desk with various problems and it helped me in the process to observe them working. The attitudinal changes in my behaviour were I became more responsible, punctual, proactive and professional in nature after the internship. The work life balance was maintained while working in this company as an intern. Though at first I was overwhelmed with the amount of exhaustion, I faced working there because of my rather small experience in the fieldwork.

The main disappointment associated with this work was getting a general perspective in the matter of getting to know the clients on face-to-face basis. As I had a little experience in this matter the senior, team members did not really include me in the handling problem directly. However, they involved me in all the process, I had little to input in the decision making process. Another limiting factor is the time of my internship, which hindered me to accomplish the result I first was set out to achieve. So getting another opportunity in the same field will fulfil my motive.

There are many things to learn in future to make a career out of this field. The things that are left to learn is how to use Microsoft office suite efficiently, decision making pattern, how to handle variety of problems simultaneously and planning skills and required tools to use for that purpose. The main criteria to fulfil the purpose of doing this internship are to make proper self-reflection in learning new skills. My mentor guided me to properly materialise the process, learning findings that I have gathered in the internship project. He guided me in every step of conducting a research and building a report of the internship project.

I would highly recommend this experience for another intern. This was a lifetime opportunity that helped me become a better person. With the prospect of learning different skills I was exposed to get an overview of the operations of any hotels that they goes by which also helped me in learning different operational skills of front desk operations. I would advise them to go through all the background of the industrial information and other stakeholder’s analysis, customer backgrounds and the market research reports of the company before joining the company. It would certainly help them proactive in the field.

I would suggest that the MBA programs could be improved if they included more practical based classes in them. The internship experience as a whole should be conducted for more time. Thus, it will also help the students to implement the theoretical knowledge that they have gained to actually put into real life experience. The course may increase its length time to improve the depth of knowledge they have gained in the proper aspect.

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