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This research paper describes the role of communication system and network element through new technologies for managing an organization. Every organization in the modern business environment is able to capture new market through innovative products. A greater challenge is to capture new market through sustaining value over the long term goal. This aspect allows an organization to earn market capability. While keeping up with the changes it is important to carry out complex integration of new technology to consume valuable time and resources. The major challenge comes with integration is due to integration in the existing network. This involves high volume of activities that is handed over by the IT Manager (GAO, Xiao, Liu, Liang and Chen, 2012). The process of network management and integration should be in support of new technology which is extremely complex. In order to expand the business operations it is evident for the new market to keep up with the technological changes. A network cannot remain isolated in case of changes in the overall process. Such an integration and network will allow a brand to derive results .a network can derive efficiency during integration and by development of an effective planning and mechanism’s the meet day network and connectivity is important from the point of view of organization. There are challenges regarding the network adaptability. These new technologies help in guaranteeing 100 percent service uptime with the cost efficiency model. A managed network and communication allows a seamless experience in operations. All the major services are carried through an integrated monitoring mechanism. The remote monitoring team helps in monitoring the management tools to ensure that the services are not interrupted during the transition of technology. There are majority of challenges in managing the challenges in network integration. There is a new technology in a market that allows organization to avail changes in an effective way. It is vital for an organization to develop strategies that allows integration of technology in an effective way. The integration strategy needs to meet unique standards for each individual business unit (The Importance of Telecommunications and Telecommunications Research.2017).

Need of developing communication system and Networking

There is a wide gap in the business model of a large and small sized business organization. Every organization has whether big or small has to attain efficiencies by developing an effective model. The business model of both Apple Inc and Snagajob is different due to its size and approach. The organizational structure in a large sized business organization is more dogmatic than a small sized business organization. Both the business organizations need to work on developing efficiencies by improving their communication system and mechanism. Adopting new technology is important for a company to derive long term sustainable goals. The large size organization like Apple Inc has more access to communication system and network. They have achieved efficiency in the system through their sustainable network model whereas Spongajob has less access to the communication and network model. The purpose of the organizations is to derive sustainable goals by emphasizing over the objectives. One of the major challenges faced by the business organization is in building a strong communication network. It is necessary to manage the increasing complexity in the business model. The recent proposed model regarding cognitive network is able to address the issue (Adner and Kapoor, 2010).

The cognitive model is related with knowledge representation and is predominantly dealing with the cognition loop. Developing new technology and tools for the organization helps in increasing productivity, boost sales, and help to make better, faster decisions. It is difficult for the management to achieve desired results. The only way is to increase the desired results by increasing the number of options. There is a lack of adaptability in an organization due poor communication (Porter, 2011). Employees need to understand the importance of adapting new technology for achieving improvement at work. Leaders have a duty to create awareness regarding the process of technology development and communication. There are certain people who are ignorant regarding implementation of changes. It is only applicable if an organization permits effective technology. An effective software system enables arranging interest in mind. If an organization wants to adopt a high end technology, it has to develop a comprehensive technology. This technology requires multi-day training program to adopt desired results. Effective network and communication model allows an individual to run the organization more efficiently (Davenport, 2013). For the purpose the organization need to adopt more efficient technology and mechanism. The company should run a pilot project in order to ensure that they are choosing a right option. Network and communication model requires putting forth a vision to enable efficient technology. The application layer at Spongajob allows information about the suitable network structure and the divisions that require being in place to make it an effective explanation. There are multifaceted economic and rational benefits attached with the organization that creates multiple opportunities. The best network and communication system helps in creating a better environment. Familiarity an interest is necessary to be developed to attain desire results. The training session given to the employees allow them to gain efficiency. Investing time on the learning session allow an individual to develop high level of efficiency. It is all related to the challenges faced by the individual organization in managing the work. The users need to attain full capacity by emphasizing on various tools and mechanism. The communication and networking system is one of the important parameter that allows gaining a cutting edge over the other organizations (Nonaka, 2008). The small organization does resist changes implemented in the network and communication system. There is a necessity to develop an effective model to attain desired result. The overall purpose of deploying an effective networking system is to gain systematic growth. The employees need to be enabling various information and development tools which will allow consuming time. The overall purpose is to attain cost by adopting new technology. Once an employee has adopted a new technology it will be easy for them to achieve long-term sustainable goals. A communication system allows organization to gain a competitive advantage (Son and Han, 2011).

Adoption of new technology at Snagajob

For a small sized organization a strong communication and networking plan is necessary. It will enable the organization in earning high capacity (Snagajob Team, 2017). Snagajob is a small sized firm when compared to Apple Inc. For Snagajob it is important to frame effective strategies for developing a strong network plan. These plans will allow the organization in gaining a competitive advantage. The purpose of developing a coherent communication and network plan is to gain efficiencies. In a highly competitive atmosphere it is necessary to frame policies in order to gain advantage. Overall purpose of an organization is to increase its reach among the customers (Powell and DiMaggio, 2012). In today’s challenging atmosphere it is evident for the business organization to think of telecommunication. In the recent time there is an increase in application. The improvement in the technology mechanism has helped the small-sized organization in gaining a competitive advantage. The biggest consequences in the business model have enabled competitive advantage. The biggest consequence of adopting a formal network system is to increase the outreach (Stringer, 2010). This is important for increasing awareness among people in large. The fundamental change helps in building technology to gain overall advantage with the partners. The general structure of whole system has allows development of various format. Thee shared technology system has allowed a formal flow of information to facilitate effectiveness. The network and communication system is necessary in gaining a competitive advantage. Large sized companies have a responsive communication and network system. This generates reason for the organization to adopt an effective technology. On a long run it is important for a business organization to customize the network in an effective way (Stallings, 2007).

Adoption of new technology at Apple Inc

Apple Inc has a global outreach that creates a necessity of a coherent system. This is necessary for Apple Inc to gain a competitive edge over the other leading competitors. This will allow organization to gain sustainable outcome. Large sized business does need an effective network and communication system to develop effective results. It is necessary that the organization has to work on the opportunities that are available in the market. The current network and communication system allow an organization to provide specialized services. As a result of creating an efficient technology the organization is able to attain desire results. The range of network system and communication includes telephony and video conferencing, facsimile, broadcast and interactive television (Sood, Fischer, Eklund and Brown, 2009). There have been developments of new tools to interact with the customers that include instant messaging, e-mail, distributed collaboration, a host of Web- and Internet-based communication, and data transmission facility. The network and communication model will allow the large sized business organization. Application regarding information and technology is important for gaining a competitive advantage over the other companies. The telecommunication system is important to manage in a diversified business organization. The industry today is moving positively towards gaining changes. It helps in including pre-defined goals so that the organization is able to earn a competitive advantage. The different competitive model allows the organization in earning capacities (Gupta and Chow, 2010). A vertical integrated business allows a business organization to derive profit from the value chain that includes vendors, service providers, and users. It is important to notice that the telecommunications value chain develops with building blocks such as semiconductor chips and software. All these software tools in turn help the organization in incorporating equipment and facilities that are purchased by service providers and users (Team,2012). All these facilities in turn are important for building networks to sell telecommunications services to end users. All these tools are important for the large sized business organization like Apple to allow the users to develop efficiencies. The end users comprise of the individuals giving services like telephony (landline and cellular). The companies have to develop high efficiency through network building. The overall communication model is derived of the current and future necessities. It is done in order to earn high level of capacity in an organization. Capturing and documenting the IT investment is important for delivering efficient results to the organization. There are many disparate factors that are creating complexities in the overall business structure. This is important for gaining effectiveness by focusing on the individual data and information system. Better network and communication helps a large sized business organization in developing efficient results. This allows reduction in number of errors through an effective diagnosis plan. The result can be gained in an efficient way by reducing the number of errors (Cleam, Bansal and Bettadapur, Cisco Technology, 2007).

Technology up gradation looking onto current market scenario

In today’s competitive business atmosphere it is evident that the business is subject to competition. In the world of Desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets and Smartphone’s, network and communication has become an important has become an integral part of employees’ life’s. The application system helps in developing an effective business atmosphere while setting standards in advance. The multi-user system provides with an effective mechanism to communicate across the different level of an organization. The purpose of a strong network is to send and receive data in an effective way by forming compatible platform. Organization’s today need to deploy green technologies in order to decrease the carbon footprint. It has been found that an organization can earn the result by implementing an effective data procedure (Subramanian, 2010). It is important for an organization to derive results through proper planning and mechanism. There should be an effective benchmark that allows an organization to derive results through implementation of work. The overall purpose of the mechanism is to earn sustainable results by driving a strong communication and network system. It is highly recommended that the organization need to develop effective planning and mechanism in order to drive results. Adopting new set of technology is important for the organization in gaining business results. The overall purpose of drawing an efficient technology is to gain results. The purpose can only be gained through implementation of the modern technology. It is necessary that the organization has to work efficiently by managing different tasks. This will allow the organization to gain sustainable changes in future. The technology needs to be upgraded as per the business atmosphere. It is evident that the organization needs to develop technology to meet up with the customer’s expectation. This is the normal practice carried by Apple Inc to create a competitive advantage against other brands (How to decide whether to adopt a new technology, 2015).


Apart from developing the above mentioned technologies it is necessary that the organization is able to implement the changes taking place in a business environment. For the purpose it is necessary for the business organization to work on the following:

  • The organization need to develop network strategies to draw conclusion from the new technology. All these plans help an organization to integrate the support by using new technology.
  • It is recommended that the organization should merge the system with the new changes in order to improve efficiencies. The overall purpose of technology up gradation in Today’s scenario is to compete well in the market. All these strong network capacity helps in enhancing the productivity on long rum.
  • The new network and communication model allow in gaining cost efficiencies with the management. It is necessary for the business organization to deploy the activities in a way it help the organization in managing cost. The overall purpose of a business organization is to manage efficiencies. An organization is only able to gain efficiency if the network is developed in an effective way (Peres, Muller and Mahajan, 2010).
  • A strong network enables transformation of network without any interruption. Large sized business organization need to develop an effective business plan in order to earn effective network operations (Constantinides and Fountain, 2008).
  • The new model will help the business organization in accelerating the new services and technologies. It is important for a business organization to develop an effective business plan and services in order to gain the benefit on a long run (Zott and Amit, 2010).
  • A strong network and communication system allows corrective and preventive field maintenance. All this give a strong assurance regarding the communication system and mechanism. One can even modify the overall procedure in order to gain competencies.
  • A communication and network system allow the company to manage day-to-day operations. It helps in integration of efforts with the help of an efficient policy and framework procedure.
  • The overall purpose of a strong network and communication in a company is to enable clarity of work. This will however allow the business organization in gaining long-term sustainable goals. The network communication model enables a proper integration process.
  • The network and communication model enables installation and up gradation of equipments. It is highly recommended that both the organization need to use a highly equipped system to enable efficiency. The overall purpose will be fulfilled through implementation of a cohesive business model (Bagozzi, 2007).
  • It is evident that problems will occur in the organization on daily basis. It is necessary to be able to manage the problems in an efficient way. The change I the system need to be introduced in a systematic way. This will allow proper effective changes in the organization.
  • Optimizing network system will allow performance and maintenance of high standards. In a highly competitive business atmosphere it is important for the business organization to develop an effective optimizing model. This will allow in gaining long term sustainable goals (Kumar, Mukerji, Butt and Persaud, 2007).
  • There need to be ensured in seamless connectivity and nodes in the network. One needs to adopt the changes taking place in the business environment in an effective way. All the problems regarding the organization need t be dealt first handedly by the manager?
  • The organization need to be efficient enough to deal with the changes. It is recommended that the organization should have down-sized the cost related to the operations. Streamlining the network security and process will allow optimization and environment sustainability.
  • Network security at each level will allow in managing the organization in an effective way. It is recommended that the organization need to reduce the overall expenditure related to the company. This will help in gaining competitive advantage over other companies (Hooker, 2008).


The business can only make advancement if it aims for adopting new and better technologies. Both the organization need to work on building a strong network mechanism in order to gain a competitive advantage. There is a string necessity to proactively detect the errors and to work on them. Organizational changes are required to gain new technology and advantage in an organization. The overall process is to gain efficient mechanism in order to gain a competitive advantage. The data team need to create better options in order to gain competitive advantage, Procedural changes are important for both large and small size organization. It is necessary that the business organization have to develop effective market strategies in order to gain competitive advantage over other brands. It is necessary that Apple Inc should develop an effective communication mechanism in order to gain advantage over other brands. In the normal course of business a strong communication mechanism is required to develop effective strategies. This will allow an organization to work in progression by gaining competitive advantage over the other brands. This is important for gaining effectiveness by focusing on the individual data and information system. Better network and communication helps a large sized business organization in developing efficient results.


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