Management Information System Of The Organizations Essay


1. Discuss a problem situation related to information system (only one problem) in that organization. Do not focus on a problem that has already been solved. Also, do not focus on many problems at the same time.
2. Outline some guidelines to address this problem.
3. Assume the selected organization adopts e-commerce and m-commerce to reach as much customers as possible.
4. Outline the benefits the organization can gain in adopting the e-commerce and mcommerce.
5. Discuss how the e-commerce and m-commerce can be integrated to the organization business.
6. The organization supply chain should convert to e-commerce supply chain. Illustrate the functions of the sub-processes of the e-commerce supply chain management.
7. Discuss the security risks and threats associated with electronic commerce in this organization. Outline the protection methods to mitigate those risks and threads.



The following paper looks to address the problems in the management information system within an organization. It has to be said that the management information system is one of the most important things that is needed to keep track of all the records within an organization. Every company must keep the record of all the things that are happening within their organization. This helps them to assess their profits and losses of the present as well s of the past. Any problem that has been caused in this system may harm the entire integrity of the organization. The chosen organization for this paper is Woolworths and the chosen problem in the management information system is the maintenance of the records and updating.

1.Overview about the management information system

The management information system of the organizations is the computerized database of the organizations that is recorded for solving the future problems and securing a record of their day to day operations (Laudon, & Laudon, 2016). The reports are saved in the computers and it works as the database for the company’s marketing and accounts department. One of the major purposes for this is providing the feedback to the managers about their own performance as well as of their employees. The actual data has to be restored every time and it has to be updated so that the actual information can be preserved by the management (Laudon, & Laudon, 2016).

2.Recognition of the problem

The problem that has been identified in this course is about the provision of the raw data in the primary database of the organizations that is stored for future use. Apart from this raw data input, another problem related to this is the maintaining of the up to date information about the different departments of the organization (Romney & Steinbart, 2012). These two problems have to be looked and dealt as a single phenomenon because they are quite interconnected with one another. The companies have to generate all the data about their sales rates, revenue, expenses on buying the equipments, their expenses on providing the salaries of the employees, payments to their suppliers and all other important financial business credentials. The marketing department has their own databases so they do not have to rely on the databases provided by the other departments. In this case, if the wrong data input has been provided in this situation, there could arise many problems and even misunderstandings (Romney & Steinbart, 2012). This would be a harassing thing. So, in order to prevent these hazards and run a smooth management operation in the organizations should adopt some strategies in the management information systems that this problem could be solved.

3.E-commerce in the organization

As Woolworths is a retail giant in the country of Australia, it can be assumed that they have a huge customer base all around the country and in the foreign countries as well ("Woolworths Limited", 2017). This focuses on the fact that they should provide e-commerce services to their customers. The working people have a very complicated life these days and they have very little time to spare for the buying and selling some of the products by going to the stores. This does not reduce the need for buying necessary things for the household and the children and the accessories that are needed for various purposes (Laudon, & Traver, 2013). Woolworths can provide all of these products. So, it is advisable that they build a network by which they can be able to deliver their products to the customers via e-commerce.

4.Benefits of the organization

This would save the time of the customers for they would not have to stand in the long queue in the shops (Niranjanamurthy et al., 2013). They could get their desired merchandise at their homes comfortably, may be at a cheaper rate. The customers will be able to avail almost any product from the repertoire of Woolworths via e-commerce ("Woolworths Limited", 2017).

The advantages of using m-commerce can also be availed by customers if Woolworths introduce an exclusive mobile application for the purchase of products. This would be beneficial for the customers who are on the move at certain point of time (Laudon & Traver, 2013). They can buy anything as per their comfort by the app and pay the money through net banking. This process will surely help them to attract more customers at their favor (Niranjanamurthy et al., 2013).

5.E-commerce and m-commerce into integration of the business

This process of implementing the e-commerce and m-commerce within the organizational process would lead them to gain more success in the future. It is because Woolworths have a large customer base ranging from the social middle class to the upper class (Kourouthanassis, & Giaglis, 2012). They will be very happy to avail the facilities of e-commerce and m-commerce of Woolworths. Automatically, the sales rates will increase. Woolworths can make partnerships with the various online platforms and social media for advertising their company ("Woolworths Limited", 2017). This would help them to come in focus of the new customer segments across the world. They will get a new customer base if they attempt to expand their markets in the future (Kourouthanassis, & Giaglis, 2012).

6.Supply chain

However improved the supply chain management might be for Woolworths, there is always a room for more improvement (Fernie & Sparks, 2014). Woolworths are the largest retailer in Australia so they have a good supply chain for their customers. Their current chosen organization for handling the supply chain is TradeStone’s Merchandise Lifecycle management (Fernie & Sparks, 2014). They work collaboratively with that organization so that the customers are benefitted from buying the products. It will be more beneficial for the company if they shift their supply chain as e-supply chain by collaborating with online buying websites like Amazon and others. This will gain them customer satisfaction at a good range.

The sub processes for a better e-supply chain management include connecting with the customers in a better way altogether so that the customers can feel free to contact the organization if they face any trouble (Monczka et al., 2015). The case for the suppliers should be the same as well. The customers should be made satisfied with the products and services of Woolworths. The demands of the customers have to met and the flow management has to be managed properly. The product development should be made properly by collecting the feedback from the customers at regular intervals through the online platforms (Dai, Forsythe & Kwon, 2014).

Risks and threats

This mode of supply chain management must have some risks and threats. It is because the threat of hackers and cyber crime always looms large on the famous organizations. The risks and threats have to be mitigated within a certain time if any kind of cyber crime is recorded by the authority (Brindley, 2017). They should consult with cyber experts about how to protect their website from the hackers and maintain a strong vigil on their data. They should keep track of their databases and update them regularly. All the employees should ensure that they will not be provoked by any means that harms the integrity of the organization.


The fact of the management information system has been discussed here in this paper and a certain problem has been discussed. The need to keep track of all the databases by the departments is extremely essential. It has been noticed that the organizations have suffered many times as they have not done that. The integration of e-commerce and m-commerce in the retail chain of Woolworths has been highlighted to point out that the e-supply chain management and its sub processes are essential for the companies to evaluate their worth and expand in a new target market.


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