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Discuss about the Management and Organization in Global Environment for Productivity.



Ford and Taylorism has left a revolutionary change in enhancing the business environment. As per the concept of Taylorism productivity can be gained by maintaining a unity an cooperation among the employees. Hard work along with unanimous decision can render the success of business.

On the other hand Pankaj ghemewat has stated that globalization has brought a revolution in enhancing the mental skill and ability of human being. People belonging to different geographical markets can communicate with each other today by utilizing the advancement of technology. Various tools of social media have reduced the gap among people of diversified cultures and beliefs.

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Ford and Taylorism:

Ford and Taylorism concept has illustrated a business revolution 100 years ago. In the initial stage, Ford Automobile has faced innumerable difficulties at the time of establishing its presence in the market (Ghemawat 2017). It has affected the productivity of the organization in massive way. After the inclusion of Frendrick Winslow Taylor within the business procedure of Ford, the overall environment has changed significantly. The traditional concept of Taylorism has emphasized on unity and hard work for the success of the business. Appropriate coordination among the employees is required for achieving continues success in the market.

As illustrated in the general concept of employees of America, Australia and Europe, only hard work and employee cooperation is not sufficient to maximize the success for a business organization. In order to counter different market threats, businesses have to follow different promotional and marketing strategies along with specific policies and procedures. For that reason, the Taylorism concept cannot be avoided in the business development concept even after 100 years.

The success of a cal centre heavily depends on the interpersonal communication level among the employees. Without sharing necessary information, it will be very difficult for the employees to handle all the business related challenges comprehensively. In this situation, effective interpersonal communication, employee co-operation, participative relationship with the managers can allow organizations to smoothen the process that will eventually create positive impact on the productivity (Haynes 2016). For that reason, call centres have to follow Taylorism for enhancing the effectiveness of the business procedure. However, Fischer and Stuber (2012) have opposed this concept, as it illustrates that only effective communication among the employees might not guarantee of the business. Organizations need to focus on treating each customer with respect and dignity for maximizing the impact of the business procedure. Hence, only Taylorism concept would not ensure desired success of a call centre in the market.

From the video clip, it can be assessed that the Taylorism concept was develop 100 years ago. Therefore, the concept was developed concerning different scenario than present business context. However, the present business context has induced businesses to use internal and external strategies for keeping competitive advantage in the market. Still, the Taylorism concept allowed organizations to enhance the motivational level of the employees. Better remuneration, employee cooperation and healthy organizational culture have allowed organizations to remain successful in the market (Glatzer 2012). Thus, Taylorism concept is still appreciable and recognizable for all the business organization.

Pankaj Ghemawat on Globalisation:

Pankaj Ghemawat after expressing the entire viewpoint of Pankaj Ghemawat regarding the overarching concept of globalization has enabled to widen the mental skill and ability of human being. With the upgrading progress of advanced technology the mental skill and ability of an individual has to make progressive. By utilising the advanced technology people belonging to different geographical boundaries can communicate with each other by sitting at their own individual places (Akpor-Robaro 2012). The concept of globalization is not restricted within a specific area or a geographical location. The impact of globalization has rendered a revolutionary change in the mind of people belonging to several cultural and religious backgrounds. Ghemawat has opined that regional business organizations initially intended to use biased strategies and policies to fulfil the needs and demands of specific group of people. After the emergence of globalization the business experts are flexible enough to entertain people from different cultural attitudes and social values. In this kind of situation, the business organizations are able to make collective decision for overcoming any kind of sudden barriers (Gachoka 2015). Ghemawat has opined that emergence of social media leaves a positive impact on the mind of human being. Social media is flexible enough to create a bridge between two individual people.

Sitting at the remote place, the two individual personalities can make an effective communication with each other in order to share values and beliefs. Therefore, globalization has rendered two distinct people of different religious as well as cultural attributes in the equal border of thoughts and beliefs. After evaluating the opinion of Ghemawat about globalization it can be concluded that the emergence of globalization is possessed with some of the negative effects as well ( 2017). After the implementation of diverse cultures and beliefs within a business organization the authority has to face immense challenges in maintaining organizational behaviour and culture. However, despite having immense drawbacks the positive impact of globalization on human being cannot be denied.

After evaluating the point of view of Pankaj ghemewat it can be analyzed that the emergence of globalization has reduced the tendency of gender biasness from the society. Business organizations started to follow some of the major regulations and acts at the workplace. The regulations include anti-discrimination act, gender equity act, health and safety act and so many (Sayer 2012). The people belonging to different boundaries are flexible to communicate with each other by using the tools of social media. Human being does not have to be dependent on foreign aids for leading their life in the society.


Taylorism concept highlights a critical element that all organizations need to use for maximizing the effectiveness of the business procedure. In the present competitive market, organizations have to focus on utilizing different other strategies for staying ahead of the competitors. Still, employee correlation or employee communication regarded as one of the important aspect of the business procedure.

On the other hand, Pankaj Ghemawat has highlighted the significance of utilizing globalization concept for enhancing the skill and knowledge of the economy. The globalization concept has allowed effective inclusion of technology that has increased the overall effectiveness of the business procedure.


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