Management And Leadership Of Jeffrey Wigand Essay


Discuss about the Leadership Of Jeffrey Wigand.



The film ‘The Insider’ details on a case of Jeffrey Wigand, a person who experienced ethical dilemma to blow Whistle on Brown and Williamson tobacco organization. This individual pointed out that the business has developed additives for the cigarettes that allowed chemicals to have an impact on the human being central system and brain of the individuals that used the product. In this report, it discusses the managerial leadership concepts which will utilize theoretical principles to the practical issues.

The film portrays the business in a negative light. One principle that has been highlighted by the leaders is that of deceit. The leaders of the tobacco organization Brown and Williamson charged for covering up the addictive properties of the nicotine as well as finding ways to exploit in order to increase the profits. According to follower roles the leaders are usually impacted by their actions and attitudes of the followers. In the film, Wigand who is the employee in the organization highlighted tobacco companies viewed cigarettes as a delivery device for the nicotine. Further, highlighted they took advantage of addictive properties through manipulating and adjusting them. From this attribute of the employee, the leaders took the alternative for deceit.

The film depicts that organizations are behaving as the political systems. The leaders are engaging in the personal and corporate use of corruption tactics which have been shown in the film. There are use and abuse of power and personal interest advancement by the leaders. The game of politics has been played well within this organization by the leaders.

As a follower Jeffrey Wigand has shown some traits such as courage, willing to express his ideas and opinions to their leaders, through the willingness to elaborate issues which are happening in the Williamson tobacco organization on how they are developing addictive cigarette. This shows effective followership characteristics on how a true follower behaves within an organization.

The film also highlights how the executives hold extreme formal authority that allows them to engage in the coercion of the workers. At the time the president of the organization, Sanderford, demands that Wigand to sign the subsequent confidentiality agreement or else he would forfeit severance benefits which would be cut off. There is a direct use of the formal authority which has been used as a means for the coercion to make the workers keep quiet.


In this report, it has highlighted the ethical dilemma which is faced by Wigand in highlighting the issues which are affecting the organization to the 60 minutes news. There are issues related to followership shown by the characters as highlighted in the research. There is the use of political system within the organization and coercion by the leaders to make the worker quiet. The power which has been wielded by the rules, as well as regulations, has been used to enforce an aspect of coercion.

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