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‘Sensitivity’ is a usual term among the people of 20-50 years age group. They often feel abrupt sensation while having tea, coffee, cold drink, ice cream. According to some study, 15% of total population are affected by dentin hypersensitivity (Ramlogan et al., 2016). Sensitivity is mainly caused due to diminishing gum; reduce of cementum layer from teeth. There is no specific treatment available to heal sensitivity. After sensitivity is felt, people need to consult their doctor first. Since doctors can only diagnose the real cause of their sensitivity and they can provide some good advice for oral care (Markowitz & Pashley, 2015). Toothpaste plays a crucial role in healing dental sensitivity.

There are many brands of toothpaste available today to help the victims of hypersensitivity. The following article concentrates on one of the most preferred sensitivity healing toothpastes Sensodyne Whitening. Since Sensodyne is a famous name in the dental world, the article is exploring the quality of the product, how it works, what impact it has upon the consumers.

Product Description:

Sensodyne is the mostly recommended name by the dentists to the victims of hypersensitivity. Sensodyne has promised to wash out the pain of people with sensitive teeth. Every toothpastes of Sensodyne assure four things- 1) relief from sensitivity 2) sensitivity protection for long time 3) refreshing taste 4) protection from cavity. Sensodyne Whitening is one of the most accepted products of Sensodyne brand. It is said and proved that use of Sensodyne Whitening twice daily can help someone with sensitivity. Even if someone feels sudden pain in teeth, he can apply small amount of paste on the teeth for fast relief ("Sensodyne - Best Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth", 2017).


Sensodyne Whitening is available in a feasible price, so that consumers can afford it easily to fight against the sensitivity. The price depends upon the quantity of the product. 110g Sensodyne Repair and Protect is available in $7.00.


Sensodyne Whitening is the product of GlaxoSmithKilne (GSK). GSK is a UK based pharmaceutical company. It started its journey in 2000. It has launched the first toothpaste of Sensodyne brand in 2011. Gradually it started offering other effective toothpastes under the brand name of Sensodyne. In 2016, Sensodyne Whitening has been introduced by GSK ("Home | GSK", 2017).

Target Market:

Sensodyne Whitening is a popular name among all kinds of people. It has a huge target market as well. According to some report, 15% of total population is suffering from dentin hypersensitivity. They are experiencing sensitivity issues while having cold drink, tea, coffee or ice cream. As per the report, the people between 20-50 years are the main victims of hypersensitivity and as they consume tea, cold drink in regular basis, they have some issues of yellowish teeth as well (Goh, Corbet & Leung, 2016). Sensodyne Whitening is offering them a product that fights against sensitivity and whitens the teeth at the same time. Since they lead a busy life, people of this age group do not get enough time to consult with doctor for minor health issues, especially for minor dental problems. They can use Sensodyne Whitening for betterment.

Product Description:

Sensodyne Whitening consists of Potassium Nitrate that helps to relief pain. It has pentasodium triphosphate, hydrated silica, sorbitol, aroma, titanium dioxide, sodium methyl cool, aroma, aqua, betain, xanthan gum. It provides fresh taste, white teeth, and refreshing breath ("Sensodyne - Best Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth", 2017).

Product Function:

Sensodyne Whitening repairs the gum affected by sensitivity and creates a barrier to protect teeth from sensitivity. It is a trusted name among the people suffering from hypersensitivity. It cleans out the stains from teeth and gives white and bright smile.


The term USP (Unique Selling Proposition) refers to a specific quality of a product that helps it to create unique brand image in market and differs it from other competitors (Henthorne, George & Miller, 2016). Sensodyne is renowned for healing sensitivity issue. However, Sensodyne Whitening stands out from other Sensodyne products for its whitening capacity. One can get rid of his yellowish teeth by using Sensodyne Whitening on a regular basis. This is the USP of Sensodyne Whitening.


There are some other products also in the market that helps people to fight against sensitivity and remove stains of tea and coffee from teeth. However, Colgate Sensitive Pro relief is one of the biggest competitors of Sensodyne Whitening. It is also a well-known name among the consumers.

Mr. Smith is a consumer of Sensodyne Whitening. He has started using Sensodyne Whitening from January. He is a victim of sensitivity. The sensitivity pain occurs while having tea, coffee or ice cream.


Mr. Smith has contacted Sensodyne via phone. He gets the number from the packet of the toothpaste. Sensodyne provides a customer service number in their every pack, so that if any consumer faces problems after using their product they can contact them immediately.


Being a victim of sensitivity, Mr. Smith experiences shooting pain every now and then. He has applied Sensodyne Whitening several times in small quantity on his gum for quick heal as mentioned in the Sensodyne pack. Yet it is not making any differences. It makes him disappointed. It leads him to call Sensodyne Customer Service to complain against the product quality. He has expressed his dissatisfaction over the phone and he is expecting a justification from Sensodyne.

Customer Service:

When the customer Care Service operator of Sensodyne Whitening receives the call from Mr. Smith he has listened to his complain carefully and writes it down. Then he has forwarded the call to his higher authority for some permanent solution. The manager of Sensodyne listens to complain of Mr. Smith sincerely and assures him to provide a solution. Although he has accepted that, it is mentioned in the pack that someone can rub small amount of paste to get fast relief, he clears the fact with sincerity that if someone is not getting any positive result after applying the paste on gums he must consult a dentist. Dentist can provide him better advice as may be he has some internal grievous issues in gums that cannot be healed by only using the paste. Sensodyne does not promise to solve the internal injuries. At last, Mr. Smith understands the real problem and stops blaming Sensodyne for his pain.


As per the previous discussion, it can be concluded that Sensodyne Whitening helps its consumers to wash out sensitivity pain and yellow stains from teeth as well. It is a famous name among the people who use sensitivity relief toothpastes. It faces some competition in the market but it aims at providing clean and valuable service to its customer. This is how it becomes one of the most loyal toothpaste brands in the world ranking.


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