Man And The Effective Environment Essay


Write A Report On Ways You Can Make Your University More Green Sustainable?



To create an effective environment it is important that the university should be more sustainable. So, in this report, the focus is given on the ways that can be taken into consideration to make the university more sustainable.

Ways to make the university more sustainable

The environment is not only the factor, but the reality is that wherever there are people the impact is on the local ecosystem. It is essential to consider the green sustainable ways to enhance the daily student life. The ways are discussed below:

Stop using disposable items

One of the important sources of waste is disposable items, like spoons, cups, water bottles and plastic forks. Every item is included in it, that is used once and then thrown away (?krinjari?, 2014). The disposable items should be stopped and it is good if reusable water bottles, plates, and cups should be used. It will enhance sustainability and also saves money for a long time. The universities should make policies to ban the sale disposable items and also everyone should contribute to enhance the sustainability of the campus (Holden, Linnerud & Banister, 2017).

Don't get attracted towards the offers that are given to the students

One of the advantages for a student is that we often get many offers that are for free. So, the main emphasis should be given to accept and take things that are really necessary and also avoid taking things to the room that you will throw after some time (Lee, 2016).

Go Digital

By considering the recent scenario, it is evaluated that the use of digital technology is enhancing day by day. There was a time when there are no alternatives to the notebooks and textbooks. There are many notes that keep on floating around on the university campus (Hollandsworth, Donovan & Welch, 2017). The focus should be given on using the digital technology and also every student should carry the devices so that the paper usage can be reduced. The notes should be made on the computer itself and only print the notes that are really necessary. It gives a direct impact on creating a sustainable campus and also enhances the usage of digital technology between the students and teachers (Lepp, Barkley, & Karpinski, 2014).

Go For Cycling

Car causes pollution. So, the focus should be given on riding the cycle. It is considered as the most sustainable form of local transportation around. Physical energy is used to ride the cycle. It will also give a positive impact on the health and keeps fit and healthy (Kronrod, Grinstein & Wathieu,2012).


To create a green sustainable campus, it is essential to consider the recycle method. There are many local facilities that are available that should be considered by the students (Lorek & Spangenberg, 2014).


By evaluating the report, it is concluded that it is important to consider the ways so that green sustainable campus can be created. In this report, the ways are discussed to enhance the green sustainability in the campus. It should be considered by every student so that it can give a positive impact on the daily life.


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