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The statement that Google is making us stupid and is taking away from people, their power of thinking and reasoning, can be a highly debatable topic In the modern scientific era the world will completely come to a standstill if one stops taking help from Google (Maurer, 2015). However, this fact also cannot be neglected that in the modern day scenario man is becoming too much mechanized and is forgetting the usage of his brain. A very good example can be solving any questions or any problems be it math problem or any science question or any other such thing. Earlier reading long books or narratives was never a boring habit but now one cannot really concentrate in that for a long time (Hooper & Herath, 2014) Though Google is really helping mankind a great deal the matter of concern is that man is becoming too much dependent on Google. It is for this reason that he is losing interest in utilizing his own skill.

A very common feature noted among students or working officials is that even if they are not working they spend time by browsing, reading blogs, emails or just going from one link to the other. The common problem that people are facing nowadays is that they have lost their ability to read or learn from a long 3-4 page narrative as it seems way too stressing for them. Rather they would try to invest the time before browsing online (Carr, 2014). However, in the modern age of mobilization when people are so busy, they naturally look for some artificial intelligence that would be quick and will protect them from the poor efficient method of actually turning the pages of the long narratives. Reliance on man upon computers and Google, in general, cannot be ignored but at the same time, people must pay some attention in exercising their own intelligence as well.


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