Make your café look more professional with hospitality uniforms Essay

There is nothing worse than walking into a restaurant and seeing the staff wearing casual clothes. It’s not only the food that attracts people to a restaurant is also the presentation of the staff and place. To improve this presentation your staff must be wearing a proper uniform which makes them look more professional. Wearing a uniform doesn’t mean a black pant and a white shirt would be enough for this. There are several styles available in the market for these hospitality uniforms from which you can buy any style which matches your theme of café.

You have a great menu, the decoration of your café is perfect, services are also prompt but your staff doesn’t present a professional look then no one is going to like your café. For this kind of business image is also very important. Your staff is presenting your image so to present a good image in front of your customers you need to provide your staff with a matching uniform. Designing the right attire for the staff is more difficult than you might think.

If you are in an office job where you just have to sit all day then it will be easy for you to choose which clothes you have to wear but job of these people is different. A cook has to stand all day in the hot kitchen, in front of burner to cook the food and a waiter has to walk here and there in the restaurant for serving this food and they need to keep their uniform neat and clean all day long so it should be stylish, smart and presentable. Moreover, due to the type of work they do, it should be comfortable as well. So you have to be careful while selecting it.

A well designed uniform for these kinds of jobs should be comfortable, stylish as well as durable. Fabric selection is the most important thing while selecting hospitality uniforms. It should be comfortable, light, durable, and easy to clean. If you choose a low quality then it would result in grungy looking uniform after a few washes and color will also get faded. So choose the fabric carefully. Then it comes to design. It is better to choose a design according to the theme of your restaurant. If you provide Asian food then it would be good to have Asian designed uniform and if you serve Italian then it would be better for you to select an Italian design. Fabric also plays an important role in design of it so always go for a matching fabric.

Then it comes to color of the outfit. Choose a color which is according to the color scheme of your café and also matches the theme. It is better to go for a combination of colors. You can also consult to a professional designer to suggest you some color combinations. Also, put logo and slogan of your café on the outfit to make it more professional. When going to buy it, make sure that the brand you select provides the high quality fabric which is durable and comfortable for your staff.

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