"Madagascar" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Dear film fans! This year marks the round number since the first movie, and 15 years since the beginning of the development of the script and the characters. Madagascar has long been considered a cult classic in the field of animation, many of his love, or at least heard of it. I think no one who does not know about the strange Kompashki ploto- of herbivores and not very tame animals, crazy birds and lemurs commandos who besides do not hang out of nothing (in fixed a King Julien). Many people like this cartoon, and I honestly do not understand those who consider him the removal of the brain, is not recommended for children. Looks like these people did not look at a child, psychedelic from Nickelodeon, so do not compare. Yes, it slips vulgar humor, but the great and mighty DreamWorks know how to keep a balance, even in the sequel where such humor was more. After this story was with Shrek, the result is also much liked.
At the moment, the franchise "Madagascar" is comprised of four films and two TV series, for 10 years, it's just wonderful. In each of them you will find flavor, or just want more than penguins. Each is unique, and in any case is ridiculous. Because here we are concerned with the original, as then, so now we are experiencing the same emotions from the viewer, we really laugh from the quality of jokes and situations. Passed.
Almost everyone already believes Madagascar classic animation of the new century, if not millennia. Times Disney, of course, does not have passed, but still this cartoon takes a chord not only high-quality picture, but also the skillful use of humor and dynamics. In any case, I, as a preschooler and his mother left Madagascar bold mark in our perception = really came to taste. nothing has changed now
This does not suffer subject, by the way about him. He's an interesting and extraordinary as it may seem. Initially, one hero doubted whether he needed the comfort of his whole life in captivity. His friends are happy about this and wildlife do not want to hear. Therefore, the first take action to escape. But eventually fall abroad and his friends, then in front of them, too, raises a difficult choice
About the characters:. at the time the four temperaments often dispensed, such was not there before, so, Alex - choleric, the only carnivore on the team. His charm and energy, he was able to get some fame and fans. Therefore a lion escaped best friend took vshtyki, believing that a career can say goodbye. Marty - sanguine, especially considering their actions, it is easy to find common ground, easy to communicate. A good friend of Alex, helps to keep his passionate nature. And yet, the zebra was the culprit celebration, but escape to his native land opened his eyes quadruple that on the outside, though dangerous but amazing. Gloria - the phlegmatic, but it looks lively, strong, ready to protect his friends. But especially anything hippopotamus is not memorized. In contrast to the Melman, which, though melancholy, but when necessary, doing everything possible. to help friends. In the giraffe complete systems, so the escape he has benefited. The first acquaintance with all lemurs, it was ambiguous, but you want to start dancing when they are lit. Julian Here is more reasonable than in the series, but just as careless. Maurice with your pupyryshnymi crawl also added humor, although he has a role to look after the king. Mort was not much. Penguins without further ado coped with its task to entertain the people, it is better to describe in detail in the spin-off.
Now graphics seems to be a little harsh, but for its time it was super. Some facts about the depiction of, for example a million hairs on the mane Alex hit. However, with the animation Dream never failed. It is also interesting that the representatives of another giant -. Pixar laughed while watching
Despite the fact that the cartoon is absolutely Bezbashenny, have sad moments, thought-provoking. So we get along well with friends, family or new acquaintances? Dubbing at a height, there is nothing to add. Kostya Habensky well presented slightly manic voice. Kucera is also well done, with a similar history Komolov, because the two are able to change the voice due to its professionalism. See worth countless times.
2nd place.
9.3 out of 10

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