"Madagascar" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Cartoons from the very beginning of their creation are very popular and widely known, and their love to watch not only the children, but it is not surprising, and more adult audience, because this genre has more opportunity to express my deep and interesting idea. Animated pictures can all its childish naivete, cute and charming and pleasant Funny easily move even the most cold-blooded man, the main thing - to find the most suitable for him Cartoon. And they in the world there are many. And for some reason, most of the main characters are not people, but animals, cute and fluffy animals. Maybe that's why they are so fond of. Still, why different animals, whether pets or wild creatures, so often found in the cartoons? Does man not rich your character? The fact that in the cartoons, as many have noticed, animals endowed with human traits, which is a bit silly, but on the other hand is quite interesting and reasonable: they speak a certain language, are a way of life similar to the civilized, and even talking about such things that can be found only in human society. At the present time it is not so strange, but on the contrary, it is quite normal for the animated creations. Animals images are used in many cartoons in the first place in order to attract the attention of viewers, particularly young, and only then, in order to better express the idea, because sometimes the animals seem to be more humane people themselves.
«Madagascar» - another animated full-length work, the studio owned by DreamWorks, which also contains a lot of animal characters, and that it is attractive. Cartoon became the absolute hit, and moreover, iconic, even a bit surprising. On the other hand this can unconditionally accept, because children are very fond of him and I love him, too. And do not carefully scrutinize the details and features of this creation, it is simply loved by many for its simplicity, clarity and extraordinary cheerfulness, which is characteristic of the genre
Many children loved the "Madagascar" for only one reason -. There are many colorful and memorable characters, and such a phenomenon, incidentally, are not uncommon. Example of «Ice Age», a symbol which can safely assume that crazy squirrel with a nut. Only with "Madagascar" is associated more images, each of which has a bright distinctive features. Basically, this cartoon is held on the key quartet: Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, giraffe and Gloria gippopotamihe Melmanu. All of them has its own history, which leads them to the Central Park Zoo in New York. Therein lies the drama of the movie: the animals raised in captivity, and even then it is not a man of violence, and its lack of understanding the simple fact - any beings destined to live in nature, that is their own and gave rise. That's just even the characters themselves do not understand it, enjoying the "civilized life". Naturally, in order to warm up the main conflict of the whole picture, the creators sent the four of true friends at will, toward adventure and testing, namely, in the Madagascar . Of course passes many interesting and exciting events to be there by chance ... Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman the fall in utter bewilderment, as he has managed to be on an entirely different hemisphere, and even some of the African continent! This, among other things, makes the tape very original in terms of the approach to the story. Madagascar - a rare place in the main action, especially in animated films. But it is very suitable if the creators are planning to transfer spectators sunny mood and clear positive ...
A positive when viewing the cartoon Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath and whips, with gradually increasing waves that, in the end, it leads to the enchanting and lively finale. The creators use bright and colorful colors that only emphasizes the sunny atmosphere of the cartoon. The very computer graphics are pretty good, though not very careful, because the multipliers are depicted characters square and triangular shapes, resulting in animals, as well as ordinary people do not look very plausible ... And if it sought artists in general? Of course not. They offer us a cartoon, and viewers are just a cartoon in which the main thing - the mood and idea. And the idea is certainly present. Cartoon is very versatile and hurt a lot of relevant topics that can arouse the interest of spectators of all ages. Although actually in the picture more jokes and gags than thought, which, incidentally, is not only frustrating and exhilarating view
8,5 from 10
«Madagascar." - this is a huge sorts of positive and chic mood, cartoon bright, vibrant, cheerful, confident and at the same time full of very interesting and clever ideas, as well as colorful and original characters that will not leave the viewer indifferent. This animated film will appeal to both children and adults that already distinguishes it among others.

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