"Madagascar" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Marty friend, listen. Each may seem that somewhere in the grass is greener. (C)
studio DreamWorks Animation is not particularly famous for its first projects, and ' Shrek ' in this plan for the studio turned out to be the dawn. But I think that after the success of the sequel to the aforementioned cartoon studio still understand that it is not 'Shrek' united they will be alive. So, it's time to take up new ideas. So Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath are joining forces to create the next masterpiece.
So, we simply excellent in all respects, the result of collaboration of Eric and Tom. The first well showed his debut in the ' Antz ', the second still proved directly that knows his stuff. This cartoon I was very intrigued at the first viewing because it meets my preferences. I just really love cartoons with animals in the title role. And I must admit, these cartoons is easier perceived than the cartoons, where all the characters - the people. That's like this. The first advantage of this painting I call a specific start. And zebras, parodying Tarzan and flying penguins, and sneaking behind a lion on a background of boundless expanse, where one of the sides of the jungle, and in the distance a sparkling watering -. One big intrigue
further noted a pretty interesting topic, which maximally we took into account here - friendship predator and its prey. Sometimes it may seem that somewhere we have already seen, and, most likely, many will in the example of the Soviet ' Well, wait! ', but there is a play on this theme in a slightly different perspective. In parallel with this theme to develop other, which is expressed in the quotation, cast me in the beginning of the text. Although rather, it is the basic idea. One of the matters covered in the film problems - immediate renunciation of the conditions in which you have lived all my life and that you pamper yourself - here is quite interesting and clearly defeated, it is for the home will take later in the ' hunting season ' and ' Rio '. Very original thought and the major and minor characters. And though each has its own peculiarity. At the same time he looked through a convention of the genre - a girl that can in all seriousness to resolve the conflict, which is for hippopotamus Gloria . At the same time it was important to not having this convention, but the way it beat
intrigue in the plot weaves Marty -. Zebra-enthusiast that wants to break free. As an antithesis to him were pampered Alex the Lion, which is the local star, and Melman the giraffe, constantly troubling for local medicine. I must say that it is the last two characters stand out the best in all of the major trillogii. And it is here that each in its own well-made. More to be said that in this cartoon, as in the 'Lion King' in 'Beauty and the Beast' in 'Shrek', worked a convention of the genre such as secondary characters are more colorful top. Here in this role were the penguins-commandos Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Prapor . Also go the extra mile and the King of lemurs Julian, which seems to be in the brain 47th chromosome. His robot dance - it is simply unforgettable. Very good deposited in my memory and his subjects -. Wise ay-ay Maurice and suffering love at the feet of the king's mouse lemur Mort
Another significant advantage of characterizing any animated films DreamWorks, to be called the Graphics and Visualization . Well this is how much work invested animators to depict and constantly noisy areas of New York, and the endless sea with only one liner, and the beach, and dense jungle with a majestic baobab tree, looking over other plants royally! And now the most important thing that differentiates this from other Drimvorksovskih cartoon - is the abundance of humor, with humor came practically from all the characters, except, perhaps, Gloria. I do not remember how many times I have revisited this cartoon, but a sense of humor never excised, and even vice versa - growing up, I began to understand more jokes coming from the tape
Just great sounding original.. Probably better than the Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Sacha Baron Cohen , Cedric 'Entertainer' and Andy Richter no one would have failed to voice cartoon characters. I was surprised that one of the directors, Tom McGrath, leader of the penguins Skipper gave her voice. Separate bow to him. But our dubbing, which is quite surprising, good to hear. Voices Constantine Knightley, Oskar Kuchera, Alexander Cekalo and Masha Malinovskaya fit perfectly into the picture.
And More another plus - the musical accompaniment. Hans Zimmer - an outstanding composer, and me personally, he is best remembered for his diligence was applied to the soundtrack of the trillogii in general. Track ' Born Free ', which has become the main theme of the franchise, which is only
As a result, 'Madagascar' -. It is by any standards a masterpiece that remains in the memory for a long time and often leads to desire to revise it. The best project of the studio, I did not call, but it certainly award him victory in the nomination "The best cartoon of its kind '. The perfect combination of adventure and comedy. Like any age, unless you are a hater of the US and its animation.
10 of 10
Happy viewing!

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