"Madagascar" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

How many years have passed since then, as I looked Madagascar ? For perhaps 14 years, he is among my favorite cartoons, which I love, appreciate, and can quote by heart. It has long wanted to return to one of the most beloved animated franchises of my youth.
Right now is svezhak! Svezhachok! With the beds straight! Svezhatina! ! ... Svezhilikates of morozil-ni-ka
main characters of the cartoon - it's animals that live in the New York Zoo: Happy Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra groovy, charming hippopotamus Gloria and Melman the hypochondriac giraffe. All of them are satisfied with their lives, especially Alex, who is named because of the popularity of the King of New York. Only here Marty wants to ever go back to nature, in wilderness animal habitat - at will. As a result of the incredible variety of circumstances, my friends are selected from the zoo, walk through the city, until they were caught and sent to Africa, where they were waiting for more adventures and new discoveries
-! You, hoofed, Shprehen communication Inglish?
-? Well ... Sprechen ...
then in 2005, Madagascar was delighted with me, my friends and my family, because it was something original and different from anything we've ever seen. Though the story was quite standard, but its supply - that played into the hands of the creators. The action develops interesting, dynamic, very unpredictably and in an unusual direction: Could we think that the search for zebra in New York will have friends at the other end of the world, where some reveal their wild side? There is also an ironic moment when the animals are accustomed to living in comfort, get into nature, where everything is different ... And yet, the main story is the friendship and the promise that real friends always help you, even in the most difficult moments of your life.
- Hey, you, in a frock coat, wait a minute! What are you doing here
-? Digging move to Antarctica
-.? An-tic something
What makes the film doubly interesting - is the humor. Hilarious dialogues, phrases that have become winged, jokes that in 13 years just cause a smile, and at the age older than when you understand their meaning, already lying on the floor. There is also a lot of interesting references and parodies, which also did not immediately notice - for example, Saturday Night Fever or Chariots of Fire ... The musical accompaniment was also excellent, gave me a few favorite songs to a playlist: Boogie Wonderland - Earth, Wind & amp; Fire, Stayin 'Alive - Bee Gees, What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong and has already become a cult I Like to Move It - Sacha Baron Cohen ! Were good and the songs written by the legendary Hans Zimmer - Born Free, Best Friends Theme and Zoosters Breakout, as well as espionage pingvinskaya Jim Dooley Whacked Out Conspiracy !
We're New Yorkers, so ?! Persistent! Tenacious! We are all on the shoulder! And we will not dismiss the nurse as any there Melman!
Quartet of the main characters from the first minutes captivates and enchants us. Carefree and charming lion Alex, which enjoys its popularity, and will open a new and unexpected directions; wonderful joker zebra Marty, which wants to get into the home environment; Beauty hippopotamus Gloria, which is often the voice of reason for a group of friends; hypochondriac giraffe and painful Melman, which often leads to panic is not clear because of what. Motley company of beasts goes from the familiar New York to wild places and everyone reacts differently, often it is fun to watch, but in the end they all help and support each other, and what should be real friends.
We are white and fluffy. ! Very fluffy
bright and unforgettable impressions left team spies penguins, who dreamed of escape from the zoo and return to his native Antarctica: Skipper, the detachment commander, ready for anything, Kowalski, his right hand man and chief strategist, Rico, who does not speak, but in the abdomen there is any desired lotion, and Prapor, the most cute and fluffy from all four. These dashing commando penetrate any object, you will find everything you need, and get to the house at any cost!
Hi, you giant muzzle! You can bask in my glory
Madagascar friends are greeted their famous inhabitants - the lemurs, which commands the eccentric self-proclaimed King Julian, which is impossible to crack, what he was thinking - for the welfare of his people, or for the welfare for himself, or all of the same song and dance? His chief assistant - realist Maurice, which sees in the whole trick and tries to reason with opinionated monarch. Many amusing and overly emotional lemur Mort, who loves to fall at the feet of the King. Much to the dismay of the latter. A few words to say about the building cool chimps Mason and fillets, which is becoming unwitting fellow travelers in Madagascar, and still play a significant role in the future ...
so guys, breakfast will already be ice-cold sushi
Madagascar - cartoon legend, iconic masterpiece Drimvorks studio for more than 13 years remains one of the favorite classics of my youth. Without a doubt, I recommend to everyone! ! Guaranteed great entertainment
10 of 10
- The skipper can tell them that the fuel we do not have
-? No, smile and wave, boys ... Smile and wave
Happy viewing!

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