M4 Dirt Bikes: Knowledge Management Essay


Describe about these following points..
Identification of relevant Problems or Needs
Identification of Options or Alternatives
Assessment Criteria for Success or Failure



Dirt Bikes founded by Carl and Steven, two bikers with engineering background, operating in the most admirable and popular market of United States. Specialising in sports and racing motorcycles, suited for off-road experience with customised in-house frame. These bikes are manufactured using best ancillary products and services, forming a strong knowledge asset for Dirt Bikes. Having a concentrated work force of 120 workers and 20 employees the company maintains friendly atmosphere with selling rights assigned exclusively to 40 distributors in Western, Midwestern US and Europe. The unique design and latest technology along with intellectual capacity to create bikes with dedicated customer base and sales information with the qualified workforce are part of Dirt Bike’s knowledge assets (Pearson, 2010).

Identification of relevant Problems or Needs

Communication Across Employees – Team members across different departments manufacturing the best recreational bikes in the industry seem to have no line of communication within cross departments. This restrict them to exchange information regarding sales, production and distribution or raise query across different levels (Asemi, Safari, & Zavareh, 2011).

Un-protected Channel of Information – The sensitive information to create bikes using aesthetic design and features in order to outperform the competitors are passed on at different levels. This information needs protection and security from releasing out to public until the production takes place to avoid huge financial losses to Dirt Bike’s sales (Chan, 2000).

Identification of Options or Alternatives

Use of Intranet, Emailing and Video Messaging – The software will create a smoother line of communication across levels, securing and monitoring important information passed on at each level with a back-up created for it. The system can be generated security by using firewalls and password protection.

Enterprise Resource Planning – This business software can integrate resources from different department to enable company to control, manage, interpret as well as store data from its previous business activities. It can help company to perform timely cost and production planning, manufacturing or service delivery (Davies, 2009).

External party – A third party can be appointed to control the management and decision making process. This may be adding further financial pressure but would steam line the internal process for the company.

Decision Recommendations

As a consulted, on the behalf of Dirt Bikes I recommend using an Enterprise Resource Planning software that could build a strong network across department with the flow of information and data. The intranet would build a strong line of communication as well as protect the sales, manufacturing and production information.

Implementation Tactics

A well renowned company can be hired that will help in collating all the data using internal database and staff interaction, followed by training the employees during workshop through its team of experts.

Assessment Criteria for Success or Failure

The new system can be assessed with respect to its success or failure depending on company’s performance statistics i.e. through figures of sales, revenue, cost etc. Employees feedback can be taken to identify the system’s acceptability and its user ability. A cross department meeting along with the top management can be conducted to understand whether the new database has been of expected use or not (Nowduri, 2010).


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